Amazon Photo Editing – Utilize & Drive More Sales

9.7 million sellers are on Amazon, and 1.9 million of them are active. Every day new sellers are joining, and the number will increase. 

High-quality photos are a must factor if you want to be an Amazon seller. For this, the easiest, fastest, and the most available solution is to have Amazon photo editing for product images. 

In this article, I’ll describe why you should hire a professional editor, the best 8 photo editing techniques that brings conversion, where you can find a reliable photo editor also what you should consider while hiring one. 

Want to know details about it? Stick with me. 

What is Amazon Photo Editing? 

It is called Amazon photo editing when product photos go through extensive photoshop work to fulfill Amazon product image requirements

As an e-commerce seller, you are already aware that every platform has its image-specific sets of rules to follow. However, it’s not always possible to hire the best Amazon product photography service or have a picture-perfect product photoshoot every time. 

Hence, the easiest solution is e-commerce image editing. Many people can edit the images by themselves. However, it’s safe to hire a professional Amazon photo editor

Why Should You Hire Amazon Photo Editor Online? 

Amazon Photo Editor Online

Statistics say Amazon has 300 million customers worldwide, and 95 million of them are Amazon Prime members. Amazon daily ships 16 million packages. 

The competition on Amazon is much higher than you imagine. To get online shoppers’ attention, you have to be completely prepared. 

The first step is to prepare your product images. They are the first ones to reveal your identity to the world. 

Do you want to keep up with people’s expectations as well as vie for the top? Are you doing the same thing your competitors are doing? 

While dealing in a commercial platform like Amazon, your images have to be of the best in look, quality, and appeal. Professionally edited images can do that in one go. 

Whether it’s for Amazon listing, Amazon prime, or any other ecommerce platform, you must pay heed to photography post-production for your product photos. 

Here’re some facts about why you should hire professional product photo editing for your amazon photos. 

  • It’s an Open Door to Industry-expert Photo Editors. 

Once, people thought that getting ecommerce image editing cost the earth. But due to the internet, we now know that it’s affordable and widely available. Moreover, instead of hiring a single expert for editing your product photos, you can hire a whole team with half of the cost. 

Such experts know the drill and create images that stimulate people’s senses and emotions as a result. And most importantly, these editors work for all types of companies; small to large, online stores to enterprise, booming businesses to the established store. So, no matter what type of business you have, you can get them to work for you. 

  • Amazon Photo Edit is a Risk-free Solution. 

When you hire professionals to do the job, you can keep the worries at bay. Once you give them the project details, they will do the job accordingly. Being completely aware of how amazon photos need to be done, they nail the task without any issues. 

They are safe to work with. Once they have finalized your project, they will send you the edited files through distinctive photo sharing ways, so there won’t be any receiver between your editor and you. It’ll stay secure & safe. 

  • Outsourcing this Service Saves Time & Cost. 

Online business is visual-based. For creating an Amazon product listing, you must have to have quality product images unless you want to fall behind. As an ecommerce seller, you will need high-quality images from time to time; sometimes, the requirement will be urgent and pretty high. 

Outsource photo editing for ecommerce is the fastest solution for such a situation. Experienced professionals offer Amazon photo editing. From them, you get stunning visuals for your products, and more importantly, they are affordable to hire, fast & responsive to offer solutions, and more efficient than an in-house post-production team. 

  • Product Photo Editing is Easy & Fast. 

Products differ in shape. And every product doesn’t get edited the same way. What works for clothing photography won’t work for shoe photography. That’s why editing time varies from product to product. 

Professional editors can handle a bulk amount of complicated product photos at a time. They get the job done fast with complete perfection. As your time is valuable, they help you save time. As a result, you get ample time to focus on your skill or grow your business. 

  • Get High-end Edited Photos that Convert Sales. 

Did you notice that top brands continuously post high-quality product photos for their ecommerce platform? Aside from that, if you look at their websites, it’s obvious that they pay high priority to their product images. They ensure that the viewers can get a clear and direct look at the product as they do in a physical store. 

Online shoppers communicate more with high-quality images, as such images contribute to fulfilling their demand for checking the product. Photo editing helps them get high-quality product photos for amazon that draw attention more than average, get conversion rate & sales increased. 

  • Professional Editors Ensure Continuity & Consistency.  

While dealing in a professional platform like Amazon, it’s a given that you have the same design, logo, vibe, and charm. More importantly, your product images are targeting the same clients as your competitors do. By having consistent photos, you can make sure you are on the right track in ecommerce. 

When you hire a professionalized Amazon photo editor, you get the job done with perfection. Professionals are capable enough to switch flexibility according to clients’ specific demands. They can retain the consistency of your brand and complete the job as you need it, even if they handle several clients at a time. 

Top 8  Amazon Photo Editing Techniques to Use for Product Images 

Every seller needs these 6 types of product images for Amazon– 

  1. Main/ Hero Image- The first product photo anyone sees. 
  2. Additional Images- Shows different angles, colors, etc. 
  3. Infographic Images- Elaborate on how to use the product. 
  4. Instructive Images- Userguide, instruction manual, warranty, etc. 
  5. Lifestyle Images- Shows how it looks while used in real life. 
  6. Comparison Chart- Describes why it’s better and how it helps. 

DIY photo editing isn’t a wise option as not all sellers know photoshoot works. Also, e-commerce editing is complicated. If you submit average/amateurish images to Amazon, your product listing may never show up, or you might never get the expected number of online visitors. 

Hence, it is wise to let professionals handle it by outsourcing photo editing for ecommerce. Such services include a wide range of photoshop works. You may not need all those, but following some distinctive ones can make the product images rise above the rest. 

Below here, I have listed the top 8 Amazon photo editing techniques that are viable. 

1. Cropping And Resizing 

Amazon Photo Editing - Utilize & Drive More Sales

Amazon allows an image size of 1280 pixels on the longest side. If that’s not followed, the images either will be shown in poor quality, or due to the incompleteness of images, the listing may not be shown. 

Nowadays, commercial photographers deliver large-sized raw files. Such files won’t be ready for publishing on ecommerce sites. So, you need resizing images without losing quality to fulfill your purpose. As you know, the correct image size accentuates the product. 

2. Background Removal 

Background Removal 

The 2nd factor that needs special attention is the product background. Amazon stated white background for product hero images. So, having another color background isn’t’ professional’ by any means. Except for the main image of your product, the rule isn’t as strict for additional lifestyle or infographic images. 

If your product images have been shot in different color product photography backdrops, you need to get the image background removed and replaced with the white one. And to be on the safe side, it’s always wise to hire the best photo editor for amazon

3. Shadow Creation

Shadow Creation

Shadow is one-of-a-kind work for commercials. The work is intense, the sight is subtle, but the impact is immense. By adding a product-relevant drop shadow, you can make your potential buyers believe your product within seconds! 

Realistic products do have a shadow. It helps bring out the natural look and vibe of products. If your photo shoot doesn’t include any, it may appear cartoon/fake online. Hence, you need to create a cast shadow artificially with available photography editing software

4. Color Correction and Color Grading 

Color Correction and Color Grading 

One of the must-have photo editing techniques. Many products don’t show up in the original color after the shot is taken. Or, when the images have been put to use on amazon, the color doesn’t appear right. What went wrong for that to happen? 

When you use the Amazon product photo editor, they know exactly how to make color correction so that you don’t face any trouble after uploading images. They bring out the accurate color, color variations, and product features as well. 

5. Product Photo Retouching 

Product Photo Retouching 

In an online based shopping system, buyers’ can’t touch the product. Product images are the only thing they rely on. So, you have to make your product shinier, and product photo retouching is the best way. It includes a wide range of services altogether. 

There are different types of retouching; if your product involves a human model, that image retouching will be different from the single product images. A slight touch of retouching can make or break a sale in ecommerce. Professional retouching can make the product appearance realistic and thus help reach close to the buyers. 

6. Flat Lay /Hanging Product Photo Editing  

Flat Lay Hanging Product Photo Editing  

A flat lay shot is simply to lay the product on a tabletop or on a horizontal place and then take a shot. Though any product can be shot in this way, some issues may occur later. For example, the product isn’t well lit all over, or the size or the color isn’t coming out correctly. 

In this case, photo editing for Amazon can assist you by eliminating all flaws. If the product is something tiny like jewelry, it will get shinier; if it’s something like clothing, the product will get the crease deleted and dirt removed. In short, you will get what you need for your product. 

7. Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect

 Invisible Ghost Mannequin

This is a powerful Photoshop technique. But the technique is specifically required for apparel products. With the ghost mannequin, a hollow effect is created for clothes. So that the attires will appear as if someone is wearing them, but the body/shape will remain invisible. 

Hiring a professional model costs a lot, and a mannequin’s body doesn’t match an average person’s body. For these reasons, the invisible mannequin has gained popularity as a cost-effective and fast photo editing solution. It allows viewers to see the product in detail, like the texture, shape, etc. 

8. 360 Product Photo Editing

360-degree photo editing is a diversified way of showing products. It alone does the job of several images. It saves time for potential buyers from scrolling. Study shows that by adding to the product detail page, 360-degree photography increases conversion rates by 22%. 

Surprisingly, this technique goes well with every product. Expert photo editors merge a couple of shots in photoshop, and there you have it- the 360 degree product photography image ready to call for attention.  

Where Do You Get Photo Editing Service for Amazon?

If you are looking for ecommerce image editing services for Amazon, We, Clipping Path Studio (CPS), are your finest option. 

Who Are We? 

CPS is an industry-leading photography post-production service provider. We have been offering services to professional photographers, e-commerce sellers, online store owners, studio directors, and many other professionals for many years. 

What’s Our Strength? 

Our working methods, ethics, and policy are the reasons that set us apart from the traditional agencies providing similar services. Because we 

  • Have been working for more than 10 years in this industry 
  • Are backed up by a team of 150+ dedicated experts 
  • Provide fast, timely, risk-free service 24/7 worldwide 
  • Ensure complete data protection for your project
  • Have transparent & competitive pricing 
  • Offer an attractive discount for bulk orders 
  • Ensure 100% client satisfaction  
  • Free Trial / Sample Work Before Order 

What Does Our Photo Editing for Amazon Include? 

We thoroughly follow Amazon’s requirements to ensure your product listing is the best one. That’s why our Amazon product photo editing package includes-  

  • Product Main Image Retouching 
  • Additional Images Retouching 
  • Infographics Images Designing 
  • Lifestyle Images Designing 
  • Add Objects/ Text/ Logo/Badge 
  • Product Photo Shadow creation 
  • Product Photo Color Correction 
  • Product Photo Cropping & Resizing 
  • Product Image Background Removal 

Want to check us out firsthand? Click ‘Free Trial’ and see the results within 1 hour. 

5 Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Amazon Photo Editor 

5 Factors to Consider

A commercial photo editor can be a person or an agency. Every one of them and their working style is different from each other. So, before you create your Amazon product listing, make sure your photo editor excels in these 5 factors. 

  1. Vast Expertise and Years of Experience 

These should be your first concern when you are out there online, searching for Amazon product photo editors. If they are serving for a long time, they have all the tricks stored up their sleeves. Thus they know what kind of editing should be applicable for a certain product. 

To know their style & quality of work, you better check for their portfolio/ sample works. Many editors offer a free trial option for potential clients to check firsthand. Take complete advantage of that. 

  1. Strict Adherence to Amazon’s Policies 

Commercial photo editors work in numerous sectors. Ecommerce photo editors are one of them. Ensure that your chosen editors are from ecommerce. As long as their working experience belongs to ecommerce, you can be assured that they are well-versed in every rule and regulation of ecommerce platforms. 

As they understand Amazon’s image requirement for main image, infographic image or other images. Prioritizing the image purpose and targeted viewers, they will work accordingly. 

  1. Virtual Support and Assistance From the Professionals 

How will your photo editor support you during an emergency? You must check if your Amazon listing photo editor will do that. Some online editors provide full-fledged photo editing solutions virtually.  

Clients send their requirements, and professionals finalize the job without any problem. So, when those clients receive the results, it’s flawless, perfect, and ready to use web platforms. For a busy ecommerce seller, finding such an editor is like a friend in need. 

  1. Affordable Price and Quick Turnaround Time 

Here’s the real deal, you have to think about your time and cost as well. Does their service cost a pretty penny from your pocket, or is it affordable for you to hire them from onward? Along with that, you’ll need to know how fast they will provide you the service if they can support you in urgent moments. 

Need to mention that, depending on urgent submission, companies may charge differently. Hence, also check if that change is bearable for you or not? You will find some product photo editing online that offers a bulk discount no matter how complex the project is.  

5. Complete Guarantee of Data Protection 

Last but not least, nobody wants their intellectual property to get damaged, stolen, or used without credit. And for ecommerce, everyone wants to show the best. To do that, there remains the chance of dishonesty. This mostly happens when the images are shared without privacy, knowledge, and confirmation. 

You need to check out with your editor about this security. If necessary, you might want to sign an agreement. Hence, they need to be able to comply with your requirements and completely support you. 


What does the Amazon photo editing process include?

Under our ecommerce product photo editing, you will get images of 

  • High resolution 
  • White background for the hero image 
  • Adding appropriate shadow 
  • Removal of dust and distractions 
  • Product-related necessary adjustments etc. 
Does Amazon require photo editing services?

Amazon doesn’t specify that it requires edited images. However, to ensure Amazon’s requirement is fulfilled, it’s best for a seller to have a photo editing service.

How much does it cost to edit an Amazon product photo?

At Clipping Path Studio, our pricing starts from $ 0.23. However, you can check our pricing to know the exact cost of your product images. Also, you’ll get a bulk DISCOUNT from us. 

Do you do custom image editing?

Yes, we do. Every ecommerce seller has distinctive specifications and working style, and we can keep up with those requirements.

What image file types do you take?

We take almost every type of file, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD, or TIFF. 

How will my photos be delivered?

We have different options available, so whatever ways you are comfortable, we can share files that way. However, generally, after the editing is done, we will share the link of the uploading platform (Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer) with granted access. Then, it’ll be available for you to download anytime, anywhere.

Do you optimize photos for Amazon?

Yes, upon request, we optimize photos for Amazon. Even though the images are of high resolution and quality, they will be compatible with the website; they are fast to load and show in front of the viewers.

Does this service protect my intellectual property?

Absolutely. We don’t share our clients’ data with anyone. We guarantee complete confidentiality of your assigned project to us. 


So, that’s all. Hope you have understood why sellers look for Amazon photo editing services and what your strategy is from here onwards. 

Your photo editing partner should be compatible with you and a pro in this industry so that they can fulfill your requirement whenever you need them for any project. 

We can be your partner in need of post-production photography. Feel free to Contact Us for any queries or requirements. We’ll be glad to reply.  

Outsource Photo Editing, Easily.


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