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Forget doing tedious and time-consuming image editing for your ecommerce store — we got you covered!

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Why Clipping Path Studio?

No ifs and buts. No excuses. We deliver affordable and high-quality edited photos on time every.single.time. Ecommerce agencies and professional photographers trust our Photoshop editing services, and so can you.

So Affordable You Won’t Believe It… No, Really!

Have you ever paid $0.49 for a clipping path service? That’s what we charge our clients and they love our work. That’s how affordable yet, reliable our professional Photoshop services are.

Get Your Photos Edited Fast… Really Fast!

With the help of our seasoned graphic designers and photoshop experts, you can get your photos edited within 24 hours — 6 hours, even. (We’re that fast.)


High-Level Polish… Every Time!

In our years helping our clients, we recognize that being “fast” isn’t all there is to it. We give just as much emphasis on producing top-notch image editing work.

Follow our Four-Step Process… It’s That Simple!

No time-wasting lengthy phone calls to get your images edited. Just send your sample images. Get Your Quote. Approve so we can start working. Get your retouched images. And that’s it.

Photoshop Editing Services We Provide

Clipping Path Studio brings unprecedented speed, control, and quality to image post-production.

Clipping path servicesClipping path services

Clipping Path Services

If you want your center object separated/removed from the rest of the image, then you’re looking for a clipping path service — and that’s one of our specialties. We use the Photoshop Pen Tool for our handmade clipping path service to produce exceptional work.


Photo Editing Service-AfterPhoto Editing Service-After

Photo Editing Services

Whether you’re a photographer, an ecommerce entrepreneur, or someone who works heavily with photos and graphics, you’re going to need the help of hard-working professional photo editors to produce stunning photos/images. Yup. That’s us!


Photo Retouching ServicesPhoto Retouching Services

Photo Retouching Services

Did your almost perfect product shoot have a tiny prop glitch? Our specialists are ready to do quick touch-ups or serious enhancements, so each of your photos/images will look exceptional online.


Image background removal servicesImage background removal services

Image Background Removal Service

Are you struggling with editing the background of your photos? Forget about having to spend countless hours doing this tedious task. We can save you the hassle and the headache through our background removal service without making a huge dent on your budget.


Price Calculator

We price our projects based on the service, volume, complexity, and urgency to make sure you get exactly what you need at a reasonable price.

No need to hop on a 30-minute call for the custom price or worry about going over your budget. It only takes a few clicks on our interactive Price Calculator to see an estimate of the cost of the services you need.

Fill out the short form and get an instant estimate. ( Hint: You’ll be mindblown by how affordable the fee is going to be. 🙂 )

Clipping Path

Starting at $0.49 USD/image

Drop Shaddow

Starting at $0.25 USD/image

Ghost Mannequin

Starting at $0.99 USD/image

Calculate Your Price

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4-Step Process of Our Photoshop Services

We know you’re busy, that’s why we kept our process unbelievably short and painless. Simply follow our 4-step process below and be on your way in a matter of seconds.


1. Send Sample Images

Upload your image (or multiple images) through our FREE trial contact form. We have a fast and user-friendly upload system.


2. Get the Quote

Our managers will review your order and send you a more than reasonable custom quote. You can also use our Pricing Calculator to get immediate quotes.


3. We’ll Start Working on Your Order

Once you approve our quote, we’ll start working on your order to make sure that you receive your edited photo/image on time.


4. Receive Your Edited Photos/Images

This is the part where you download your amazing images/photos and do the happy dance. If you need anything changed, let us know and we’ll do the revision for free.

What Our Clients Say

Why You Need Professional Photoshop Service?

Photoshop Services

Let me guess: You are itching to grow your ecommerce sales, aren’t you?

Despite your desire to execute your carefully thought-of plan to grow your business, however, you are stuck editing your images.

Because it’s taking your countless minutes, hours even, just to make sure that your images look crisp and professional-looking, you can’t help but be frustrated because you can’t run your business effectively.


We don’t blame you if you’re getting frustrated.

With how H-U-G-E of an impact images play when it comes to growing your sales and generating leads, you just can’t afford to show your would-be customers less than stellar graphics.

And so the question becomes, how on earth are you supposed to TRULY grow your business when you are stuck editing images?

That’s where you can leverage our professional photoshop service.

Here’s what we can do for you:

1. Your Photo Editing Tasks Become Lighter

Because you rely heavily on graphics to grow your business, you’re going to need help with constantly producing high-quality images. (In high volume, at times.)

You can benefit from our years’ worth of experience working with various ecommerce store owners, photography studio managers, and other agencies that offer creative services.

With the experience and skills that our team amassed, you can avoid having to do the heavy lifting of image editing.

You can sit back, relax, and focus on growing your business while our team of professional image editors works on your images to make ‘em look stunning.

2. Skyrocket Your Sales

There are just no two ways around it — you need outstanding images if you want to skyrocket your sales to greater heights!

After all, the quality of your images can improve (or wreck) your sales.

Through our professional photoshop service, you are assured of getting carefully-edited and professional-looking images every time.

With your stunning images, you can “wow” your audience, making it easier for them to click your “Buy Now” buttons or push through with their decision to work with your creative agency — all because they were mindblown by your images.

3. Establish Your Brand as an Authority

If the images you publish on your website look terrible, you are almost immediately seen by your audience as a shady brand.

They’ll think twice about working with you because you might be a scammer. Or, you might be a legit company, but you’re just not mindful of the quality of your work.

Both perceptions can hurt your brand — really, bad!

On the other hand, if your images look out of this world, not only will you captivate your audience with your graphics, but you’ll look like an all-star company.

A company that can be trusted. One that’s reliable. And one that’s definitely worth partnering with — that’s where the sweet spot is.

Publishing awesome graphics/images will make your brand look like an authority in your industry, giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors who can’t produce marvelous graphics.

Save yourself from the hassle and frustration of needlessly spending hours upon hours doing image editing work. Click the link now to get a free quote of our professional Photoshop services.