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Looking for high-quality Photoshop services to enhance your images and make them stand out? Our team of experienced professionals can help you with everything from color correction and image retouching to background removal and photo manipulation. Contact us today to get started and take your visuals to the next level!

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Transform Your E-commerce Photos with Professional Photoshop Services

Statistics say, 75% of online shoppers decide to buy after seeing the product photos. If it’s of good quality, your brand will-

  • Make a good impression
  • Appeal to the viewers
  • Get improved Conversion rate
  • All in all, receive boost up sales.

We work behind the scenes to make you stand out in the front. Outsourcing photoshop services from us will pay you off. With a team of 150 experts, we are offering photo editing services in a wide variety of sectors.


Photoshop Services We Provide

Get professional photoshop services online from Adobe Photoshop experts at Clipping Path Studio. Outsource industry-standard photo editing service at a competitive price; keep your stress at bay!

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Photoshop Clipping Path

Clipping Path is used for so many causes in the ecommerce business. So, if you’re a photographer or dealing with an e-commerce business, you must need a photoshop clipping path service. Clipping path lets us separate one particular part of an image. After separating that, other editing works can be done there.

We create the finest clipping path here, which is all done manually. So, there is no chance of having any issue with the image. We offer –

  • Clipping path with the pen tool
  • Multiple paths in one image
  • Completely hand-made clipping path

Photoshop Background removal

Want to remove backgrounds from pictures? Removing backgrounds from the image looks simple, but it requires expert hands. Distracting or attention-grabbing backgrounds often shift the focus from the subject. 

We offer you to remove background from each and every kind of image. Our image background removal service includes –

  • Product background removal
  • Remove background from complex images
  • Remove any unwanted part from an image
Photoshop Background removal afterPhotoshop Background removal after
Image Background Removal ServiceImage Background Removal Service

Photoshop Image Masking

Image masking is a multi-functional service that we provide. Masking is used for so many other works. To correct a specific part of an image, to work on a certain part, or to do different editing on different parts of the image. 

Masking is also used to merge one part of an image with another.  Check what we provide –

  • Masking any area of an image
  • Image cut out 
  • Complex hand-made masking 
  • Photoshop hair masking

Ecommerce Image Editing

An online business requires a specific kind of ecommerce image editing service. For instance, there are certain image patterns for sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or social media like Instagram. So you need to customize your images according to the required pattern. Also, image quality needs to be high and should fulfill some criteria so that the images receive the correct attention. 

We help our clients to reach that goal by –

  • Creating images with specific requirements
  • Resize images 
  • Maintaining the quality of ecommerce sites
ecommerce image editing afterecommerce image editing after
Photoshop-image retouching service afterPhotoshop-image retouching service after

Photoshop Image Retouching

Photoshop image retouching includes several areas, and we cover all of them. We provide product photo retouching, photoshop skin retouching, wrinkle removal, spot and blemishes removal, and many more. 

We will make sure your image doesn’t have any kind of odd spot and will make it perfect. Try us because we offer – 

  • Photoshop portrait retouching
  • Spots and blemishes removal
  • High-end photo retouching

Ghost Mannequin Effect

No need to struggle with the mannequin you used while shooting. We create an invisible mannequin effect that will make your apparel look more appealing. Our ghost mannequin services provide the best quality clothing editing. 

Be it shirt, pants, or dress, whatever it is, outsourcing our ghost mannequin effect can just nail it! Check out what’s there –


  • Create invisible mannequin
  • Add neck with dress
  • Remove wrinkles from the dress
ghost mannequin effect afterghost mannequin effect after
Photoshop color correction afterPhotoshop color correction after

Photoshop Color Correction

Color correction is one of the essential areas of product photography. There is the possibility of returning if the image doesn’t match the original color of the product. Photo color correction services that we deliver solve all the issues regarding color in your image. 

Here’s what you can expect from us –

  • Match the image color with the original product
  • Adjust light according to the color
  • Balance the color of the image

Photoshop Shadow Creation

Want to create an artificial shadow in your image? This is the right place to get your job done. We’ve photoshop drop shadow services where we create hand-painted natural shadows, which are far more realistic than the built-in drop shadow effect that photoshop has. 

This is what our shadow effect service looks like –

  • Create realistic shadows manually 
  • Match the angle of the shadow with the light source
  • Adjust the brightness of the shadow
product photo shadow effect afterproduct photo shadow effect after
image manipulation afterimage manipulation after

Photoshop Image Manipulation

Do you feel like your images are not appealing enough? All your image needs are just manipulation. Our image manipulation service includes all kinds of manipulation you might need. Be it changing the shape of your model or correcting certain parts of your product, or adding effects to make the image striking. 

Our photoshop image manipulation service includes –

  • Color correction
  • Adding effects
  • Removing glare
  • Correcting light

Photoshop Neck Joint

You might need to add the neck of a dress separately if you work with a mannequin. The back part is usually separated from the front part of the image. Our neck joint service is worth trying as it won’t let you understand that the neck is added separately. 

The way we add the collar, it doesn’t look like anything artificial. Have a look at what you’ll get –

  • Natural looking neck joint
  • Healing the joint part
  • Matching position and color with the dress

Have Any Questions?- Here Is The Answers

How fast are your photoshop editing services?
It depends on some other factors. For instance, how many images you wanna get done, how complicated those images are and finally, how fast you need those images. We prioritize your time. So, if you have hurry, we’ll do it faster and we deliver as fast as 6 hours.

Do you offer bulk order discounts?

Yes, we do. The more images you’ll order, the higher the discount will be. You can count the amount in our website. Just give your information like, number of images, time and all, you’ll get to know about the discount.

Why should I choose CPS for Photoshop photo editing needs?

Pixel perfect image editing! Expert in-house designers! Clipping Path Studio is one of the best photo editing service providers. We promise excellent clipping path services from product photographers to ecommerce businesses, Amazon sellers to global brands. Here are some reasons why you rely on us as your virtual photo editing experts.  

High-Quality Results: Every edit is done by a professional retoucher, who applies the latest technology, and software techniques for the cleanest edges result. From white background to complex cutouts – no straight polygonal lasso lines, our designers never compromise quality.

Quick Turnaround Time: Are you in a shortage of time? Our 250+ professional photoshop experts always ensure you deliver your project on time. Even if you order to edit bulk images, you will get back shortly. We value your time and strictly meet the deadline. 

Cost-Effective: From startups to established ecommerce business owners, with us, you get budget-friendly solutions. Our first priority is business goals and requirements; the business size doesn’t matter. 

Customized Services: Are you looking for consistent, quality images that sell? Or, want to customize it to meet your selective social media and ecommerce platform requirements? Our skilled designers love versatility and challenge so you can beat your competitors. 


24/7 Customer Support: “Connectivity is productivity.” Our dedicated and excellent customer support team is always ready to help you whenever you need us. We are always available to answer your queries.

Which Photoshop is best for editing?

Adobe Photoshop is mostly used to edit photos. We continuously update our photoshop and always use the latest version of photoshop so that we don’t miss any feature. We have some other prominent software too.

How much does it cost to have photos edited?

It depends on the type of editing that you want to have. Cost varies from image to image and according to complexities. For instance, if you have more complex images, price will be higher. Also, the amount of images matters too. The more you’ll order, the lesser the price will be.

Do you guarantee the safety and security of my images?

Your images are most valuable to us. So, yes, we do guarantee the safety and security of your images. You can completely rely on us about this issue as we’re helping hundreds of clients everyday with their images.

Do photographers outsource photoshop editing?

Yes, they do. Many photographers outsource photoshop editing because often they have to work with a large number of images. It is not always possible to edit bulk images as quickly as those need to be done. Also, to get high quality editing, they need professional photoshop services. So photographers too outsource photo editing.

What is the best file format for Photoshop?

The best file format to edit in photoshop is RAW. the RAW format gives the freedom to edit the image in whichever way we want. This is the original version of the image, so we can do the editing accurately. JPEG format is also fine.

Photoshop Editing Services

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