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“Wow” Your Customers With Beautifully Retouched Photos

Why settle for an “OK” photo when our team of experienced photo retouchers can take them to the next level?

Photo Retouching Services Photo Retouching Services

Why is Photo Retouching so Crucial?

To get more clients for your professional photography business, the quality of your photos need to be off the charts.

They need to be at a level where your customers are mindblown of how awesome they look in your photos, making them want to share their photos all over their network.

The more they share, the more inquiries you get about your professional photography service.

If you’re running an ecommerce business, the quality of your product photos can straight up spell the difference between your web visitors clicking your “Buy Now” buttons, or them clicking away.

The quality of your product photos, after all, will give them an idea of how professional and reliable your company is.

This is why you need to invest in professional photo retouching services.

Not only can working with one help boost your productivity and brand authority as an ecommerce store or professional photographer, but our professional photo retouching service can also grow your bottomline and improve your customers’ satisfaction.

Photoshop Retouching Services We Offer

Clipping Path Studio brings unprecedented speed, control, and quality to image post-production.

Photoshop Skin Retouching Services

Do you need help with getting rid of large blemishes, wrinkles, or fine lines that ruin your clients’ photos? Our professional photoshop experts can help you with your skin retouching needs.

Ecommerce Retouching Services

Because your customers can’t touch the products on your website, you need to impress them (greatly) with how your product photos look. You can do this with ecommerce photo retouching.

Product/Fashion Retouching Services

Whether you want your fashion photos to look simple or extravagant, or somewhere in between, our team of artists and digital illustrators can retouch your photos to fit your needs.

High-end Retouching Services

If you want your photos to have the quality and polish of magazine covers, you can work with our team of photo retouching experts for your post-production photography needs.

Portrait Retouching Services

Because the portrait photos you take are often for memorable events, they need to look clean, sharp, and professional. Our portrait retouching services can help you accomplish that.

Jewelry Retouching Services

To help enunciate the beauty and elegance of our customers’ jewelry photos, we use tried and tested photo retouching tools like Photoshop or Lightroom.

Our Photo Retouching Portfolio

These are some of the photo retouching works that we did for our clients.

To produce exceptional photos, you need the help of our professional photo retouchers. If you’re ready to impress your clients with stand-out photos that will make them want to share your services to their network, contact us now for your post-production photography needs.

Why You Need Photo Retouching Services

1. You turned down a shoot because you are swamped with photo editing work.

At the end of the day, when you turn down a shoot, you lose money that you ought to have pocketed.

For some photographers, this sometimes translates to thousands of dollars worth of loss.

You could have used that money to get better gears, allot money for your marketing, or grow your professional photography business.

However, because you are swamped with photo retouching work, you ended up foregoing the opportunity.

If you’ve experienced this one way or the other, know that you don’t have to experience the same thing again.

Instead of turning down more photoshoot opportunities because of your piled up photo editing work, we can do the editing for you.

Our professional artists, image illustrators, and photo retouchers have years of experience retouching photos for professional photographers.

The best part is…

Our clients love the quality of our work!

2. You missed a delivery date because you are flooded with photo editing work.

Missing a delivery date is a big no-no for photographers.

Not only is it unprofessional, but it causes your clients needless stress and anxiety — especially if they’re working with timelines and other suppliers.

What’s more, a missed deadline can snowball to all kinds of problems between the photographers and their clients. Their relationship could be strained, they could pay penalties, or they could simply end up with disgruntled clients even if they produced exceptional work.

However, the reality is, with all the photo editing work that photographers need to handle, it isn’t hard for them to miss deadlines.

Just one unforeseen event can keep them from working on their photo edits: It could be a family emergency, an internal misunderstanding, or perhaps they underestimated the amount of work involved to complete their deliverables.

If you experienced these very same frustrations and you’d like to avoid them at all cost, then you can employ the help of our professional photo editing services.

Our team has the capacity to work on thousands of photos within 24 hours.

With that, you are assured that your photos are returned to your clients on time, every single time.

3. Avoid Photographer Burnout.

Make no mistake; even if you love photography, you can still experience the photographer burn out.

As you experience it, not only will you be less motivated and less creative, but your overall ability to produce also gets hampered.

What’s worse, you’ll start dreading the thought of taking photos again since you are mentally and physically exhausted.

Don’t let that happen to you.

One of the causes of photographers experiencing burnout is the fact that they lose sleep due to the hundreds (if not thousands) of photos that they need to edit.

Instead of going out with their family, they do mounds of photo correction work.

Instead of going out on vacation with their friends, they are stuck in their offer retouching the photos they took.

So you can avoid the needless strain of doing photo correction, contact us now so our team of committed photo editors can help you with your photo corrections.

Let our team handle all of your photo editing work so you can relax, spend time with your family and friends, and do what you love to do most — taking pictures.

4. Abysmal conversion rates.

If the first word that crosses your mind when you look at your product photos are “OK” then you might be leaving tons of money on the table.

You’ll know this to be true if your add-to-carts, email sign-ups, or sales conversions are looking hopeless.




These ought to be the first impression that you make when your site visitors view your product photos.

Anything less can hurt your conversion rates, which would ultimately wreck your bottomline.

To dazzle your web visitors with your product photos, you can work with our professional photo retouching team. With our help, your decent product photos can look stunning.

As you publish astonishing product photos on your ecommerce website, you’ll attract the attention of your web visitors and even influence them to take action on your offers.

Our Rates – Marked for Next

While some providers offer a nauseating fee that’s over $10 for their basic photo retouching service, the rates we offer are far more affordable and reasonable.

Depending on the turnaround time, complexity, and quantity of the photo that you want us to work on, you might only have to pay us $0.48 only — it’s that affordable!

The best part is, despite how affordable our rates are, we pay very close attention to the quality of our images — always making sure that our customers are getting nothing but the best.

To give you a better idea of our rates, you can click this link to access our Pricing Table to get an estimate.

What Makes Our Photo Retouching Services Special?

1. High-level polish. 

Photo retouching services

While some photo editing providers are focused on photo editing only, here at Clipping Path Studio, we are focused on the bigger picture — helping you grow your business.

We are mindful of how every single photo we retouch and send back to you will impact your relationship with your clients.

We don’t just retouch photos for the sake of it, we retouch and fix ‘em to make sure your clients will love your work.

2. Reasonably priced.

Because we are committed to helping our clients get rid of the stress and frustration of doing mounds of photo retouching work, we priced our services very affordably.

Depending on the kind of work you want to be done, you might only be charged $0.48 per photo.

With how affordable our services are, you can send over your photo editing work to us and still make a killing in your profit.

3. Consistently on time.

Because we know how missed deadlines can wreck our clients’ photography business to oblivion, we pay very close attention to their deadlines.

Once we commit to a deadline, we stick to it no matter what. No surprises or excuses, we send back your photos at the time we appointed — or earlier, even.

With our photo retouching services, you have a strong sense of predictability as far as when you’ll get your photos.

4. Friendly and professional.

Whether our clients need help with some revisions, or someone new sends us an email asking if we offer discounts, we take the time to accommodate their requests with friendliness and professionalism.

We like working with people. And we make sure to treat everyone who reaches out to us with utmost respect and concern.

More than being a third-party photo retouching service provider, you’ll see us as a partner who’s sincerely concerned about your success.

If you are frustrated and overwhelmed with the seemingly endless photos and images that you need to work on, reach out to us now. Why struggle and lose sleep over your photos when you can have our exceptional and reliable Photoshop editors help you with all the edits?

Our Working Process

The process of working with us is very straight forward.

Photo Retouching Services That’s Reliable And Affordable

1. Upload your sample photo or image.

Our process starts with you uploading your images to our system.

You can access our easy-to-use image uploading system here. (You can even upload multiple images.)

Photo Retouching Services That’s Reliable And Affordable
Photo Retouching Services That’s Reliable And Affordable

2. Get the Quote

When your uploaded image reaches our Project Managers, they will reply to you with a custom-made quote.

We quote our services based on quality, quantity, complexity, and how soon you want to get the photos.

If you want a ballpark figure of how much you’ll need to invest, you can use our Pricing table, too.

Photo Retouching Services That’s Reliable And Affordable
Photo Retouching Services That’s Reliable And Affordable

3. We Work on the Task

As soon as you “OK” our quote, we will work on your photos immediately.

While we are dead serious about sending your images back on time, we don’t ever compromise on the quality of our work.

That being said, you can expect exceptional photos from us even if we send them back early.

Photo Retouching Services That’s Reliable And Affordable

4. You can Start Downloading your Images.

When we’re done retouching your photos, you can start downloading them.

We’d also like to point out that if you have any issues with the images you’ll get from us, we can always fix them for you until you are satisfied — that is how committed we are to your success.

Image/Photo Statistics That You Need to Know

Slide 1: About 75% of people who shop online rely on product photos before they decide to make a purchase.

Slide 2: Over 20% of product returns are made because products don’t look the same online compared to when the shoppers receive them in person.

Slide 3: Images get over 350% more engagement on Facebook compared to links.

Price Comparison for Photo Retouching

Note: The rates above are based on us returning your photos within 12 hours only. The other providers, on the other hand, would most likely return your photos within 24 hours.

The photo retouching services we offer are reliable, affordable, on-time, and are carefully polished. With our help, you can forget about the hassle of manually editing hundreds of photos and the nerve-racking thought of missing deadlines.

What Our Clients Say

Your images speak for your work, your brand and your reputation. Make the best impression on customers and clients with reliable, high-quality and affordable outsourced image-editing services.