The 12 Best Amazon Product Photography Service for Sellers(Your Ultimate Solution)

Planning to sell on Amazon? Ensure your clients are completely aware of your products. If you don’t have ample scope to do everything, partner up with the one who has.

As a businessman and would-be seller of Amazon, product photography is one of the causes of your grave concern. The thought of showing your product at its best never leaves your mind. Also, it should manifest a general overview of what it looks like and how the customers will be benefitted.

Amazon product photography service providers ensure these facts skillfully. They are the people or an agency consisting of people who are perceptive enough to understand Amazon’s requirements, the desire of millions of global customers, and efficient application of those attributes in the photograph so that it favorably influences your selling purpose.

How is Amazon product photography different from others and what should be your tactics to reach your target. Let us walk you through it.

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What is Amazon Product Photography?

Product photography is one of the modern yet operative techniques for converting potential clients into actual shoppers. Online-based businesses and e-commerce sectors mostly lean on posting high-quality photographs. It is considered an essential step which the majority of their potential clients will understand.

What is Amazon Product Photography

Here we are talking about Amazon. There is no room for avoiding this crucial part if you plan to take orders from international clients. Thus, Amazon has designed a set of image requirements that every seller is to obey. The company’s product photography is slightly different from average product photography.

Why is Product Photography so Important on Amazon?

Let’s answer this psychologically. We, humans, love visualization both consciously and subconsciously, and this persists in our cognition. A study shows that people remember 80% of what they see. It implies that when we see any image directly in front of us, we tend to concentrate on that. 

Images help us realize a lot more than we think. As a businessman, like others, you have to utilize this scope really well. If you make your images way better captivating, chances are you are a step ahead at winning the race. 

Why is Product Photography so Important on Amazon

Amazon, the company that believes in ensuring clients service all over the world. When it comes to their product photography, it is not something you can rule out. Amazon has its own specific set of rules which all the sellers have to follow. 

Do not forget that your buyers are the clients who will order your products from anywhere in the world even without seeing those directly. Your images are the first thing that will drive them so vehemently to pay for the products. 

There are some other perks of product photography for Amazon, for example– 

  • A Quality Product has Quality Images 

When you post good images of your products, it means you care for both your product and up for serving your customers with the best. On the other hand, your customers believe that your good images are proof that your products are good as well. It’s like a win-win situation for both ends. 

  • Photos Create a Brand for Products

Generally good photos do more. When you are posting top-quality images of your product in Amazon, your customers will recognize you as a brand with professionalism, creativity, responsibility, and diversity. 

  • Good Product Photos Increase the Conversion Rate
Increase the Conversion Rate

Having a busy schedule is getting people shopped online. They shop the product after only viewing images that are uploaded by the sellers. As they don’t have any choice but to believe in the images, so they judge a product by the image quality. 

When you upload quality photos of your product, it entices your prospective purchasers and converts them to become buyers. 

Online or offline, whatever your marketing purpose is, as an eager seller of Amazon, you have to take advantage of it by showing premium quality images on Amazon. Bring your best images to the table and get the most out of it. 

Why Should You Hire an Amazon Product Photographer to Shoot Your Listing Images?

Amazon product photographers specialize in taking promotional photos for amazon. They prioritize the company’s requirements that are directed to product photography.

Being acutely aware of Amazon, such photographers are eligible enough to provide professional ecommerce photography services. However, there are plenty other vital reasons for relying on such a product photographer.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the rationals of hiring Amazon product photographers for shooting.

They are Professional

professional photographer

The very first reason is their being professionals. You can get top-quality images that integrate better to clients’ demands given that you have a pro-photographer in your arsenal. So, why would you hold back your better chance of succeeding on Amazon?

Has skills and Experiences

They have ample experience. Most of the tactics of product photography are at their fingertips. Moreover, years of experience have structured them to gain adequate expertise to fulfill clients’ needs in this field. Once they pick up their camera, you know a better output is on its way.

Delivers Premium Quality Images

As they are professionals and are operating in this industry for a couple of years, they have scrutinized all the gears of photography and have the top-end pieces of equipment in their armory. They know which spot to hit and they set their adjustments up accordingly.

Nothing Impedes Professionalism

Let’s say it’s a rainy day. Dump environment and gloomy weather.

If your service provider is skilled and experienced, he/it knows exactly what light-set up is required, how to get the work done. In a nutshell, he/it runs the show without letting any trouble act up.

Maintains Consistent Photographs

Those who work in product photography for Amazon, generally maintain consistency. They sincerely care for clients’ demands. That is why they pay heed to their own activity, reputation, and adopt the newest creativity to the fullest. They ensure their clients get their best shot from their hands and get the results they are asking for.

So, you can rest assured they will work just fine.

Long-term Investment

Assigning an Amazon photographer is not just a short term expense. Consider the surroundings of marketing purpose as well. Apart from getting the target fulfilled as long as those images are displayed, you can use those images for other purposes like campaigns on social media, websites, or offers or other promotions. Eventually, it is your long-term investment, isn’t it?

Hence, Amazon sellers who intend to propagate their business globally are highly suggested to hire such specified photographers for listing their images on Amazon.

12 Best Amazon Product Photography Service Reviews

1. Product Photography

Product Photography has been serving clients from small startups to Fortune 500 for more than a decade. With an established and well-equipped in-house studio in Las Vegas, the agency is operating by serving the best quality product photograph for Amazon. 

Sellers who wish to list their products on Amazon just have to ship their sample products to them. A team of proficient experts will start working upon receiving the product right away. Regardless of your purposes, the agency delivers multiple sizes of images intending for vast uses like web or high-quality prints. 

How it works- 

Step 1: Fill out the necessary data to order. 

Step 2: Ship your product. 

Step 3:  Complete the payment procedure. 

Step 4: Download your images from their private online gallery at any time.  


Product Photography has its own package for Amazon. Their pricing varies depending on the service you are going to take. 

2. Thrive Product Studio

Thrive Product Studio provides professional and affordable product photography services for Amazon. They ensure high-resolution product images within a quick turnaround time. 

The agency is more than happy to assist clients with its services and quality work. Even they allow a free image photographed and edited for free to potential clients. 

How it Works-  

Step 1: Place your order 

Step 2: Ship your item 

Step 3: Your items are photographed 

Step 4: Download images 

Step 5: Get your product back 


Thrive Product Studio has unique pricing for its unmatched services. 

3. Products on White Photography

The 12 Best Amazon Product Photography Service for Sellers(Your Ultimate Solution)

Products on White Photography started their activities in Chicago. A team of 7 experts has made the complicated job of creating high-profiled images look really awesome. The agency goes beyond taking simple photos and does its best to take clients’ listings to the next level and win the competition on Amazon. 

How it works- 

Step 1: Order online

Step 2: Email directions

Step 3: Ship your items

Step 4: Working begins 

Step 5: Review and photo approval 

Step 6: Get your items returned 


Depending on the total number of photos and upgradation, prices vary. 

4. Seller Photo 

The 12 Best Amazon Product Photography Service for Sellers(Your Ultimate Solution)

Seller photo is a professional product photography service provider and offers quality images that are second to none and shows creativity in designs. It serves global clients from the photography studio located in the USA. 

How it Works- 

Step 1: Choose your convenient package. 

Step 2: Send your product. 

Step 3: Function initiates. 

Step 4: Download your images. 


The agency has 3 exclusive customized photo packages. Those are- Basic, Standard, and Pro. Basic and standard packages do not include lifestyle images but the pro package does. Find the one suitable to fulfill your needs.

5. Coconut Product Photography

Coconut Product Photography has extended its product photography activities to entrepreneurs and businesses from short to large. With a well-equipped studio in Washington, it has gained trustworthiness among clients in both the US as well as other countries. 

The agency strongly believes in the quality of the service and by offering flexibility in communication and price, it ensures incomparable services in this industry. 

How it Works- 

Step 1: Contact them. 

Step 2: Order what you need. 

Step 3: Send your items. 

Step 4: Photograph starts. 

Step 5: Review and download. 

Step 6: Get your product back. 


The agency offers flat-rate pricing models for all of their product photography services. 

6. Results Imagery

Result Imagery is on the list with its product photography skills. The agency’s skills are renowned among clients who took services for online business. However, not only just for social media or online business, it works for sellers of e-commerce sites like Amazon. 

With enthusiastic activity, it helps companies grow and extend their brands and business and work as an extension of those companies. 

How it Works- 

Step 1: Order 

Step 2: Ship your product

Step 3: Photoshoot begins 

Step 4: Approve your photo and download


To get pricing, you have to register first. 

7. Kenji ROI 

Kenji Roi

With an established photo studio located in Canada, Kenji ROI aims to be the trusted long-term partner, and with this intention, offers premier product photography services for Amazon. 

The agency is well informed of Amazon’s TOS & product photography guidelines and thus serves clients with infographics, lifestyle, and white background studio images intended for Amazon. 

How it Works- 

After completing extensive intake forms, onboarding calls, and approvals, it starts working on the product that is shipped by the clients. By conducting proper research, a team of professionals starts processing all the crucial information that will appropriately work on the product. Then they take photographs. 

The agency allows clients to review the photo for feedback. After making further adjustments, those photos are ready to deliver as per clients’ requirements. 


Kenji Roi has 3 types of photo packages from which clients can select the one which they need. 

8. Pro Photo Studio

Pro Photo Studio started its business in NYC. Aiming to nurture client-relationship and having professionalism mingled with action, it has spread functioning across other states in the USA. At present, the agency is dealing with clients from other countries as well. 

Intending to deliver excellent images, the agency has procured all the required expertise and tools that will assist customers in getting top-quality photos. Also, it has worked with both local and global brands. 

How it Works-  

Before sealing the deal, it makes a concise agreement containing terms and conditions. Once everything is finalized, it begins the project work without delay. 


Pro Photo Studio has a transparent pricing calculator for the sellers to get accurate results. 

9. Product Photo

Product Photo provides professional product photoshoot services for Amazon. 

With a well-furnished studio setup and essential tools, it offers excellent photography and amazon photo editing services at competitive rates. To ensure top-quality client service consistently, it has combined experience and passion in its team of post-production photography

How it Works- 

Step 1: Place your order 

Step 2: Ship your product

Step 3: Product is photographed and uploaded

Step 4: Payment Completion 


Product Photo’s pricing list is calculated based on the total number of images of the product you require. Moreover, you are allowed to pay after you approve of your product images. 

10. Jungle Scout Market

Jungle Scout Market is a leading platform that provides information riched services including photography for Amazon. So that the sellers can outshine in doing their business. 

Photographers of this site are well-versed in what Amazon says about its images and are well equipped with gadgets to function right. 

How it Works- 

Step 1: Sign up first. 

Step 2: Search for product photographers. 

Step 3: Whom you find reliable, check his profile. 

Step 4: Contact with him/her. 


This marketplace has a pricing policy with a money-back guarantee. 

11. Upwork 

The 12 Best Amazon Product Photography Service for Sellers(Your Ultimate Solution)

Upwork is one of the best market places where you can find plenty of creative works in product photography. This place has assembled a lot of professional experts who have vast knowledge and work on product photography. They are enthusiastic and passionate to work and assist those who are looking for product photography services. 

However, prior to stepping ahead, make sure to check their portfolio and samples properly regardless of whom you talk to. Check if candidates’ working styles match your criteria. Then go for further procedure. 

How it Works- 

Step 1: Sign up to be a client. 

Step 2: Post your offer/job. 

Step 3: Get proposals and review those. 

Step 4: Take the interview. 

Step 5: Hire your photographer. 


Depending on service, experience, pricing may vary. Nonetheless, it is easier to find an Amazon product photographer who will work within your budget.

12. Fiverr

Apart from the agencies, you can seek help on marketplaces as well. For Example- 

Amidst the variation in marketplaces, Fiverr has cast its net more widely letting the sellers and freelancers communicate with one another more freely. 

A variety of product photographers are offering their expertise to businesses and sellers for Amazon listing.  You can hire any amazon photographer of your budget from there. 

How it Works- 

Step 1: Sign up to register 

Step 2: Search for the services you plan to receive. 

Step 3: Once you find a suitable gig, check his works. 

Step 4: Choose the package best fits your requirements. 

Step 5: Contact the seller. 


Pricing structure varies depending on how long they are in this field and what is that you need. 

Considerations for Choosing the Best Amazon Product Photography Service

A lot of photographers or agencies are out there providing product photography services for Amazon in the market. However, not all of them are suitable to fulfill your requirements. Your product is a distinguished one, so it needs a particular yet spectacular type of photograph to grab potential buyer’s attention at first sight. 

Your entrusted photographer or service provider has to catch that difference and make it obvious through his/its work, in addition to following Amazon product image requirements. To determine with whom you should work, choose your partner under the following criteria.

How long are they serving for? 

Ensure you are choosing an experienced photographer or product photography service provider who demonstrates distinctive style in work rather than just following the herd  is well-aware of Amazon product photography.

Maintains Professionalism

Whatever your work order may require, your photographer or service provider for product photography has to handle those efficiently and professionally along with maintaining such posture while working as well. Selecting someone who does not do so may ruin your bigger picture. 

Take a look at the Portfolio

Take a look at the Portfolio

The photographer or the service provider, who is experienced and serving in this industry for a long time, indeed has his/its own version of demonstrating creativity. You can find those samples in their portfolios on social media or websites where they have their own profile created. 

Check those portfolios; you will have a general answer whether his/its work is compatible with your demands or not.  

Are the services qualified enough for Amazon? 

Quality images are a big factor for Amazon. If the service provider is not capable of creating qualified images, it won’t work. 

While checking portfolios or profiles of product photography service providers, examine this factor. For further confirmation, you can test out their ‘Free-trial’ options where you get first hand proof. 

Their work is going to make the difference between make your sale or break your sale. So, be specific!

Check out Their Customer Reviews 

clients reviews

Do not forget to check reviews. Clients reviews and testimonials are other forms of evaluating service providers’ work and knowing your expectations. If the services you are going to receive are up to scratch or not, should you hand them off; all of these will be answered through reviews or testimonials. 

Consider Field of Expertise 

Think this from a commercial point of view. Will you go after someone whose work won’t benefit you? Frankly speaking, you pay your product photo service providers for their expertise. 

Field of expertise proves how committed one is towards his/its line of work to go above the average. Choose people who have expertise in product photography and are ambitious enough to make the most of it. 

Your Budget Allocation 

Professional services cost a bit more than the average services. However, depending on some factors, the cost may be subsidized. Yet, you have to allocate the budget by maintaining such a form so that you can afford a professional service provider. For Amazon, mediocre, or no experienced service provider is like a risk factor. 

Are They Responsive to Clients? 

Providing staunch client service is an important characteristic of a reliable service provider regardless of industry. 

A product photo service provider/ photographer will follow this through. He/it does not only ensure the best service but also the best business etiquette. For example, you will be properly informed and notified of their workload capacity, how fast they can deliver etc. 

They won’t leave you in the dark. You get a transparent idea of exactly what you are looking for. 


How do you take professional photos on Amazon?

Rather than depending on amateurs or doing it yourself, hiring a professional would be a better and risk-free solution if you don’t want to ruin your images in an amateur hour.

Why Do I Need Professional Amazon Photographers to Shoot Product Photos?

Being a specified professional product photographer, such service providers have the best skill sets, pieces of equipment, and strategy. It is logical to entrust the task to someone who knows how to bring success to you.

Are these Photography studios able to meet my specific needs?

A lot of clients from different parts of the world are taking these studios/agencies services we mentioned earlier. They are reliable and work proficiently when it comes to Amazon product photography. You don’t have to worry and yes, you can hope to have your specific requirements fulfilled.

How would you create the best product images for Amazon?

High-quality images play a significant role when it comes to e-commerce sectors like Amazon. That is why to get quality images fit for Amazon, you need to follow these 2 steps.

1. Qualified photographer/ photo agency- who will take images following Amazon’s requirements in your stead. 

2.  Clipping path company – who will do the magic work. 

Are specific pictures required for every Amazon item?

Depending on products, image requirements won’t vary but the photography style would. Amazon prioritizes 2 types of images, those are- 

1. Main/ Hero image
2. Additional Image. 

No matter which product you have, make sure that the requirements of the main image and the additional image have been followed.

How much should Amazon product photography cost?

Professional agencies/ photographers usually charge their service for Amazon photography based on the services and number of images you are going to take for your product.

Final Verdict 

Hope this discussion has helped you end your confusion and find a plausible solution to your concern. With proper research and adequate knowledge, you can find your photography partner very soon. Happy working! 

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