Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

Outsource Custom Photo Editing Services That Helps Recognize Your Brand

Impress Your Customers With Visually-Stunning Edited Photos

Sell more as you dazzle your customers with crisp and clean product photos with the help of our outsourcing photo editing services.

Photo Editing Services Photo Editing Services

Why is Outsourcing Photo Editing Crucial?

One of the best things you can offer your clients is fast turn-around-times.

√ It gives them reassurance.

√ It makes them feel safe.

√ And it makes them feel in control.

However, if you’re swamped with hundreds of images to edit to perfection, you’re going to miss deadlines, or worse, lose your clients.

If you want to streamline your workflow and ensure you get your photos edited on time, then you need to outsource your photo editing needs to us.

Editing your photos to the level and quality that you and your clients expect is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but working with our professional photo editing services can speed up this process.

We can edit thousands of photos in a single day, giving you the peace of mind knowing that you’ll never miss a single deadline.

Not only will you get your images faster when you outsource to us, but you also get exceptionally high-quality photos while doing minimal work.

By working with our digital outsource photo editing services, you can avoid costly delays and offer faster turnaround times for your clients, which also leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing Photo Editing Services We Offer

Clipping Path Studio – An outsourcing photo editing company providing all kinds of image editing services including clipping path, background removal, photo retouching, shadow creation, ghost mannequin effect, color correction, and Product photo editing.

Image Masking

Whatever minute details you need to be edited — whether it’s a fine thread or an unruly hair — you can outsource clean edits and life-like images with our professional photo editors’ advanced photoshop skills.

Clipping Path

Some of the best product photos are those set in context and against a white background. Our hand-drawn clipping path and outsourcing eCommerce photo editing services can help you easily achieve this.

Background Removal

Draw the focus of your consumers on what you want to emphasize in your images through our product photo editing service online. Our professional photo editors can create a new setting, remove or add a white background to your photos to make your products shine.

Drop Shadow

Make the products of your customers come alive and eye-catching to their shoppers by working with our outsourcing drop shadow photo editing services. You can get images with realistic looking shadow effects that can improve your customers’ experience.

Color Correction

Optimizing photos to make them look amazing, and editing your image colors will require time and skills. Our photo color correction and fashion photo editing team can expertly assess your images and adjust colors to make your photos pop and stand out.

Photo Retouching

Set the tone for your images with our expert photoshop retouching. You can outsource professional photo retouching services that add warmth to your photos, props to your shots, restore or remove skin details, and more.

Our Photo Editing Portfolio

Our one-stop solution for all your photo editing needs gives you access to fast and reliable digital photography editing services, from beauty and fashion photo editing to eCommerce image editing.

With the help of our skilled photo editors, you can have professionally-edited stand-out images.

Our Photo Editing Rates

Other online photo editing service providers might offer crazy expensive fees for their basic post-production photo editing, but our company provides affordable and highly-competitive rates you can enjoy.

Although the exact pricing will depend on the quantity, complexity, and timeline of your projects, you might only have to pay as low as $0.29 per photo when working with us.

More than offering affordable rates, we pride ourselves on delivering the best photo editing service. That being said, if you want affordable photo editors that also give as much focus on the quality of your photo, then you need to reach out to us now.

If you want an estimate quote, you can go to our Pricing table.

Why You Need To Outsource Photo Editing Services

1. Your photo editing skills aren’t good enough.

High-quality photo editing requires time, effort, and skills.

If you aren’t good enough at photo editing, you’ll spend hours or days editing your photos — all while producing mediocre work in the end.

This can be disastrous for your business.

Not only will you disappoint your clients, but you stand to lose them altogether.

Work with our team of experts now so you can avoid all the risks while increasing your chances of mindblowing your clients.

You can focus on lighting, shooting, and everything else that comes with capturing stunning images while we handle editing and retouching your photos.

2. You are declining new projects because you don’t have the bandwidth to finish your photo editing works.

Declining new projects just because you have loads of photo editing work to do is a huge waste.

Not only will you miss out on the opportunity to make more money, but you also end up disappointing your would-be customers by not being able to service them.

Avoid the frustration and keep this from happening now by outsourcing all your image editing needs to our professional and seasoned photo editors.

By working with us, you can focus on getting as many clients as you can without having to worry about doing mounds of photo editing work — we got you covered!

3. You want to scale your commercial photography business.

For the most part, scaling a business requires hiring new talents, setting up infrastructure, getting new tools, or setting up new processes.

All of which can be costly, time-consuming, and require a lot of planning… that is, if you intend to scale your business by setting up your own team and processes from the ground up.

Instead of going that route, why not choose the most convenient, effective, and affordable way to scale your business.

You can work with a photo editing company like us, so we can take care of all your photo editing needs. That way, you and your team can focus on taking shots and meeting with clients, while we do all the photo editing background work.

If you are frustrated and overwhelmed with the seemingly endless photos and images that you need to work on, reach out to us now. Why struggle and lose sleep over your photos when you can have our exceptional and reliable Photoshop experts help you with all the edits?

What’s So Extraordinary About Our Photo Editing Services?

1. First-rate tools and talents.

Photo Editing Services

Feel safe knowing that your photos are edited by exceptional photo editors.

When you work with us, you have access to first-rate tools and talents that can handle your photo editing needs like a pro.

Whether it’s for eCommerce, fashion, or others, you can trust the best photo editors at our studio to apply the right corrections with high-performing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom — and guarantee exceptional results.

This results in you producing stunning photos that can astonish your clients, entice them to keep partnering with your photography studio, and lead you a step closer to reaching your business goals. If you are a photographer, outsourcing photo editing service for photographer is one of the best solution for getting quality photos.

2. Security and confidentiality.

At Clipping Path Studio, your company’s safety is our utmost priority.

That’s why your photos are always sent via private communication channels and encrypted protocols. Moreover, they are never published without your expressed consent.

With these security measures, you can rest assured knowing that your identity, photos, and transactions remain confidential and safe.

3. Personalized and tailor-made styles.

With Clipping Path Studio, you don’t get generic editing that makes your images appear like everyone else’s photos — and not distinctly yours.

Instead, you get personalized image edits proficiently and specifically designed according to your photo editing styles and preferences.

That way, when you present your photos to your clients, you can be confident that your professionally edited photos closely represent your unique brand personality and resonate with your trademark.

4. Rapid turnaround time.

Your company and client deadlines are as crucial to us as they are to yours.

That is why, when you work with our digital photo editing experts, you can forget about the anxiety of missing your deadlines.

We will return your photos on or before the deadline you specified in your orders consistently.

We are proud (and humbled) to say that our clients enjoy our dependability when it comes to getting their photos on time.

You can enjoy the same assurance too!

5. Transparent and Affordable pricing

Do you hate hidden or additional fees? So do our other customers!

The good news, you’ll never experience this frustration when working with us.

Not only are we transparent about our pricing, but we even make it a point to offer our services as affordably as we can so you can get more profit.

Depending on the type and amount of work you want to get done, you can get your photo edited for as low as $0.29 only per image.

Our affordable pricing helps you get more profit.

We recognize that the more we help you grow your bottom line, the more you’ll work with us.

Because you’ll only pay extremely affordable rates, you can avoid paying monstrous fees for the same superior photo editing quality.

6. An array of image editing services in one shop.

Do you need more than one type of image editing service?

Perhaps you need background removal, clipping path service, or photo retouching work, and others?

Rather than collaborating with various image editing service providers, we can be your one-stop-shop photo editing solution.

By working with us, you can get all your photo editing requirements done in one place.

The best part is, you get affordable rates, you get exceptional photos, and you’ll never miss your deadlines because you’ll get your photos on time.

Quick 4-Step Image Editing Process

Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

1. Upload your sample photo.

First, you need to send us your sample image.

To do that, you can use our Free Trial contact form which has a lightning-fast and straightforward photo uploading system.

You can even upload several images simultaneously through that system.

Outsourcing Photo Editing Services
Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

2. Obtain your quote.

Once our project managers receive your images, we will send you a customized quote that’s based on your image volume, editing complexity, deadline, and others.
Outsourcing Photo Editing Services
Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

3. We set to work immediately.

When you approve of the quote, we’ll take it as a go signal and start working on your photos immediately.
Outsourcing Photo Editing Services
Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

4. Download your edited photos.

After we’ve edited and sent you your images back, you can now download and check them out.

If you want anything edited or revised, we welcome you to contact us. We’ll help you with the edits.


Image/Photo Statistics That You Need to Know

Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

75 percent of online shoppers depend on product images to help them decide on making the purchase.

More than 20 percent of returns happen because products look different online than in person when buyers receive their orders.

Photos get more than 350 percent more engagement on Facebook than on links.

High-quality images are 40 percent more likely to be shared on social media.

Companies who offshore their photography editing services earn 40 percent more business profit than those who do edit images themselves.

Your images speak for your work, your brand and your reputation. Make the best impression on customers and clients with reliable, high-quality and affordable outsourced image editing services.