Best Photo Digitizing Services: Digitize Your Memories

We all have those outdated, torn, or damaged photos. Lying somewhere, carrying ancestry and nostalgia. A bit of care will revive them to serve for another 10 or 20 or more years. That’s where the role of the best photo digitizing service comes in.

Nowadays a wide range of service providers are out there. Check this article as I will be your guide to explore more on what this service means, where you can find these services, and how to choose the best digital partner.

Let the detail of converting from old memories to digital begin.

What is Photo Digitizing, and Why Should I Use a Professional Service?

What is photo digitizing and why should you use it - Infographic

Digital digitizing or conversion service is the set of working processes that converts simple physical photos to digital ones, modernizes them for usage, manages, stores, and shares by preserving a photo’s look, enhancing the resolution & quality, and restoring it for future use on both online and offline purposes.

Though you can digitize your photo process by either hiring professional photo editing services or using the photo editing software by yourself, it is always safe to let the professional handle it.

Hiring professional services has its perks. For example:

  • Access to Experts’ Skills, Knowledge, and Experience: Experienced people know how to do a certain job. By hiring professionals you have the advantage of having their skills fully incorporated into your project with minimal effort.
  • Management of Time and Cost: You get to lose nothing. As professional services providers handle numerous client projects, they know how to get the most. You can stay assured of the quality work, top-notch services, and financial gain at your end.
  • Efficiency in Finance: Hiring professional services is not as pricey considering their expertise. Rather, they are affordable, adaptable, and manageable for the long term. You can consider them hiring for a prolonged period as well.
  • Flexibility and Time Management: Photo editing is a complex work and requires mostly undivided attention, which busy professionals lack. By having professionals as your external team, you get ample time to improve where your attention is needed and quality work at your service.

What are the Best Photo Digitizing Services?

By searching on Google or other search engines, you probably have landed on a wide range of agencies already. All of them are promising to do the best backed up by reviews. Going through all those must be a hassle.

Let us cut your worries. Check this list where we have listed the top 10 photo digitizing services based on their working process, client reviews, years of experience, types of photo and slide scanning services, and responsiveness.

1. ScanMyPhotosDigital

ScanMyPhotos home page

ScanMyPhotos is a California-based boutique retail photo center that offers quick and affordable services. Though started as photo processing for local clients, the agency now offers a wide range of digitization services for photos, film negatives, 35mm slide scanning, photo restoration services, and so on.

Pricing Details

ScanMyPhotos has structured pricing details. Here are those:

  • Photo Scanning: $145 to $995
  • Slide Scanning: Pricing starts at $59.95 per carousel
  • Negative Scanning: Pricing starts at $1.95 per frame
  • Photo Restoration: $ 45.50


  • Fast services
  • Low pricing
  • High-quality images
  • Accepts multiple media types


  • High side on price for startups

Client Testimonial

“The results are absolutely priceless.” – Jennifer Jolly

2. ScanCafe

ScanCafe digitize photos scanning video transfer services

ScanCafe is another high-quality photo and video scanning and digitization service provider. It offers digitized photo solutions by combining human excellence with artificial intelligence.

Pricing Details

ScanCafe offers a competitive pricing range along with discounts. The pricing details are as follows:

  • Photo scanning starts at $0.48
  • Negatives, slides, and other social media format scanning starts at $1.48


  • High-quality enhanced photos
  • Secure project handling and transportation
  • Facility for mailing the files or visiting local drop-off location


  • Turnaround time may take longer

Client Testimonial

“Good customer service, whether on phone or in ordering scans online. Subscription service available but easy to cancel. Scans come out great. Recommend.”- Maria DeBenigno

3. EverPresent

EverPresent the best photo video and audio conversion company

Looking to revive your nostalgic memories with long-damaged photos? EverPresent is on the rescue mission. This family-run business offers photo and video digitizing solutions for damaged, lost, or serious wear and tear.

Pricing Details

EverPresent offers a wide range of photo digitizing services for photos, letters, slides, negatives, videos, etc. So, naturally, the pricing plans are different for both digitizing services and custom services based on categories, services, and project volume. In general photo digitizing: starts from $64.


  • Quick turnaround
  • Custom service
  • No upfront cost
  • Convenient pickup/drop-off locations


  • Pricing plans are pricey

Client Testimonial

“Staff was very professional. The process was meticulous which produced fantastic digital photos. My family is very happy I did this. We enjoyed reviewing many of the photos and strolling down memory lane. Highly recommend EverPresent!” – Rhonda Hinton

4. ScanDigital

ScanDigital photo scanning digital transfer services

ScanDigital is a premier photo digitization service. Its processes are user friendly aiming to lead the digital conversion revolution. At present its service to digitize photos extends to different pictures, videotapes, films, and audio recordings.

Pricing Details

  • Standard Image & Photo Scanning: $0.68
  • Special Media Digital Transfers: $1.29 USD
  • Convert Video & Audio Tapes to Digital: $28.00 USD


  • High-quality images and video
  • Top-notch services
  • Navigational website
  • Simple pricing options


  • Limited format support

Client Testimonial

“I was very impressed with the service from scandigital. They kept me informed of the progress by email and at my request held the DVDS, until I had returned from my holiday.I am really enjoying the DVDS—much better than VHS tapes!” – Joy D.

5. iMemories

Imemories digitize your home videos film reels photos

iMemories holds 17 years of scanning and digitizing services in the photography industry. With a team of over 200 restoration specialists, they know how to get the job faster and guarantee satisfaction.

Pricing Details

  • Videotapes: $14.99
  • Movie Films: $14.99
  • Photos: $.49
  • iMemories Cloud for only $7.99/month or $49.99/year


  • Offers price quote 
  • Real-time updation 
  • Mobile app available 
  • Secure photo digitizing 


  • The client’s video deletion is reported

Client Testimonial

“We were able to see Dad and Mom’s honeymoon cuteness. We would recommend iMemories as the service to use. ” – Cindy

6. Memory Fortress

Memory fortres top rated photo scanning video transfer services

Memory Fortress has been in the business since 2015. It claims to incorporate the best equipment and most efficient manpower in the industry. Therefore, you are guaranteed satisfaction for your digital photo enhancement to the highest level.

Pricing Details

Memory Fortress offers a wide range of services. I am skimming through only the services related to photos here.

  • Photo Scanning: Price starts at $0.42
  • Slide Scanning: Starts at $0.54
  • Scrapbook Scanning: $1.59


  • Easy to start the process
  • 5 business days turnaround policy
  • Fast and well-responsive
  • Not in the ‘prepared box scam’


Web information is difficult to catch up

Client Testimonial

“Memory Fortress transformed my grandmother’s old photos into brilliant digital copies. Their photo digitizing service breathed life into our family memories!” – Anna L.

7. Legacy Box

Legacy box digitize home movies photos slides more

Legacy Box is the world’s largest place to scan photos & home movies and digitize them. Serving the industry for over 10 years it has perfected the art of old analog media to digital. It offers quality service across the US.

Pricing Details

Here is the pricing structure of Legacy Box:

  • Starter- Convert up to 2 items: $35.98
  • Family- Convert up to 10 items: $159.98
  • Closet- Convert up to 20 items: $319.98
  • Trunk- Convert up to 40 items: $629.99 


  • Digitized services for photos, film reel, videotape
  • Real-time customized digital updates
  • Has an order tracking system


  • The pricing structure is expensive for some services

Client Testimonial

“Excellent started restoring and creating a great family legacy so far. To be continued. Thanks.” – Hinkson / Tuttle Legacy

8. DiJiFi

Dijifi digital conversion services photo movies

Since its establishment in 2007, DiJiFi has been converting old media like photos, slides, audio, video, books, microfiche, microfilm, and whatnot to digital ones. The company’s motto ‘Digitize once, digitize well’ fulfills its promise to high-quality services.

Pricing Details

DiJiFi offers digitizing services for photos, slides, negatives, and many other formats. However, the agency doesn’t offer any specific pricing information. Interested clients can ask them directly and they promise to answer all the questions regarding costs for media, resolution, and services.


  • Reliable, friendly, and timely delivery 
  • Reliable customer service 
  • Digitizes all types of outdated formats 
  • Reasonable pricing 


  • Some customers reported slow service 

Client Testimonial

Quick turnaround on a small project, staff easy to work with, happy with results.- Brooklyn College Archives

9. Memories Renewed

Memories renewed the best photo digitizing service

This is a professional digitization service provider for different types of media. Since starting the business in 2005, it has offered custom work backed by a dedicated team. Though it is situated in  Fridley, Minnesota, the company offers services globally.

Pricing Details

Here are photo digitization services pricing ranges from Memories Renewed.

  • Photos: Starts at 50¢
  • Negatives: Starts at 90¢
  • Slides: Starts at 90¢ each


  • Simple to follow
  • Made complex processes easier
  • Friendly services
  • High-quality editing


  • No cons found

Client Testimonial

“Memories Renewed provided excellent and friendly service in digitizing my personal collection of slides. The quality of the images is terrific!”- Corb Moister, Jr

10. FotoBridge

Fotobridge photo scanning service

FotoBridge is a private, well-funded company that offers superior services, the best in value. Aiming to restore digital photos, the company has served thousands of families and individuals until now and provided quality image digitizing services.

Pricing Details

There are other media digitizing options available. Here are the photo-related service pricing.

  • Photo print scanning, upto 250 photos: $69.95
  • Slide & Negative scanning, upto 250 photos: $137.95
  • Special format editing: Starts at $11.95


  • Easy to use  & convenient
  • Secure and US-based facility
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Simple pricing structure


  • No cons found

Client Testimonials

“The service at FotoBridge was terrific. Friendly, professional, and prompt – their offerings are priced competitively and they produce high quality results.” – Archie Rand.

How do I Choose the Best Photo Digitizing Service?

Choosing the best digitizing company depends on various factors. From reaching an agency for a project to receiving, there are many tasks involved apart from only getting the images edited. This is not only about getting the job done, it’s also about the whole experience.

As there are plenty of scanning services out there, make sure to do your fair share of research to receive the most convenient experience and results. For that consider the following factors.

1. How Long has the Business been in the Industry? 

A fair question every service receiver should be curious about. I am not talking about some talented agencies that bloom within a few years of establishment. Succeeding tenacity is important, but having experience and expertise has another level of confidence which as a professional or business owner you should count on.

So, check the years of experience the business has in serving the industry.

2. How Flexible are they in Terms of Customization & Support?

Considering your business needs, or photography style, you may require some non-traditional way of editing photos, requiring customization. So, from the moment you ping an agency, take note of:

  • Their responsiveness
  • Willingness to work on your project,
  • Level of flexibility to compromise with your requirements etc.

If these comply well, time to move on to the next factor to check in.

3. Check their Project Samples

Check up on the agency’s service details to understand how well they can handle your project. Check their ‘Gallery’ page. Some companies are open for business, they have their ‘Free Trial’ option left open. If your designated agency has that one, feel free to check first-hand with some sample images.

4. How Budget-Friendly are they?

Indeed a sensitive section for everyone. Every penny matters for business, especially at the beginning. So, you need a level of assurance on what your editing partner can do for you, from quality service to budget considerations. Check for their pricing plans. Also, ask away if the company has any discounted policy for bulk amounts of image editing.

5. What’s their Project Delivery Policy?

Digitizing takes a good amount of time to get restored or to bring out the digital output you want. Make sure you are checking out the turnout timing. Also, if the agency has many schedules lining up, you may get your projects handled later than expected. So, make sure to consider everything altogether.

6. Check People’s Reviews and Comments about them

Last but not least, what other users are telling you about the agency you have listed down, take note of that portion as well. By reviewing other users, you will have a good tour of their services and processes from the beginning till the end.

Can Photo Digitizing Services Enhance or Restore Old Photos?

Yes, it does. As already mentioned, the digitizing process is a set of photo editing works that are required to enhance a photo’s look, and resolution, remove damage, scratches, or other types of marks, adjust color & brightness, reduce noise, and sharpen the image, and many more.

Companies can either do this manually or through AI support. Though both ways you will get the results, precision requires attention to details manually.

This is where professional photo editing can help you get the best output. You will get your valuable & memorable photos revived with complete precision

Professtional Photo Editing for Digitizing Process

FAQs about Photo Digitizing Service

What is the best way of digitizing old photos?

If you are looking to digitize your old photos, a photo restoration service is the most effective solution. Restoration services bring the old memories back by repairing damaged, torn, or washed parts, merging the portions like there was no damage in the first place, and colorizing images on a natural level.

What types of media can be digitized?

Any type of old physical images, documents, audio, videos, and reels can be digitized nowadays. There are no limitations, you can use different apps, and software or always hire professionals.

How are my photos and media protected during the digitizing process?

We have an NDA to secure the deal with our clients. Also, our system has an encryption system that secures credential details only available to our clients specifically. Even one client can access other files. So, rest assured, your project will be handled with utmost caution.

What happens to my original photos after digitizing?

It depends. Many companies send back the original photos once the digitizing process is done, whereas others set a time limit, and if the clients don’t contact them, they destroy it. So, if you are hiring someone for the best digitizing service, make sure to come clean about this.

Final Thought

Keeping your images clean, high-quality for future use or restoring for a long time depends largely on the photo that has been edited. Professional-grade edit photos guarantee long-term usability.

So, I hope this article helps you decide what’s best for you regarding your purpose.

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