Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services

Create 3D looks with the photoshop ghost mannequin photo editing service. It includes the neck joint, sleeve joint, and bottom joint.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services


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Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services


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Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services


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Enliven Your Clothing Photos, Amaze the Viewers!

Hook your customer with high-quality clothing images. Get 3D looks on 2d images. Outsource ghost mannequin image editing services. It’s professionally edited, affordable, and delivered on time. Add volume to your apparel products. Make clothing images confident.

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Ghost Mannequin Service for Clothing Products

Ghost mannequin simply means removing the mannequin from an image. This is done in post-production after taking the image. This effect removes the mannequin and makes the apparel appear like someone is wearing it. This way one can easily understand the shape of the dress. The invisible mannequin is one of the most trendy effects that one can add to his/her fashion photography.

Clipping Path Studio has been providing invisible mannequin service for years now. We’ve satisfied countless clients with the quality of the service. Ghost mannequin service is one of the top services that we’re delivering every day. Our top-notch service is committed to fulfilling your needs.

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services We Provide

We provide all kinds of services that come with ghost mannequin photo editing. You can expect anything and everything that is related to the invisible mannequin service. We’re here to make your images stunning with the offers we have –

Invisible Ghost Mannequin ServicesInvisible Ghost Mannequin Services

3D Ghost Mannequin Effect

After removing the mannequin from an image, it still looks like someone is wearing that dress. So the dress actually looks like a 3D object rather than a regular 2D image. The joints that are added separately make the image more realistic. 3D images are more eye-catching and this effect definitely can boost sales.

Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin

When a dress is shot with a mannequin, it’s obvious that the back part of the dress will be hidden behind the mannequin. So, if you want to reveal the back part while removing the mannequin, you need to add the part of the dress that is covered with the mannequin.

The bottom joint means adding the lower part of a dress that should be visible while holding the dress without a mannequin. Clipping Path Services has been doing this job for years and has satisfied thousands of clients.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin ServicesInvisible Ghost Mannequin Services
Invisible Ghost Mannequin ServicesInvisible Ghost Mannequin Services

Neck Joint Manipulation

Neck joint service is adding the back neck (the part with the brand tag) after separating the mannequin. While shooting with a mannequin or a model, the back part stays behind the mannequin so it needs to be added separately while doing editing.

Our invisible mannequin service includes neck joint service which is done by our photoshop experts so that you get the best quality of work.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Sleeves joint is another part of the invisible mannequin service. What this service does is add the sleeve from another image.

There are images that have sleeves but the positioning is not right. In that case sleeve, joint service fixes the sleeves. It must have to be done by experienced photo editors so that it looks realistic. In this case, hand over the job to us to get it done perfectly.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin ServicesInvisible Ghost Mannequin Services

Our Apparel Invisible Mannequin Service Rates

Basic Ghost Mannequin work.

$0.60/Per photo

Do you need ghost mannequin effects for your apparel products? Clipping Path Studio is providing professional invisible mannequin photo editing services. 

With a large team of professionals, we provide ghost mannequin image editing solutions for our clients in the apparel industry and apparel photographers across the world at an affordable price. Although prices may vary based on quality, complexity, and turnaround time, our starting price is $0.60 per image!

Visit our pricing chart to see an estimate quote.

Why Utilize Ghost Mannequin/ Invisible Mannequin Effect?

Ghost mannequin or Invisible Mannequin effect is one of the best ways to produce professional quality images. There are so many advantages of the invisible mannequin effect apart from creating high quality product images. Here are some of the reasons you should try the ghost mannequin effect –

  • It reduces the extra cost that comes with a model photoshoot
  • This effect shows the actual shape of the apparel
  • The ghost mannequin effect is smart and trendy
  • Gives a 3D effect to the image
  • Helps to keep the consistency of the images
  • Gives a vision to the viewers how it might look after wearing
Invisible Ghost Mannequin Service
Why CPS for Color Correction

Why CPS for Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services

Clipping Path Studio has been working in the field of ecommerce image editing for years. We’ve built one of the best teams of photo editors. Our trained hands are expert as well as professional to deal with any kind of images you provide. This is why you should choose CPS –

  • Fastest delivery time (even if you need it within 6 hours)
  • Affordable and transparent pricing
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Personalized editing
  • Free trial before ordering


What is a ghost mannequin Photo Editing?

Ghost mannequin photo editing means removing the mannequin from an image after shooting. This effect is mostly used in fashion photography.

Which Software do you use to create the Ghost Mannequin effect?

We use Adobe Photoshop to create a ghost mannequin effect. We use some other editing software too. But whatever we use, we make sure the work is perfectly done. For instance, to do sensitive works like creating clipping paths, we use pen tool instead of quick selection tool.

How do I find the best Ghost Mannequin Service?

You’re at the right place if you’re looking for the best ghost mannequin service. We provide the best quality of work for ghost mannequin service.

How much do ghost mannequin services cost?

It depends on some factors like the image complexity, delivery time, amount of image. You can visit our site and calculate your customized price all by yourself.

How quickly will I receive my Edited Image?

We offer the fastest delivery time which can be as fast as 6 hours.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services for Ecommerce

Need high-quality images to marketize your product? Our team of 150+ Photoshop experts has been processing bulk amount orders 24/7 for ecommerce owners & sellers, product photographers, and online retailers around the globe.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services
Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services
Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services

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