360 Degree product photography – Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

In this fast-changing world, being on track with the trend is the most challenging job in every sector. In the photography world, technology and creativity both are essential. 360-degree photography is an excellent addition to the e-commerce photography world. This shows a product from all angles and gives the feel of touching the product.

To boost your e-commerce sales, 360-degree product photography can be the single most powerful tool. Statistics say it increases the online visitor duration by 32% and customer satisfaction by up to 50%. You can see the significant impact that 360 product photos have on the business. Incorporating this into your product photography will change the conversion rate drastically.

What Is 360 Degree Product Photography?

360-degree product photography is creating a series of images that turn at a specific pace on a fixed surface to show a full picture of the product. Human eyes have a view of 180 degrees which doesn’t give a sharp field of view everywhere. 360-degree product photography shows all the sites of a product through rotation.

In 360-degree product photography, there might be 24 frames or 36 frames, or 72 frames. These images change after a specific period of time. The more the frame numbers, the smoother the rotation. It requires a certain amount of post-processing which includes working with background and shadow too.

In regular product photography, there is only one image that gives a specific look to the product. What customers miss in e-commerce photography is checking the product on their own. Though general product photography can’t provide the feature, 360-degree product photography allows viewers to see the product from all angles.

Why Do You Need 360 Product Photography?

360-degree product photography can increase conversion rates by up to 50%. Can there be any better reason to use this effect? Nope, I guess! Moreover, it reduces the return rates significantly. Except for these visible outcomes, there are many other positive impacts of this effect that you won’t see initially but will get results in the long run.

We’re trying to explain here why you should give it a shot!

Complete View

360 degree photography gives a complete view of the product. This shows the product from all sides. Customers can check out the product by zooming in and out. In that way, they get a clear idea about the product’s size, shape, and dimensions.

Growth of business

360 photos significantly change the conversion rate. This not only increases the sale but also decreases the return rate by 15% to 50%. This means the business will grow even faster.

Brand value

Having images of 360 degree effects refers to a higher standard and modernized work. This makes your work unique and separates you from the crowd. This helps to create brand value, and people start to recognize the work of the brand.

Customer involvement

360 degree product images are capable of gaining the reliability of the customers, and as the images look real, this increases the involvement of the customers. So, you develop a deeper relationship with the customers based on trust.


360 photography is flexible. Customers can get access to these images from any platform. Also, these images are easy to check. Anyone can zoom, play, pause and check the image from any device.

Who should use 360-degree product photography?

360 Degree product photography - Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

360-degree photography can be used by anyone who wants to show the image from all angles. You can easily decide if you need this by considering the dimensions of the product. If a product has different dimensions on different parts, it needs to be shown with this effect.

Apart from that, there are specific fields of photography that should use 360 degree photography to boost sales. You can check the list here –

Fashion Industry: Fashion photography includes portrait photography, apparel photography, product photography, and many more. There is an opportunity to incorporate almost all kinds of photography genres in fashion photography. So the more creative the image, the more appealing it is. Using 360-degree photography in the fashion world is not just an add-on; this is a necessity.

360-degree photography gives the customers a complete view of the product. People choose fashion products mostly based on their looks. So, this is quite important to show all the parts of the product to customers to have an overall idea of the product. And for that, 360-degree photography is the best option.

Tools: Tools photography includes a vast range of products. Tools like screwdrivers, hacksaws, and hammers are used frequently in tools photography. Apart from these, there are so many other kinds of tools that frequently need to be photographed with 360-degree effect. This is mostly because of the dimensions of the tools that need to be shown to the customers.

As 360 degree photography allows us to check the product from all angles, this is necessary, specially for tools to understand if that would fit the need of the customer. Also, to check if all the parts are flawless. 360 degree photography gives the chance to have an in-depth idea of the product.

Tech and wearables: Tech products include so many different kinds of products, from smart watches photography to DSLR cameras. The look is one of the main priorities while buying these products. 360 degree photography is the best option to have the desired images that’ll attract the customers. Also, all the features will be visible with this effect. So why not?

Retail: Retail products are those that are concerned with reselling or exchanging somehow. Retail products are often sold in large amounts. As the buyers are going to have the products in large amounts, they obviously need the details of the product. Great composition and real-life look can make the images more accepting.

Cars: Luxurious products like cars require more exposure to the customers. Apart from knowing all the specs and features, what customers look for is the appearance, how the car will look while driving, if it is comfortable enough or if it goes with their taste.

360 degree photography can give answers to all of these questions. This can make the car live and give the idea about the look of it in real life. Even in real life, to have an overall look of big products like cars, one needs to move. But 360 photography gives the experience without moving a finger!

Furniture: Furniture is a big-sized product, and for which many don’t think about creating 360 degree photos for this. But in reality, furniture needs even more exposure to 360 degree photography because of its size and dimensions that it has.

It’s really difficult to understand the size, shape, and texture of the furniture without looking at 360 degree images. 360 images also show how it might look in your space. To make the customer buy your product, you need to convince them with your images and show them the full picture of the product.

Food: Food photography is one of the most creative fields of product photography. Be it packaged food or cooked food, the world of food photography is quite big. 360 photography can be useful for all kinds depending on the purpose and necessity. The more appealing the photography, the more chance of selling the food.

Decorating the food and making it appealing is the essential job of selling food products. And photography plays the main role here. 360 images make the food look real and increase the appeal. And this visual experience creates a craving for the product, and obviously, the final outcome is more & more sales!

Shoes: Shoes are a huge part of the fashion industry. So, being part of fashion it’s not just about style; rather, it’s also about things like comfort, looks, trends, and many more. Because of the growth of the fashion industry, everyday new design trends are coming to impress customers.

What 360 degree images do for shoe photography is that it gives a real-life feeling of the product. Customers get a sense of how it might look on them. This is the experience that one can have by going to the store. But with 360 degree photography, this experience comes real even from home.

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360 Product Photography – Where to Get the Service?

360 product photography requires specific equipment and skill. It’s not possible to do this job from just anywhere. So you need experts to create 360-degree product photos. They know exactly what to do and take care of the process, from preparing the product to post-processing. They’ll do all the technical work regarding the image.

Top Rated 360 Product Photography Studio To Hire

There are many studios that provide 360 degree product photography services. Here, we’re going to introduce you to some of the best 360 product photography studios that have services across countries. They’ve proved their expertise in the field and the quality of work is top-notch. Check out the studios and decide which one to try –

1. Photo Spherix

360 Degree product photography - Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Photo Spherix started its journey in 1995, and since then, they’re working actively for its clients. Their consistency doesn’t only mean keeping the quality but also getting better every day with what they do. They create 360-degree images for all sizes of products – from contact lenses to cars. And for bulk images, they significantly reduce the price.

Photo Spherix provides 24, 48, and 72 frames per row, and you can take any of these options. And then they have the ‘Beyond’ option, which includes all the extras you might need for your project. By following an easy 3-steps process, you can start working with them. Their after-sale service is also amazing enough to stick with them.

2. Pro Photo Studio

360 Degree product photography - Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

In 2015, Pro Photo Studio started its journey in NYC, and within 2 years, it spread its services to all 50 states and out of the country. They have a well-equipped studio along with experienced hands to create unique images every time for you. You’ll get to know about the quality of work from the portfolio.

Pro Photo Studio has many photography services along with 360 photoshoots. You can have both 360 product photography and 360 spin videos. They believe in partnership with the customer to produce customized images based on the clients’ needs. All the terms and conditions will be cleared while taking an order to avoid any misunderstanding on any part.

3. Precision Studios

360 Degree product photography - Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Precision Studios is a LA-based studio that has services from ghost mannequin to 360 degree photography to video production. They’re experts in commercial photography. You can expect perfection in the field of lighting, color accuracy, and product presentation, as these are their specialties.

Precision Studios deal with all kinds of customers and with all kinds of products. They claim that they know what sells, so you’ll have another less thing to worry about. And the most impressive attitude is that they won’t ask for a penny if you’re not satisfied with the images.

4. Freshpack Photo

360 Degree product photography - Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

With over 30 years of experience, Freshpack Studio is a leading UK-based product photography studio with expertise in commercial photography and video making. The reason they have survived with a reputation for this long is that they do not just take monotonous photos every day; rather, they implement their own creativity and create unique images for the customers.

While visiting their website for 360 degree product photography, you will also get an idea of 360 photography. They’ve written all the details there in case you’re new to this field. Their knowledge and research on what they are doing and how they should do it have made their work far more impressive.

5. Motion Crave

360 Degree product photography - Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Motion Crave is specialized in 360-degree product photography, 360-degree spins, and 3D product photography. Depending on the requirements, they have specified services for different e-commerce sites. They provide 360-degree product photography services for all sorts of products, from footwear to home decor. They also have interactive image services.

The most amazing thing about Motion Crave is, along with in-studio shooting, they also have on-site shooting. That means if you have issues with shipping the products or you have too many products to ship, you can ask them to come with their fully-equipped unit to reach your location for shooting.

6. Damion Lloyd

360 Degree product photography - Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Damion Lioyd’s product photography services range from table lay photography to 360-degree product photography. Their services are available all over the US. They have an amazing team which alone can convince you to work with them. But to be sure, check out the clients they’ve already served.

Damion Lloyd can create rotating product photography for just anything. They have a variety of services, including 360 photography. Their rich experiences and convenient working process give the comfort you might expect from a photography service provider. Their minimum project price is $800, and they have a reasonable price range for all the services they provide.

Where to Outsource 360 Product Photo Editing Service?

360 Degree product photography - Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

As you already know, 360 degree product photography requires specific skills. You can learn 360 degree product photography and can have software to create amazing images. But when you have bulk images, it’s not possible to edit all the images by yourself. Also, it takes time and practice to be an expert in creating 360 degree photography.

There are many photo editing services available online that will be there to edit your photos. One of the most professional 360 degree photo editing service provider is Clipping Path Studio. They have the latest technology and software that is necessary to create stunning 360 degree images. They are always ready to deliver top-notch work whenever you demand.

The main strength of Clipping Path Studio is the expert and professional workforce. They have a well-trained team who have gained the skill of 360 degree photo editing over the years. They are devoted and enthusiastic about what they do. Their love for images made them different from the rest out there.


What are the types of 360 product photography?

There are 3 types of 360 product photography :

– Single row
– Multi row
– Dual Axis

A single row image is the one where there is only one row of images. The multi row includes 3 or 4 rows containing 12 to 18 images per row. And Dual Axis has a horizontal and vertical rotation of the product.

How much does 360 product photography Cost?

It depends on the product, delivery time, extra editing, and some other factors. In general, it costs around $15 per image. Again, it might change depending on the product and even on the studio too.

How many individual image frames should you have in your 360s?

You can have 24, 36 or 72 image frames in one 360 degree image. The higher the frame number, the smoother the rotation. Because there will be less gap or delay in the rotation process.

What is the difference between a 3D and a 360 image?

3D image is exactly what it says, 3 dimensional, and 360 image is 2 dimensional. You can check 3D images from different perspectives, which is not possible in 360 degree images. A 360 degree image is just a collection of many 2 dimensional images.

When should my products be shot in a 360° view?

This actually depends on your needs. We’ve mentioned some criteria on who should use it. Apart from that, if you feel you’re not able to connect to the customers to a deeper level, or you want to boost your sales, you should definitely go for the 360 degree product photography.

Final Verdict

360 product photography is not just an effect; it is something that can have a huge impact on your product photography and e-commerce images. This has the capability to take your business to the next level within a short span of time and create brand value for you. So why not introduce yourself to this modern style of photography?

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