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Revitalize your photos with our expert photo color correction service. Our skilled professionals use advanced techniques to bring out the true beauty and vibrancy of your images. Get stunning results and enhance your visual impact today – contact us now to transform your photos.

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Photo Color Correction Services


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Photo Color Correction Services


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Display your products in their original color!

Showing the original color of the products is the most crucial selling factor. Do you know 22% of products are returned just because they don’t look exactly like they do in the pictures? Use the premium color correction service to maintain your customers’ faith in your product.

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Accurate Photo Color Correction Services For Ecommerce

Color correction is one of the most basic requirements of post-processing after shooting. Without accurate color correction, the images won’t be able to pass the selling requirements. Because, if the color doesn’t match the original color of the product, the image won’t represent the product.

  • Transparency: When customers look at a product, they imagine the product the same as the image. If this is not what it is, this will disappoint them. Color correction eliminates this issue by showing the original color of the product.
  • More Appealing: Color correction increases the appeal of an image by popping up the subject. This makes the product more attractive.
  • Low Return Rate: As the customers get what they see, the return rate decreases. They start trusting the brand. Without matching the color with the original product, it’s not possible to increase sales.
  • Time-saving: While correcting color, it’s possible to apply different colors to the same product. During the color correction, one just can apply the different colors and create different images.

Photo Color Correction Services We Provide

Outsourcing online photo color correction service is beneficial for so many reasons. This ensures the quality of the images and keeps the standard high. Check out the services that you can outsource to correct the color of your images –

Photo Color Changing

Photo color changing requires the accuracy of color without changing the texture. This can be helpful while showing different colors of the same product. It includes changing color, keeping the original light and shadow, and merging the border.

We’re providing the photo color changing service with the highest accuracy. We’ll change the color of your product with all the existing textures and shadows.

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Texture Replacement on Product Photos

Texture replacement is very common in ecommerce product image editing. This changes the outer texture of a product and replaces it with another. In apparel photography, the texture is often changed to show different designs. Like color changing, texture changing also requires accuracy.

Our texture replacement service offers to change texture, keeping other things unchanged. We match the texture with the light and color of the image so that it looks natural.

Photo Color Matching

Photo color matching means fixing the color of a product with the reference of a given color. This color matching can be with background or with any other given color tone. While changing the image background, the subject color needs to be changed too so that it looks natural.

We match the color of the subject perfectly for any image. Be it working with hue saturation, white balance, or color temperature. Your job is to give us the reference of what exactly you want. We’ll take care of the rest.

Color matching afterColor matching after

Photo Color Correction

Photo color correction means adding the original color of the product to the image. Oftentimes, the original color of the image changes while shooting because of external factors or because of the device. If the color of the image and the product don’t match, the possibility of returning the product increases.

We’re here to help you out with this issue. Our color correction service brings back the original color of the image to match it with the product. We correct the color, keeping the light of the original image.

Our Photo Color Correction Rates

Color Correction Start at

$0.99/Per photo

Want to display various shades of the same product? Use the color changing service. Does the product’s image differ from its actual color? Use the color matching service. Does your image need white balance adjustment, saturation correction, or color grading adjustments? Use the color correction service.

Clipping Path Studio offers color correction services for photographers and eCommerce business owners at a very reasonable price. Our color correction service starts at only $0.99 per image.

Have a bulk order? No worries. Reach out to us.

You can visit our pricing chart to get an idea of the estimated quote.

Why need to outsource photo color correction service?

Returning products after buying online is something that happens on a regular basis. The top reason behind this is the dissimilarity of the image and the product. To get rid of this issue, you need to have a professional color correction on your images. These are the reasons you should outsource a image color correction service –

1. Accuracy

Industry experts have experience with diverse photo correction techniques, i.e., eCommerce products, texture replacement, color-matching, re-coloring, etc. By using advanced photoshop tools, they will serve the best image progression to even the poor quality or blurred images.

Whatever your businesses or clients’ requirements are, we edit every product color manually and finish until every item appears natural. With the precision of high detailing, the final result is enchanting.

2. Time-saving

Get true-to-life product color in any shade that your business needs within a short time. Outsourcing instead of doing it yourself reduces your workload and helps you concentrate on essentials.

Our In-house professional designers can handle bulk edits and meet deadlines to boost your business growth. Visually impactful, we deliver all the images after ensuring quality and proficient corrections.

3. Professional work

Color correction experts understand the market and are capable of producing professional-level work. Our Retouchers remove all the defects, blend all possible colors, and correct poor lighting conditions using advanced manual techniques to match the product’s real color.

From editing to delivering and with all the proficient edits, we ensure the highest level of service to meet your product’s requirements. Ultimately, your products get a vibrant, accurate, and realistic look.

4. Maintaining the standard

By outsourcing photo color correction services, you get the actual standard angle, color, and contrast that adds authentic charm to the product photos. Our pixel-perfect and high-quality images meet popular online marketplace requirements like Amazon, Walmart, Aliexpress, Etsy, etc.

Also, these photos fit perfectly on your responsive website. Everything is done professionally, from dramatic effects to original shadows and matching backgrounds.

Why CPS for Outsource Photoshop Color Correction Services?

Clipping Path Studio is one of the best photo editing service providers available online. There is no reason not to trust CPS but a thousand reasons to rely on us. Your images are as important to us as they are to you. We value what we do, and that reflects on our work. Here’s why you can believe in us –

  • Fastest Turnaround: We value your time. So our delivery time is as fast as 6 hours.
  • Experience: We have years of experience in the field of photo editing. Our experience has given us an in-depth understanding of images.
  • Professional: We have worked with many top-rated ecommerce sites and brands. We make sure they continuously produce professional-level work.
  • Security: Your privacy is one of our top concerns. We assure you that your images are safe with us.
  • Transparency: There is no hidden charge or conditions. Our services are affordable and you can easily calculate the price by yourself.
  • Free trial: We offer a free trial so that before spending your money, you can have a clear idea about our work.
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What is color correction in photo editing?

Color correction means matching the color of the image with the original color of the product. If the product and image don’t have the same color tone, it’ll not be acceptable. Color correction fixes this problem.

How do you color correct a photo?

We take the reference first, how we need to correct the color. Then we use the Selective Color or Color Balance tool to work with the individual colors. Apart from these, we work with hue saturation if needed.

Which kind of customers do you serve?

Our photo clipping path service is extended to professional photographers, art directors, ecommerce business owners, and other business professionals who require images. However, it’s not available for wedding photography.

How much does it cost to color correct a photo?

It depends on the nature of the color correction. As there are various kinds of color correction, the price varies. Also, the amount of images is another factor. The more you’ll order, the less the price will be.

Do you offer bulk order discounts?

Yes, we do. The more images you’ll order, the higher the discount will be. You can count the amount in our website. Just give your information like, number of images, time and all, you’ll get to know about the discount.

What is the difference between color grading and correction?

Color grading is mostly used for art purposes, and this effect is used more in film than in photography. On the other hand, color correction is matching the image color with the original color of the product. Color correction is done to bring out the accurate color of the product.

Do you guarantee the safety and security of my images?

Your images are most valuable to us. So, yes, we do guarantee the safety and security of your images. You can completely rely on us about this issue as we’re helping hundreds of clients everyday with their images.

Photo Color Correction services for Ecommerce

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Photo Color Correction Services
Photo Color Correction Services
Photo Color Correction Services

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