Where to Get Professional Headshots in the USA?

You may want to impress people and create a strong personality for your online business, jobs, and other careers. But you can’t do it. Do you know why? 

It’s for lacking a professional headshot. 

A professional headshot is crucial for making an attractive personality and profoundly impacting the people around you. 

Have you any idea how does it? 

To know details about professional headshots, follow this article. 

What is a Professional Headshot Photo?

Headshot photography is a portrait image that mainly focuses on a person’s face. The picture in this format initially starts from the person’s head to the shoulder. It includes a preferred background while highlighting the main subject. 

Every person requires a stunning headshot to attain the first impression because it has a lot of effects on making successful business deals or getting a call for a job interview. 

A professional headshot conveys a portrait used to create a personal brand for business, job resumes, etc. This photograph focuses on the upper body from head to shoulder. It aims to make you look upright, competent, and friendly to other people. 

Businessmen, writers, scientists, physicians, and others use professional headshots to make profiles on their corporate accounts, websites, publications, and social media identities. For that reason, a quality headshot is the most essential, and it should be bright and delightful. 

Why are Professional Headshots Important?

“We can accurately judge a person’s honesty in only a tenth of a second.” –Simon Makin, a famous psychologist, and neuroscientist.

Scientific research says most people judge other persons from 1 to 10 seconds, and within this mini moment, they generate first impressions of them. In most cases, the first impression determines whether a person will deal with you or not. 

Professional headshots play an essential role in making this first impression. People take professional headshots for their business, individual branding, career promotion, etc. 

A professional headshot displays a person’s identity, liability, and professionalism. Due to technological progress, first impressions mainly occur online. 

From actors and business people to writers and job employees, every person, including men and women, uses headshots for professionals and non-professionals. They use headshots for Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so many online platforms. 

If you want to create an attractive identity and impress your clients, colleagues, boss, or any person you desire, you should initially make a professional headshot. 

You can take advantage of retouching services to make your professional headshot charming. They will ensure quality headshot photographs by removing stray hair and skin defects and enhancing handsome appearances. 

There exist both professional and non-professional headshots. Professional headshots include some categories like professional business headshots, LinkedIn headshots, actor headshots, and professional headshots for men and women.

Professional Business Headshots

Professional Business Headshots

A professional business headshot is also known as a corporate headshot. This photograph highlights a person’s professionalism, competence, and strong corporate identity. It is like some other general headshots in backdrops, main subject, and overall appearance.

Business professional headshots significantly impact a businessman’s career and company progress, whereas a poor headshot does the opposite. 

A professional business headshot creates trust among clients. It makes a good impression on their mind.

Also, a business headshot can strengthen your company’s value and identity because every customer initially tries to attach your face to your business name. 

And finally, a perfect business headshot mainly represents yourself because every business person, at the end of the day, sells himself. 

Professional Men Headshots

Professional Men Headshots

A headshot that creates a man look attractive focuses on his power and strong personality and amplifies trust among clients about him is called a professional man headshot. A person can use his headshot for various purposes like business promotion, corporate media, publications, and career objectives. 

It helps a man create first impressions among others, which is crucial for succeeding in any goal. Because a man’s attractive look can make a positive impression on the dealers.  

It helps to increase successful sales and grow the company’s reputation.

Professional male headshots are so essential for establishing strong job careers. It can amplify the chances of getting more calls on job interviews. 

Headshot professionals are also crucial for enhancing the personal brand, corporate and social platforms, etc. 

Professional Female Headshots 

Professional Female Headshots 

A headshot that makes a woman look professional highlights her strengths and power and creates a strong personality could be defined as a female professional headshot. A woman can use her professional headshot for business, jobs, and individual branding. 

In the present day, professional headshots have become more crucial for women. Like men, a female also uses professional headshots for various objectives. 

A professional headshot can increase a woman’s individuality and makes her more attractive to others.

It helps a woman attract the right clients for business purposes and get the interview call for the desired jobs. 

Professional Headshots For Linkedin

Professional Headshots For Linkedin

A Linkedin headshot refers to a professional portrait photograph used for Linkedin profiles. It mainly focuses on making your appearance professional, amiable, and decent. 

On Linkedin, your profile picture plays a vital role in representing yourself because research found that an image can display a profile 14 times more than a picture-less profile.

Having an impressive headshot on Linkedin will help you establish a strong career because this is the biggest professional profile platform. 

When you attach a stunning picture, it will capture your client’s attraction; therefore, they will browse your profile to know more about you. It can seduce them as well as increase your business deal.

Professional Actor Headshots 

A professional actor headshot is a portrait photograph of an actor/actress that helps him/her acquire acting roles. It highlights the actor’s facial appearance, emotional look, and the potential to deliver numerous expressions. 

A perfect headshot can influence a casting director to choose the right actor for the given role. It can inspire an actor/actress to stand out in acting roles. 

A professional acting headshot effectively increases an actor’s/actress glamor and popularity. 

A glamorous headshot amazes people on social media and websites, increasing the actor’s fanbase and public figure. 

It also encourages the actor/actress to increase self-awareness and deliver outstanding performances. 

How do I get Professional Headshots?

Professional headshots are essential to improve a business career, job marketing, and personal branding. You may be searching for but don’t know where to get professional headshots. Here I am indicating some prominent sources that help you get a professional headshot. 

Search the Online

Technological progress made everything easy to get. People in the current world are prone to manage their business, jobs, and meeting online while staying home. 

Along with offline service, you can get any professional headshots using online platforms. Many online headshot providers exist worldwide, such as heroicheadshots.com, headshots-inc.com, flytographer.com, snappr.com, etc. 

You can get professional headshots from these photography services according to your wish and needs. 

Find Headshots Photographer On Social Media

Social media nowadays has become a powerful platform for any business. Every people and business company uses social media to connect deeply with clients. 

You can quickly get professional headshots on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Sometimes you don’t have to search for them. In contrast, they will find you through their attractive promotional process.  


No doubt, Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. From corporate people to jobless people, everybody uses this platform. Most business companies include their Facebook pages to promote their services and products. 

You can find lots of headshot providers on Facebook. They usually use Facebook business pages where you can easily order any headshots. 

However, there also exist many local Facebook groups where huge people individually provide headshot services. You can contact anybody of them if you choose his work sample.


Instagram is undeniably a popular social platform, especially for the youth. Its high-quality and stunning photo resolution amazes everyone. 

A vast number of people use Instagram for their business. On this rated platform, you will find numerous photo editors and headshot providers displaying excellent headshot samples for their clients. 

Maybe you also have an Instagram account. Then you can get professional headshots by making contact with a headshot provider.


In the present world, Linkedin is the most famous professional and corporate social platform. You will find few people who convey established careers but don’t use Linkedin.

Most photography companies and headshot providers have Linkedin accounts and utilize this platform for their businesses. They can be a professional agency where many people work as a team. Also, they can be independent and individual providers who work separately.  

If you have a Linkedin account, you can hire a headshot photographer using this platform. 


Reddit has gained extraordinary popularity for its catchy features. The users of this social platform have been growing up day by day. 

From professionals to non-professionals, everybody uses Reddit for their purposes. There are lots of people as well as popular companies who provide headshot photography services on Reddit. 

You can smoothly get a professional headshot provider on Reddit if you have an account. You can also join different Reddit communities, where many offer headshot services individually. 

Apart from the above platforms, there are many social media such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Nextdoor, where you can get professional headshots. Moreover, you can also gain valuable ideas about professional headshots on these social platforms. 

Platform to find Headshot Photographer in the USA

1. Flytographer


Flytographer is a prominent photography business company that provides worldwide snapshot services including in the USA. You can get professional headshots from this platform. 

Flytographer started its official launch in 2013. And for the last eight years, it has provided stunning services that made the company achieve global fame. At present, Flytographer extended its service to all six continents. 

It includes more than six hundred photographers worldwide who captured above 4 million shots. This company is famous in the US for providing the best professional headshots


Flytographer provides professional headshots all over the United States. Whether from California or Virginia, most state and city contains the Flytographer headshot service.   

Wherever you live in the US, you can effortlessly get professional headshots staying in your home.

How to book a shot session?

Just following five simple steps can complete your headshot booking. 

1. Send a date request when you want to take shots. You can select a photographer who you want to capture the photos with. 

2. After finishing the first step, you will receive confirmation within two days. They will let you know if your desired photographer is available on that day. Otherwise, they will schedule another day. 

3. When a photographer is confirmed, you can finally book your session. 

4. After booking confirmation, you can contact your photographer for detailed information.  

5. Finally, you can meet your photographer and make your photo session completed. 


  • Flytographer starts its headshot session at $375 for the half-an-hour shoot for one to three people per destination. 
  • They also receive $125 for an additional person per 10-minute slot time. 


  • In this service, you can get three high-resolution lightly retouched jpeg headshot images per person
  • You can get brand delivery within five days.

To find modern professional headshots, you can hire Flytography. They can make your business shine and prove a needed brand cohesion. 

2. Snappr


Snappr is the one-stop photography service in the USA. It provides on-demand photoshoots and editing services. They have edited more than 40 million pictures and captured over 120 million. 

Whether you need professional headshots for business or individual branding, Snappr can manage it smoothly. 


From California to New York, every state and city covers Snappr services. Wherever you live in the US, Snappr photographers will find you easily. 

Moreover, it also provides international photoshoot services. 


  • No price limitation exists for Snappr because it provides different services worldwide. 
  • It can vary according to location, session duration, and headshot quality & quantity.  

How to Book a headshot session? 

You can easily book a session within 60 seconds by logging into Snappr. 

  • Firstly, you have to select a business or personal shoot. 
  • Then, you can complete the booking policy by confirming their terms.

If you want to make a quick booking session, Snappr could be beneficial for you. 

3. Photosesh


Photosesh is one of the biggest scheduled photography platforms in the US. It uses GPS and a calendar to connect its clients. Including other photography services, it also provides professional headshots. 

Photosesh contains 9000 photographers who provide photography services across North America, including the US. If you want a professional headshot from a nearby company, the Photosesh could be one of the best options. 


Including the United States, the Photosesh covers entire North America. So when you find a headshot provider in the US, you will find the Photosesh close at hand. 


  • Their pricing policy differs according to photograph types, client’s location, and session duration. 
  • Their photographers usually receive $30 to $95 per hour. 

How to Make a Booking

You can book a session on both the Photosesh app and the web. 

  • To book on the app, just download the Photosesh App, sign in, and find your desired photographers nearby.
  • Their web booking policy is similar to the app policy.

You can also find many facilities in the Photosesh such as a friendly refund and cancellation policy and an advanced booking facility. 

4. Upwork


Upwork is a freelancing platform conveying its headquarters in Santa Clara and San Fransisco in the US. In the current world, Upwork has become a coherent online platform where millions of people work as a team and individuals. 

You can find a lot of photo editors in this workplace who provide professional headshots for any purpose like business promoting, job marketing, and personal branding. 


Upwork covers the whole globe, including the United States. By making an online contact, you can quickly get the best professional headshots without going outdoors. 


As a popular freelancing platform, many headshot providers work in Upwork. Everybody demands costs according to their skills and expertise because no fixed pricing policy exists. 

How to Make a Booking

  • Just create an account on Upwork and find many headshot providers according to your budget and wish. 
  • But it is not easy to find the right photo editor as many newcomers and unskilled photo editors work here. 

Upwork will help you choose an expert professional headshot editor from several service providers. 

Asking for Recommendations

You need some professional headshots for your company staff or personal promotion, but you don’t know where to get professional headshots. Also, you may be an amateur online user who is not able to make an online deal, or you cannot trust any unknown person. 

In this context, you can ask for recommendations from your relatives, friends, or someone who has proficient knowledge about professional headshots and photo editing agencies. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Professional Headshots?

Professional headshots are so effective in amplifying business deals and personal branding. Most headshot photographers, on average, receive between $150 and $450. But the overall costs can range from $25 to $2500, even more. 

Hiring costs for professional headshot photographers vary depending on the company, location, and duration. Here are some average price ranges to keep you on the right track. 

  • ​You can get a headshot costing between $25 to $75 if you hire a beginner photographer. But they are not professional and skilled shutterbugs. So you have some risks of low-quality headshots if you hire them. 
  • The amateurs or mid-level shooters will take $75 To $250 for the same service. Though they try their best, sometimes it fails to satisfy you.
  • But if you want to hire a professional head shooter, you have to pay $250 to $1,000, according to their skills and qualifications. 

Headshot costs also vary following their types and categories, such as professional headshots for business, Linkedin, Acting, and headshots for men and women.

Headshot Cost




Business Headshot cost

$750 to $2500

$150 to $750

$25 to $150

Linkedin Headshot Host

$349 to $449

$249 to $349

$149 to $249

Acting Headshot Cost

$700 to $1500

$150 to $700

$75 to $150

Men Headshot Cost

$500 to $1000

$200 to $450

$75 to $450

Female Headshot Cost

$450 to $1000

$200 to $450

$75 to $150

FAQ on Find Professional Headshots in the USA

How do I look up a Headshot photographer? 

There are many online platforms where you can look up a headshot photographer, such as Flytogrpher, Snappr, Upwork, etc. To look up a photographer, you should sign in to these platforms. 

Is there an app to find photographers?

Yes, there are many apps where you can find photographers, such as Photosesh, Perfocal, Pinpic, and Snappr. 

What website do most photographers use?

Most professional photographers use websites like SmugMug, Adobe Portfolio, Pixpa, Shopify, Zenfolio, and more. 


A professional headshot reflects yourself to the others. A stunning headshot is essential to creating first impressions among your boss, colleagues, and relatives. It will help you get more business deals and job offers and create a sturdy personality. 

There are many online photography services where you can get a prominent headshot editor. I hope you have no more doubts or questions about a professional headshot, its importance, and where to get it.

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