Photoshop Shadow Creation Service

Make your image realistic with falling shadows! Floating shadow, drop shadow, reflection shadow, & natural shadow all are available under our photoshop shadow effect service.

Photoshop Shadow Creation Service


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Photoshop Shadow Creation Service


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Photoshop Shadow Creation Service


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Impress your customers with realistic looking product images!

Shadows provide an image with depth and realism. Give your 2D white background images a 3D look or replace unappealing natural shadows with realistic artificial shadows using the shadow creation service. Make your product pictures convincing!

Photoshop Shadow Creation Services

Photoshop Shadow Creation Services for Ecommerce Product Image

Shadow creation is done more in post-processing than during shooting which is totally justified. This powerful tonic has the ability to take the images to another level.

Shadows make ecommerce images more realistic because they show the difference between light and dark. By creating interesting shadows, one can easily change the value of an image. Furthermore, without shadow, the subject will look mundane.

We provide shadow creation services for top brands like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and other ecommerce sites that always encourage proper shadows in images.

  • Makes the images more realistic
  • Create drama in your image
  • Increase sales significantly
  • Gives information about the subject

Professional Shadow Creation Services We Provide

We have all the amazing shadow making services that you can imagine for your images. We create professional hand-painted shadows at a very affordable price that can beat the top competitors and achieve the desired reach.

Drop shadow Effect

Drop shadow is the one that is created just below the subject. This shows the information about the surface, the distance between subject and surface, and the intensity and direction of the light. Drop shadow is usually created near the edge of a subject.

We create realistic drop shadows for all kinds of products. All our shadows are hand-painted and look natural. Along with drop shadow, we change the background and add the shadow with your preferred background. Our drop shadow service will never fail to amaze you

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Natural Shadow Creation

Natural Shadow is the shadow that one object should naturally have against the light. It shows the dimensions and texture of an object. This is mandatory for an image to look realistic. Natural shadows also determine the mood of the object. Shadows from different angles set different moods.

Natural shadows need to be handled carefully. This is because if the shadow is not logical, the whole image will be ruined. The shadow needs to be at the right place, in the right amount. That’s the reason we take it very seriously and assign our master designers to add shadows like this.

Reflection Shadow

A reflection shadow is created on the shiny surface where it shows a mirrored image of the subject. This effect looks amazing on images, and it increases the appeal of the image to a higher degree. This can be created during the shoot too, but an easier and cheaper way is to make it during post-processing.

Our geniuses create finest reflection shadows for your images. They exactly know where to paint the image with how much intensity. Our reflection shadows look so natural to separate from the real shadow. We have shadow creation services for all kinds of products you can have.

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Floating shadow

Floating shadow is set at a distance from the main subject. The subject will look floating, and the shadow will be below the subject. Oftentimes backgrounds are changed for this kind of shadow making. Light direction is important for floating shadows to determine the shadow position.

Our shadow creation service offers floating shadow creation for all kinds of products. If you want to have some exceptionally beautiful floating shadows on your product image, don’t hesitate to reach us.

Our Photoshop Shadow Creation Rates

Basic Shadow Creation work.

$0.30/Per photo

Want drop shadow service, reflection shadow service, natural shadow service, or floating shadow service? Clipping Path Studio is offering all these services at a very reasonable price. Our shadow creation service starts at only $0.30 per image. 

Check out our pricing chart for an estimated quote.

Why Need to Outsource Shadow Making Services?

Doing all the editing by yourself is not always the best solution. Outsourcing shadow making services can bring the best outcome to your work.

1. Producing high-quality work is your priority

Post-processing is essential for the e-commerce world. If you want to survive in the competition, you need to compete with the professional-level images. And to create dazzling images, you need to reach the professionals. Outsourcing shadow-making services are the only option here.

2. Utilize your time on other things

The time you spend on creating shadows can be utilized for more important works like improving the shooting, planning the marketing, or researching better photography. Outsourcing shadow creation services can save a lot of time and money.

3. The amount of images is too high

Even if you edit your own images, when you have bulk images, it’s really tough to do all of them alone in time. On that, when you have a deadline to deliver the images, it becomes near impossible to handle all those alone.

4. Consistency of work is important

Continuity of quality work is the key to building a brand. It gives a negative vibe to the customers if the quality of work rises and drops frequently. Only if you can produce top-notch work on a regular basis, you’ll be able to gain the trust of your customers.

Why CPS for Shadow Creation Services?

We deliver the best quality of work without failing to impress you every time with our effort. It’s hard not to trust us for shadow creation!

CPS has great efficiency in the field of shadow creation because of the experience they have gathered over the years. Our team is well-trained to create first-rate images for our clients. We always keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and software.

  • We are as efficient as you can expect
  • Get your job done at the fastest time
  • Unbelievably reasonable price
  • Easy to work with
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What is a Drop Shadow service?

Drop shadow refers to the shadow that is created under the subject. Drop shadow service creates shadows below the product to create dimension and give a reference to the surface.

What is reflection shadow service?

The shadow that shows the mirrored image of a subject is the reflection shadow. This is usually created on a shiny surface. Reflection shadow creation service is creating artificial reflection shadows in post-production.

What is the difference between drop shadow and inner shadow?

Drop shadow is the one that is created below the subject, and inner shadow is the one that is created on the surface of a subject. Drop shadow gives information about the surface, and inner shadow gives information about the subject.

Which software do you use to create a shadow of a product Image?

We use the most updated version of Adobe Photoshop to create a shadow of a product. We try to stay updated with the new tools and features. Apart from that, we use some other kinds of software if necessary.

How much do shadow making services cost?

It depends on the nature and the amount of your image. Depending on the complexities and how many images you wanna edit, the price varies. The higher the image number, the lower the price per image.

Do you guarantee the safety and security of my images?

Your images are most valuable to us. So, yes, we do guarantee the safety and security of your images. You can completely rely on us about this issue as we’re helping hundreds of clients everyday with their images.

Photoshop Shadow Creation Service for Ecommerce

Need high-quality images to marketize your product? Our team of 150+ Photoshop experts has been processing bulk amount orders 24/7 for ecommerce owners & sellers, product photographers, and online retailers around the globe.

Photoshop Shadow Creation Service
Photoshop Shadow Creation Service
Photoshop Shadow Creation Service

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