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Get high-quality and professional background removal services for your photos with our team of experts. We use advanced techniques and software to ensure that your images are clean, polished, and ready for use in any context. Our services are fast, affordable, and reliable. Contact us today to get started.

Image Background Removal Services


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Image Background Removal Services


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Image Background Removal Services


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Close More Sales With Easy on The Eye Photos

Image Background removal services from professionals can get you eye-catchy photos that help you close more sales.

image background removal services

Professional Image Background Removal Service is Vital

A distracting background with too many details can ruin your ecommerce sales.

After all, your products should be the highlight of your product photos. Anything less will only diminish your product photos’ ability to capture your audiences’ attention.

That is why working with image background removal services is crucial.

Background remove service helps you accomplish a more polished, straightforward look that highlights your product with a clean background.

The ecommerce industry has a crucial need for background removal service providers since a white background for photos has become the norm and is also a requirement for most online marketplaces.

The product photo background removal service we offer isn’t just for white backgrounds. We can also accommodate requests for single-color backgrounds and the addition of a contextual background that is usually applicable for creative product photos in the fashion industry, among others.

Instead of spending countless hours removing the backgrounds of your product photos, allow us to help you.

Let our team of dedicated graphic design experts take care of all your product background removal needs so you can focus on the more important parts of growing your ecommerce business.

How We Do It

To remove background from an image, we use a variety of tools, including Photoshop and other advanced editing software. Most of the time, we use clipping path and photo masking as they are great for image background removal.

Image Background Removal Services

Background Removal Service Complexities

Clipping Path Studio, offers professional background removal service to remove/change unwanted backgrounds from images using clipping path or image masking technique.

Image Background Removal Services

Simple Background Removal

$0.29/Per photo

Our simple image background removal uses a single path with mostly straight curves, a solid body, and simple shape for objects that don’t have any holes.

We apply this to single, solid objects such as your rectangular, round, and small curved shaped product images which includes a book, mobile, plate, ball, ring, egg, etc.

Image Background Removal Services

Medium Background Removal

$1.49/Per photo

Our medium image background removal utilizes multiple paths with mostly straight curves, solid body, few holes, and little complex shape.

This requires more anchor points and several medium-level paths and applies to rectangular, round, and little curved shaped product images you submit, such as bracelets, group watches, group shoes, motor parts, etc.

Image Background Removal Services

Complex Background removal

$7.00/Per photo

Our complex image background removal employs multiple paths with numerous curves, complex body shapes, and many inside holes.

We mostly use this in making the background of an image transparent and applies to rectangular, round, and complex curved shaped product images such as furniture, chain, cycle, jewelry, group bracelets, group people, etc.

Benefits of Image Background Removal

1. Comply with the requirements of online marketplaces.

Some online marketplaces such as eBay require solid white backgrounds for their product photos. With the help of our background removing online services,you can achieve this no matter how complex your product photos are.

2. Add better context to your product photos.

Your background images add context to your product photos. The question is, are theyproviding relevant context? Or one that’s confusing to your audience? If it’s the latter, then you can replace your background images with something that enunciates the beauty of your products. Something relevant and impactful.

3. Capture the attention of your audience.

If the background color of your photos are similar to the color of your website background, the photos would easily blend in with the background — making it easier for your customers to ignore your product photos. You can replace the background of your product photos instead with a color that “pops.” making your product photos more eye-catching.

Image Background Removal Services

Our Background Removal Portfolio

Have more control over the quality of your product photos. Our professional photo editors can help you with image background removal (or just about outsource photo editing) so you can grow your online sales. Here are some of our works.

Our Background Removal Rates

background removal Starting

$0.29/Per photo

Some photo editing providers charge crazy expensive fees for basic photo editing work.

Contrary to that, in our batch photo background removal services, we price our services very differently.

We take pride in providing exceptional work while pricing our services very affordably.

Our rates depend on your project’s complexity, turnaround time, and quantity. Depending on the type of background removal work you need, you might only need to pay as low as $0.29 per photo.

Reach out to us now if you want affordable yet highly competent photo editors working on your photo edits.

You can use our interactive Pricing table to work out an estimate quote.

All About Image Background Removal Service

What is Photo Background Removal?

Background removal is the isolation of the subject of an image and making the rest of the photo a solid and clean backdrop.

This accomplishes a cleaner and simpler look that emphasizes the subject of the photo.

It is commonly used in the ecommerce space, since product photos with white backgrounds make the product stand out, making it ideal in the industry.

Also, most of the popular online marketplaces require white backgrounds.

Our bulk photo background removal service is not only for white backgrounds. We can also add single-color backgrounds or contextual backgrounds for your photos.

Image Background Removal Services
Image Background Removal Services

What’s In It For You?

Anyone from the fashion industry to ecommerce retailers can benefit from a professional image background removal service.

Meticulous attention to detail is crucial in editing photos and can take so much of your time.

This is why our ecommerce product photo editing is vital for ecommerce companies to create a uniformly clean and user-friendly look for all their product photos. This encourages their web visitors to view more products and make a purchase.

For print, photoshop background removal services can make catalogs have a consistently clean look. You can also remove distracting details and build the entirety of the page harmoniously.

Do You Need Our Background Removal Services online?

If you want the background of your product photos removed and want your photos delivered promptly and with a strong polish, then our service is perfect for you.

Avoid spending monstrous manpower hours doing edit image background online by yourself. Let our background photo editors handle all of your photo editing needs.

Image Background Removal Services
Image Background Removal Services

When To Use Background Removal

When the background is distracting or takes focus away from the subject of the image.

Create a uniform background on multiple images, such as a product catalog.

Ensure a transparent background.

Why Come to Us for Image Background Removal Services?

1. Professional Background Removal Experts.

Feel safe knowing that your photos are edited by exceptional photo editors.

When you work with us, you have access to first-rate tools and talents that can handle your photo editing needs like a pro.

Whether it’s for eCommerce, fashion, or others, you can trust the best photo editors at our studio to apply the right corrections with high-performing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom — and guarantee exceptional results.

This results in you producing stunning photos that can astonish your clients, entice them to keep partnering with your photography studio, and lead you a step closer to reaching your business goals. If you are a photographer, outsourcing photo editing service for photographer is one of the best solution for getting quality photos.

2. Privacy and Security.

Here at Clipping Path Studio, we are mindful of your security.

From the time you upload your photos, you can count on us to keep them secure throughout the editing process.

Once our photo editors finish working on your images, you’ll get them back through private channels only and via encrypted protocols when we transfer them to you.

The privacy and security controls also apply to any confidential information you share with us, so your photos and private details remain safe.

3. Advanced Background Removal Editing Tools

Our editors continue to learn and use the latest editing software to ensure that you get the best quality online image background change service.

You’ll get stunning photos that will make your brand look good and more authoritative through our photo background removal service.

Our editors will improve even the tiniest details on your images that need improvement and ensure your photos come out looking amazing for your ecommerce business and more.

4. High Quality Edits For Low Prices

If you’ve been scouring the web to find a product images background removal service provider that offers outstanding services at affordable prices, then you’ve come to the right place.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll save yourself the annoyance of dealing with potential hidden fees. Our pricing strategy is straightforward, and we are very transparent about what we charge.

Our photo editing services start at just $0.29 per photo. Using our Pricing Calculator, you can get a ballpark figure of your total fee depending on the complexity, service, turnaround time, and quantity of your photos.

The best part is, despite only paying affordable fees, you still get expertly edited photos at a fraction of the costs you’ll get from other service providers — giving you the best value out of your money.

5. Quick Turnaround Times

Meeting your deadlines is just as vital to us as it is to you.

Our team of professional photo editors works efficiently to deliver your images on the agreed-upon timeline so that you’re always on schedule.

We take pride in delivering consistent and timely results, so you’re not always rushing to finish your projects and you can focus on the more crucial aspects of your business.

With this, you can get your marketing materials and products to go live on time, allowing you to generate loads of online sales.

6. All-in-one Stop Shop

Because we recognize how urgent your needs are, we try our best not to keep you waiting.

Reach out to us either via email or phone call, and we will try to get back to you ASAP.

Quick 4-Step Image Editing Process

It’s simple and quick to get started with our services. You just need to follow these four steps:

Send Sample Images

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Get the Quote

Our managers will review your order and send you a unique custom quote. You can also use our Pricing Calculator to get immediate quotes.

Image Background Removal Services

Receive Edited Images

To ensure everything’s done accordingly, we revise and recheck your project countless times. We will notify you of the finalized version.

We’ll Start Working

Once you approve our quote, we’ll start working on your order to make sure that you receive your edited photo/image on time.

Global Statistics of Image’s Importance

We differentiate ourselves from other image editing companies with our unique approach to split the editing process into objective and subjective steps.

  • According to 32 percent of marketers, visual images are the most crucial forms of content for businesses.
  • 90 percent of online shoppers say the most vital factor in closing a sale is photo quality.
  • Around 50% of the US of surveyed online buyers say that the product image quality influences their decision to purchase.
  • Website and social media posts that use images generate 94 percent more views than those without.
  • Facebook posts that include images get an average of 40 percent more interaction compared to those that don’t have one.

Image Background Removal Services

Image Background Removal Services for

Need high-quality images to marketize your product? Our team of 150+ Photoshop experts has been processing bulk amount orders 24/7 for ecommerce owners & sellers, product photographers, and online retailers around the globe.

Image Background Removal Services
Image Background Removal Services
Image Background Removal Services

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