How to Increase Sales on Poshmark? Effective Ways to Make More Money.

How to Increase Sales on Poshmark? Effective Ways to Make More Money.

Poshmark is the largest social marketplace where sellers  do business with their new and pre-owned products. At present, it is based only in the US, with 80 million users, of which 8 million are sellers! Really competitive, isn’t it?  

So, how can you get more likes, followers, and buyers and boost sales on Poshmark? Like any selling platform, your journey in Poshmark can change if you apply some tips to your strategy. 

On that note, this article includes 20 effective tips to help you sell more on Poshmark. Let’s get started. 

Why Sell on Poshmark? 

Why Sell on Poshmark

Poshmark has become a platform for eager sellers to make money by offering branded and essential products that always have special clientele. However, to succeed in doing that, another platform might have a lot of rules to follow, but Poshmark has made it easier for sellers. 

Here are why getting your stuff to sell on Poshmark is beneficial. 

  • Free Product Listings: Product listings at Poshmark is free of cost. Sellers can list an unlimited number of products. 
  • Promotion-Rich Features: With options like discounts on purchases and shipping, clearing out deals, and negotiating prices, sellers can sell more on Poshmark. 
  • Fast and Easy Process: Business in Poshmark is simple. By installing the Poshmark app, sellers can easily and quickly handle the workflow. 
  • Streamline the Selling Process: Upon selling, you receive a shipping label through the mail. Just print and attach it to the selling items. 
  • Hassle-Free Return: Poshmark moderators have minimized the returning process, where the buyers have to demonstrate the reason for the return. 
  • Adjustment of Tax: From the seller’s sales, Poshmark charges and pays the sales tax, making the process easier. 

Experts Suggestions: How to Increase Poshmark Sales? 

To help you successfully sell on Poshmark, we have accumulated all the tips and summarized those into these 20 tips suggested by experts. 

There are a number of reasons why products don’t get sold. If you have or haven’t found your reason, make a checklist of the following tips. These suggestions are sure to come in handy.  

Tip 1: Follow Poshmark’s Guidelines & Seller Fee 

Poshmark’s Guidelines & Seller Fee

Like any other marketplace, Poshmark has a community guideline for the sellers, which will make you credible to Poshmark, leading many potential buyers to your listings. Make sure you understand what the platforms allow you to sell and what not. 

Note: Ensure to check the prohibited products on Poshmark as well. 

Also, a wise move is to keep an eye on the seller fees. Poshmark doesn’t charge for listings but for selling. Here are the charge Poshmark charges for sellers: 

Pushmark seller policy
  • Sales < $15:  flat fee of $2.95
  • Sales > $15: the fee is 20% 

Tip 2: Find & Cater Product-Specific Clients

Identifying the right target audience among the vast demographic is indeed challenging. Therefore, to find them, answer the following questions. 

  • Who are the buyers of my products? 
  • What’s their lifestyle like? 
  • How styles are they fond of? 
  • How often do they buy this product (from others)?  

By accumulating these answers, you are likely to figure out your buyer persona, their interests, and other factors that matter. 

When you reach them, make sure you are catering to their needs. For example, if you are selling baby clothes, your target audiences are baby’s parents. You can send them offers or messages in the daytime, not bothering them during the night. 

Tip 3: List Things That Sell

List Things That Sell

Many new sellers have a tendency to list whatever they get. They may think something will be sold eventually. But that’s not the fact. Such disorganization gives off a wrong vibe to the potential buyers. 

To be successful in increasing Poshmark sales, you have to do your math and find out what products are selling most on Poshmark. Plan what you want to sell and try sticking to the niches. 

Note: For multiple listings, you can automate the process to save time; for that, check out the Poshmark Automation Guide.

An important factor to remember is that, as many products in Poshmark are pre-owned/second-hand, buyers might be skeptical while buying them. So no matter what product you choose, ensure you are truthful and clear on your deal. 

Tip 4: Have a Good Name for Your Closet  

Naming your closet is no less than naming your business. The name will work as a brand for you. So, make sure to give it a good thought. While choosing a name, consider the following factors: 

  • The name is simple and pronounceable. 
  • It is easily rememberable and unique. 
  • It doesn’t sound like an imposter of renowned brands. 

Note: Poshmark allows you to change the closet name without any difficulty. To change it, go to Account Settings, then click Account Info, then Change Username.

Tip 5: Write Concise Product Details 

Write Concise Product Details

People skim through any long text. Hence, you can avoid making too descriptive product descriptions. Rather make a short and clear description to the point with the necessary keywords. 

Place your keywords on the title and on product descriptions without over-optimizing. This is an SEO practice that will help your products pop up not only when people search products with keywords but even in Google search. 

Tip 6: Make the Best Display with Product Listings 

Product Listings 

Listings that have information gap or aren’t understandable doesn’t sell. This might frustrate buyers and make them switch you. Or even if they ask you for product pictures, you have to send them one by one, killing some of your precious time. 

Note: With Poshmark, users can do a bulk listing of their products, saving ample time.

So, visit your closet frequently and ensure the listings have been done properly. Publish as many details as possible such as product type, size chart, product colors, and designs as well; this will help remove any confusion buyers might have.  

Also, relisting makes your listing ranks top, so do relist. You may figure out if there are any missing parts or information gaps in the listing exist. 

Tip 7: Use Keywords and a Style Guide 

The words or phrases searchers use to find a product is called keywords. When they don’t know the product’s name, they might use words that are related to the product. Here your job is to include appropriate keywords while listing your products. If possible, include information like these: 

  • Materials: Cotton, Linen 
  • Trends: Off-shoulder, Full-sleeve 
  • Style Guide: Bohemian, Check, etc.  

Including these will help your product to display fast and first whenever anyone uses the relevant keywords. 

Note: Poshmark doesn’t allow long descriptions. So, you can use any relevant keywords in the product description part as well.

Tip 8: Publish Quality Pictures 

Images are one of the second-to-none options for sellers of any platform. Statistic says 75% of online shoppers rely on product photos to decide to buy. That means one of the tactics to convince, convert and increase Poshmark sales is to use high-quality images. While taking product photos, ensure the following: 

  • The products in question have good backdrops, photography lighting, and necessary props to make the image eye catchy. 
  • While shooting, try different camera settings to find out the best look. If you are using phone cameras, go with square (1:1) photos. 
  • Use filters to a minimal level so that it doesn’t hinder the color or appeal of the products. 

Note: For any uncertain causes, you can always outsource photo editing services to ensure quality photos.

Tip 9: Price Your Product   

This might be the top confusion for any seller. What should be the exact price of a product where it will get sold with a satisfactory profit? Neither high nor low in price? 

To compare and determine the pricing for your product, take a tour of the Poshmark and find out your competitors’ selling prices, sold product listings, and what your target audiences are willing to pay. Also, consider the adjusted fees by Poshmark that are applicable to sales. You can automate the whole process by using the Poshmark Fee Calculator

Poshmark Fee Calculator

To sell products in Poshmark, sellers can choose to price competitively and decline to give and receive offers or inflate the price and give and receive offers. Then, you can come up with a price that will provide value for the money to the buyers and make a sale for you. 

Note: You can see which products have been sold through Buy Now, Bundle Offer, Bundle Buy Offer, etc. To check that, go to My Seller Tools and then My Closet Insights. 

Tip 10: Have Offers and Discounts 

Have Offers and Discounts 

Who doesn’t love to get some gifts? Discounts and offers are the kind of gifts you are allowing your potential buyers at a nominal price. The impact is not only your products get sold but also you allow more interaction inside your closet. 

For example, you can offer a bundle discount for 2 products at a cut price. Now interested buyers will shuffle through your closets. Some might not buy, but all of them are aware of you and will look up to you from here onwards. 

Note: You can use the Posh Bundle to engage with others and increase Poshmark sales. 

Tip 11: Keep the Notifications On  

Keep the Notifications On  

Communication is the key to success in business. Your presence and activeness matter when there rises a space for communication. You have to take action instantly. Otherwise, you might lose a potential buyer. 

Therefore, make sure to keep your notifications button always ON. So that you are getting every question anyone asks when you receive new likers and followers and replying to them ASAP.  

Tip 12: Be Socially Connected  

As mentioned earlier, being a social platform, Poshmark allows a lot of features to connect you with others. Involving in those will immensely benefit you, one of which is to boost Poshmark sales. Here are what you can do in Poshmark: 

  • Meet your posher: Seller accounts can share their story with ‘Meet Your Posher’ to impress the buyers. 
  • Share customers’ actions: You can share what a buyer bought from your closet, share reviews, and reward the prior buyers to purchase again. 
  • Follow people: Choose people to follow and follow back who follow you to increase the number of followers. 
  • Share products with followers: There are many interested buyers who will follow you. You can keep them informed about your closet by sharing the products. 
  • Be a friend: At Poshmark, you can share other closets as well. This way, you can be connected with other sellers and make them share your closets as well. 

Tip 13: Join Posh Parties & Posh Groups 

Join Posh Parties & Posh Groups 

Posh parties are the online programs on Poshmark that occur in real-time. Poshmark allows 4 parties every day, based on different themes. The party invitations to join are shared through the news.  

Note: Check out your News Section continuously to check for new invitations. 

By joining these parties, you can meet and engage with new people, share your products, and open doors for your selling in Poshmark to increase. 

Poshmark also has share group options along with Facebook groups, in which users can share their closets. Every group has its regulations, and you can enter them by following them. 

Note: To join a group, go to the search bar on Poshmark, and search for share group. Several suggestions will show up. You can create your own group too. 

Tip 14: Be Smart with Responses  

You may receive every type of message, comment, or response you have/ haven’t imagined. You have to be both fast and witty in responding to comments and feedback. Take some moment on how to manage that. For example, 

  • People who like: They are interested in you, send them an offer they can think about. 
  • Positive comments: They really love your effort, so communicate with them with enthusiasm. 
  • Negative comments: Are those worth wasting some of your precious time on? If not, ignore them. 
  • Lowball offers: Instead of saying NO, try negotiating. Who knows, you might be stimulating a potential buyer!  

Tip 15: Share and List Consistently 

As a social platform, Poshmark allows the chance to engage with more people by sharing products a couple of times a day. Take advantage of that, but be consistent in how you do it. Do the same for product listing. 

For example, you are listing 6 products and sharing 3 times, do that consistently every day. This helps Poshmark understand your closet, and you connect with more people, opening the door to more views and sales.  

Tip 16: Cut Down Shipping Fee 

A smart move for getting sales on Poshmark is reducing the shipping fee. When any buyers show interest by liking your products, you can send them an offer with a reduced shipping price. If you have multiple buyers, you can choose to extend that. 

Like many professional Poshmark sellers, you can add the shipping cost at the very last stage, which is on the final pricing. 

Note: Prepare your product ready to ship with protection as soft material, air pillows, papers, etc. 

Tip 17: Do Crosslisting for Multiple Marketplace 

If you are working on multiple marketplaces, focusing on all of them at the same time is difficult. This is why you can take advantage of cross-listing by using different software. It saves time and increases your presence at the same time. Also, you can import your listings in bulk from one marketplace to another. 

Note: Cross listings software offers different specific solutions. For example, some software offer photo editing solutions

Tip 18: Work on Cross-Posting on Different Marketplace 

Cross-posting is posting content on multiple platforms. When you are a seller, cross-posting can tremendously help you get more sales on Poshmark. By exposing your products in front of more people, you get the chance to engage with more of your target audience. 

Tip 19: Keep Your Inventory Prepared 

It is a wise decision to have an inventory system prepared; for that, you can use Google Sheets, Excel or notebooks, etc. You can get all the information of products in stock, sold out, and restocked in one place. Also, it will be easier for you to organize the products for sale. 

As part of your inventory, your products must also be prepared. As Poshmark allows selling preowned products, some products may not be in their best condition. If that’s the case for your products, do some makeup, for instance: 

  • Wash the product if it has specks of dirt or it stinks. 
  • Iron it if the product has creases. 
  • Change zippers or buttons if they are undone. 

There might be some irreparable spots, but you can still sell them. All you need to do is to describe clearly. Don’t hide any flaws that can’t be removed. 

Tip 20: Finish With an Encouraging Tone

A business journey doesn’t end only through making a sale. A business that cares for customers and has a strategy to go the extra mile tends to go further. Because customers love to get something beyond their money. 

So, to increase your sales on Poshmark, try having after-sale activities, for example: 

  • Go for caring packaging: Let your packages have a smart and personalized look. Use quality materials for tissue, ribbons, die-cut stickers, customized pins, etc. 
  • Have some good words: You can wish the theme well with a personalized card. 
  • Pack some gifts: If it doesn’t cost you much, you can send a tiny thank-you gift. 

Such actions work like magic among the buyers; they feel secure, valued, & prioritized, which convinces them to come back to you. 


How do beginners sell on Poshmark?  

Beginners can sell on Poshmark by creating an account, listing their products (with images, descriptions, and pricing), and following the tips for selling on Poshmark (mentioned above).

How much money can you earn from Poshmark?

A full-time Poshmark seller can make over $30,000 profit annually. 

What is the secret to selling on Poshmark?

A productive secret to selling on Poshmark is always to be engaging, active, and responsive.

Why am I not getting sales on Poshmark?

The reasons for not getting sales on Poshmark can be low-quality images, pricing issues, product listings isn’t informative enough or not being engaging, etc.

What are the fastest-selling products on Poshmark?

Clothing and accessories, skincare, and make-up products are some of the fast and best-selling products on Poshmark.

To Summarize, 

So, here goes our 20 tips to help you boost Poshmark sales. By applying these tips to your closet, you can expect to see some positive results and get people to buy your products. 

But please remember, every seller is unique s/he has a distinctive way of making sales. A tip or strategy that works for your peer might not get you the same results and vice versa.  

To make a sale on Poshmark, you must give it some time. Hopefully, you can wait and work with determination to see yourself successful. Till then, good luck!

8 Best Car Photo Editing Services That Dealers Use to Increase Sales

8 Best Car Photo Editing Services That Dealers Use to Increase Sales

If you look through a website with the intention of purchasing a car, what do you think you would see first? 

The car’s stunning appearance, without a doubt. 

In the commercial world, such as the automobile industry, photographs are the basic element for advertising cars. And photo editing is a necessity when it comes to making photographs provocative enough to drive the customers crazy. 

The purpose of this article is to inform readers about the benefits of photo editing and popular photo editing services that are mostly used in the automotive sector.

Let’s dive in.

Does Quality Photography Matter for Car Dealerships?

The process of buying products has undergone significant change over time. Previously, shoppers would physically inspect the cars in the stores and would go for test drives before making a choice. 

However, customers now prefer to look for cars online, such as on websites and social media platforms, and compare them with those from other dealers before visiting the stores physically in order to get a better idea of the market’s overall situation.  

In order to give customers the feeling of love at first sight when viewing the photos, it is crucial to use high-quality images along with other features that will make the photos unique and alluring compared to other dealers. Besides, high-quality car photographs-

  • build trust in the company or dealers
  • give the impression of greater quality
  • help bring in customers and increase sales
  • create a competitive advantage for the company

How Does Car Photo Editing Help the Automotive Industry? 

Brands, dealers, and photographers are a few of the various entities connected to the automotive industry. In order to thrive in this industry, they all, in some way, depend on photo editing.

Car Brands

Car brands are the fundamental elements of the automotive sector, and photo editing is related to their core. The perks of car photo editing for auto brands are listed below. 

Advertisement:  Stunning car photography serves as the sole medium for a car brand’s advertising and promotion when showcasing its lineup of vehicles. For that, they need to have flawless car photographs that are fascinating enough to persuade the customers to buy them. 

Besides, they must include their brand logo, showroom address, and other information in the advertisement. Photo editing is, therefore, a fundamental requirement for marketing purposes.

Building Brand Value: Each brand has a distinctive photographic aesthetic that sets them apart from the competition. Additionally, the unique and creative way you present your cars will help to build the value of your brand.

Hence, photo editing is essential for producing images that will help your brand stand out in order to develop your brand’s image and make it more well-known to customers. 

Boost Sales: The more appealing your car photos are, the more sales they will produce since the quality of the automotive photos has a big impact on sales. 

It is photo editing that transforms your ordinary car photos into extraordinary ones that inspire customers to buy them and ultimately increase your sales. 

Car Photographers 

Car photographers are a significant part of the automotive industry because they are adept at capturing a car from a variety of angles to produce the best results. 

However, having good photography skills alone won’t be enough to create publishable photos for marketing or promotion because unedited images usually have problems with color, reflection, background, etc., that needs to be fixed through editing. 

Car photographers heavily rely on photo editing in order to present their work, demonstrate the authenticity of their expertise, work with different brands, dealers, and magazines, and even develop their own websites.  

For this, photographers usually depend on car photo editing services, though some of them prefer to do the editing themselves.

Automotive Dealers 

Automotive dealers nowadays have their own websites to sell new or used cars. For this, they need to use high-quality photographs of the cars no matter what condition they are in. 

Therefore, there is no better option than using photo editing to make an advertisement and promote their website in order to become more well-known and draw more visitors in order to increase their sales.

What Types of Car Photo Editing Services Do Dealers Utilize?

Here are the top 8 car photo editing services that car dealers most frequently need: 

1. Image Background Removal

The background is one of the crucial elements that can make or break the impression of the photograph. But a car, being larger in size, makes it challenging to take pictures in a studio or in a setting with a picturesque backdrop all the time. 

An image background removal service can remove the unsuitable background and replace it with a simple white background, which is considered most suitable for an eCommerce site or with your desired background. To improve the appearance of the scene, you can also choose to replace the sky or blur the background. 

2. Color Correction

The color of the product is the first thing consumers notice in a photograph before making a purchase, and this is no different for cars. However, regardless of the lighting situation, it is challenging to capture the true color of a car with a camera. 

Therefore, to enhance the color of the car, color correction photo editing services are frequently used. Along with bringing out the natural color, it’s essential to make the image appear vibrant and eye-catching enough to leave viewers in awe. 

To achieve this, precise color mapping is used, and manual adjustments are made to the features that affect the color variation, including brightness, hue, contrast, and saturation. 

Besides, if you wish to demonstrate color variety but all the variants are not available to shoot, you can customize the color of the car to your preference. In this case, you don’t have to worry about it looking fake or edited because professional editors can make the car look original with some neat editing.

3. Drop Shadow & Reflection

When it comes to product photography, the use of shadow is vital to creating a realistic appearance. Oftentimes, due to changes in the background, it becomes necessary to add a natural shadow to the photo or adjust the size of the shadow. The shadow creation service is extensively used to complete all of this work.

Reflection is equally as significant as having a shadow. Since the body of a car is shiny and has numerous glass windows, it is obvious that it will have reflections. However, due to a lack of proper lighting or to make the car look more captivating, the addition of reflections is demanded by the dealers.

4. Template Adding

Sometimes it is necessary to display banners, posters, brand logos, showroom names, or other information on car photographs for marketing or advertisement purposes, which is impossible to achieve in a raw photograph. 

In this situation, customers choose a template-adding service, where they give the service providers their desired templates or information that they want to include. Later, the editors then attach them to the photographs in a suitable or expert manner so as to effectively attract the customers’ attention.

5. Number Plate Edit

Since there are ways to discover personal information, such as your name, address, or phone number, the number plate is very sensitive information that shouldn’t be displayed in photographs.

For this reason, the huge demand from clients to add any text to the number plate, or remove or blur the number plate to keep the information private, makes it a popular car image editing service.

6. Car Photo Retouching

For marketing purposes, a flawless photo of the car is essential. However, a raw photograph doesn’t always turn out perfectly. 

As photographers need to shoot the car from different angles and distances, often unnecessary reflections and shadows fall on the car, which affects the overall impression of the car. 

Besides, the car may have scratches, spots, or dust particles, which, if visible, can have a negative impact on the impression of the car in the photograph. Therefore, photo retouching is the most commonly used automotive photo editing service to eliminate all these flaws.

7. Auto Parts Photo Editing

Customers often prefer to see close-up images of specific car components, such as the seats, gap between the seats, steering wheel, door handles, gear stick, clutch, gas & brake pedals, engine, mirror, tires, and so forth. 

Thus, auto parts photo editing services are frequently used to enhance the appeal of the auto parts to potential buyers by removing background distractions, glare, stains, or grains, adjusting the colors, and so on.

8. 360 Degree Car Photo Editing

360 Degree Car Photo Editing

Customers prefer to purchase luxury items like cars from showrooms where they can physically inspect them from all angles. However, people are more interested in online shopping these days, and purchasing a car is no exception.

In order to simulate the experience of seeing a product in-store, 360-degree photography are in great demand in the case of online marketing. 

The 360-degree car photo editing service gives you the option to change the background, blur the background, and create a virtual turntable photo to give a better view of the interior and exterior of a car in greater detail by combining multiple photographs taken from different perspectives. 

Where to Outsource Car Photo Editing Services?

Since a car is a shiny object, extra care must be taken when editing photos to remove or add backgrounds, reflections, shadows, etc. To produce the best work possible with a professional touch, choosing to outsource is a necessity.  

While there are numerous AI-based websites that enable photo editing with a single click, you might wonder whether it’s necessary to use a photo editing service

To let you know, those AI-based services can’t guarantee the precise outcome that you can get from a professional, which could eventually make your photos look unprofessional. 

Among the numerous service providers out there, Clipping Path Studio is one of the best photo editing company without a doubt because of its long-term experience, top-notch photoshop service, and reasonable price. 

Here are some of the best features that you might need to consider- 

Bulk amount: It’s quite challenging to maintain the quality of the photographs if the order comes in large quantities.  Since we are specialists in dealing with large quantities, we don’t find it difficult. Nevertheless, no matter how big your order is, maintaining quality is our top priority.

Product quality: We are aware of how important it is to preserve the quality of photographs for the eCommerce industry. Therefore, since we don’t skimp on product quality, we assure you the best quality from our end. 

150+ certified professionals: When it comes to editing product photographs for marketing purposes, it is essential to have the work done by a professional. Because a professional editor knows how to make the photographs attractive enough to lure customers. 

Our expert team consists of more than 150 certified professionals who are committed to giving you the best results possible because doing so will boost your sales and demonstrate the value of our service.

Quick turnaround: Maintaining quality with faster delivery is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Our company values your time. That’s why our highly motivated team of professionals works around the clock to ensure that your product is delivered on time and at a 63% faster rate

Our turnaround time for urgent orders can be anywhere between 6 and 24 hours. Yes! We indeed are that swift with our work.

Final Thoughts

When viewing products online, people are primarily focused on the visual appeal of the product. So, luxurious items like cars should definitely use automobile image editing to make the photographs of the cars more stunning and bring in more customers. And for that, seeking professional assistance would be a wise move.

We sincerely hope that our article was useful enough to give you all the information you might need for your automotive photography or business to flourish.

Amazon Photo Editing – Utilize & Drive More Sales

Amazon Photo Editing – Utilize & Drive More Sales

9.7 million sellers are on Amazon, and 1.9 million of them are active. Every day new sellers are joining, and the number will increase. 

High-quality photos are a must factor if you want to be an Amazon seller. For this, the easiest, fastest, and the most available solution is to have Amazon photo editing for product images. 

In this article, I’ll describe why you should hire a professional editor, the best 8 photo editing techniques that brings conversion, where you can find a reliable photo editor also what you should consider while hiring one. 

Want to know details about it? Stick with me. 

What is Amazon Photo Editing? 

It is called Amazon photo editing when product photos go through extensive photoshop work to fulfill Amazon product image requirements

As an e-commerce seller, you are already aware that every platform has its image-specific sets of rules to follow. However, it’s not always possible to hire the best Amazon product photography service or have a picture-perfect product photoshoot every time. 

Hence, the easiest solution is e-commerce image editing. Many people can edit the images by themselves. However, it’s safe to hire a professional Amazon photo editor

Why Should You Hire Amazon Photo Editor Online? 

Amazon Photo Editor Online

Statistics say Amazon has 300 million customers worldwide, and 95 million of them are Amazon Prime members. Amazon daily ships 16 million packages. 

The competition on Amazon is much higher than you imagine. To get online shoppers’ attention, you have to be completely prepared. 

The first step is to prepare your product images. They are the first ones to reveal your identity to the world. 

Do you want to keep up with people’s expectations as well as vie for the top? Are you doing the same thing your competitors are doing? 

While dealing in a commercial platform like Amazon, your images have to be of the best in look, quality, and appeal. Professionally edited images can do that in one go. 

Whether it’s for Amazon listing, Amazon prime, or any other ecommerce platform, you must pay heed to photography post-production for your product photos. 

Here’re some facts about why you should hire professional product photo editing for your amazon photos. 

  • It’s an Open Door to Industry-expert Photo Editors. 

Once, people thought that getting ecommerce image editing cost the earth. But due to the internet, we now know that it’s affordable and widely available. Moreover, instead of hiring a single expert for editing your product photos, you can hire a whole team with half of the cost. 

Such experts know the drill and create images that stimulate people’s senses and emotions as a result. And most importantly, these editors work for all types of companies; small to large, online stores to enterprise, booming businesses to the established store. So, no matter what type of business you have, you can get them to work for you. 

  • Amazon Photo Edit is a Risk-free Solution. 

When you hire professionals to do the job, you can keep the worries at bay. Once you give them the project details, they will do the job accordingly. Being completely aware of how amazon photos need to be done, they nail the task without any issues. 

They are safe to work with. Once they have finalized your project, they will send you the edited files through distinctive photo sharing ways, so there won’t be any receiver between your editor and you. It’ll stay secure & safe. 

  • Outsourcing this Service Saves Time & Cost. 

Online business is visual-based. For creating an Amazon product listing, you must have to have quality product images unless you want to fall behind. As an ecommerce seller, you will need high-quality images from time to time; sometimes, the requirement will be urgent and pretty high. 

Outsource photo editing for ecommerce is the fastest solution for such a situation. Experienced professionals offer Amazon photo editing. From them, you get stunning visuals for your products, and more importantly, they are affordable to hire, fast & responsive to offer solutions, and more efficient than an in-house post-production team. 

  • Product Photo Editing is Easy & Fast. 

Products differ in shape. And every product doesn’t get edited the same way. What works for clothing photography won’t work for shoe photography. That’s why editing time varies from product to product. 

Professional editors can handle a bulk amount of complicated product photos at a time. They get the job done fast with complete perfection. As your time is valuable, they help you save time. As a result, you get ample time to focus on your skill or grow your business. 

  • Get High-end Edited Photos that Convert Sales. 

Did you notice that top brands continuously post high-quality product photos for their ecommerce platform? Aside from that, if you look at their websites, it’s obvious that they pay high priority to their product images. They ensure that the viewers can get a clear and direct look at the product as they do in a physical store. 

Online shoppers communicate more with high-quality images, as such images contribute to fulfilling their demand for checking the product. Photo editing helps them get high-quality product photos for amazon that draw attention more than average, get conversion rate & sales increased. 

  • Professional Editors Ensure Continuity & Consistency.  

While dealing in a professional platform like Amazon, it’s a given that you have the same design, logo, vibe, and charm. More importantly, your product images are targeting the same clients as your competitors do. By having consistent photos, you can make sure you are on the right track in ecommerce. 

When you hire a professionalized Amazon photo editor, you get the job done with perfection. Professionals are capable enough to switch flexibility according to clients’ specific demands. They can retain the consistency of your brand and complete the job as you need it, even if they handle several clients at a time. 

Top 8  Amazon Photo Editing Techniques to Use for Product Images 

Every seller needs these 6 types of product images for Amazon– 

  1. Main/ Hero Image- The first product photo anyone sees. 
  2. Additional Images- Shows different angles, colors, etc. 
  3. Infographic Images- Elaborate on how to use the product. 
  4. Instructive Images- Userguide, instruction manual, warranty, etc. 
  5. Lifestyle Images- Shows how it looks while used in real life. 
  6. Comparison Chart- Describes why it’s better and how it helps. 

DIY photo editing isn’t a wise option as not all sellers know photoshoot works. Also, e-commerce editing is complicated. If you submit average/amateurish images to Amazon, your product listing may never show up, or you might never get the expected number of online visitors. 

Hence, it is wise to let professionals handle it by outsourcing photo editing for ecommerce. Such services include a wide range of photoshop works. You may not need all those, but following some distinctive ones can make the product images rise above the rest. 

Below here, I have listed the top 8 Amazon photo editing techniques that are viable. 

1. Cropping And Resizing 

Amazon Photo Editing - Utilize & Drive More Sales

Amazon allows an image size of 1280 pixels on the longest side. If that’s not followed, the images either will be shown in poor quality, or due to the incompleteness of images, the listing may not be shown. 

Nowadays, commercial photographers deliver large-sized raw files. Such files won’t be ready for publishing on ecommerce sites. So, you need resizing images without losing quality to fulfill your purpose. As you know, the correct image size accentuates the product. 

2. Background Removal 

Background Removal 

The 2nd factor that needs special attention is the product background. Amazon stated white background for product hero images. So, having another color background isn’t’ professional’ by any means. Except for the main image of your product, the rule isn’t as strict for additional lifestyle or infographic images. 

If your product images have been shot in different color product photography backdrops, you need to get the image background removed and replaced with the white one. And to be on the safe side, it’s always wise to hire the best photo editor for amazon

3. Shadow Creation

Shadow Creation

Shadow is one-of-a-kind work for commercials. The work is intense, the sight is subtle, but the impact is immense. By adding a product-relevant drop shadow, you can make your potential buyers believe your product within seconds! 

Realistic products do have a shadow. It helps bring out the natural look and vibe of products. If your photo shoot doesn’t include any, it may appear cartoon/fake online. Hence, you need to create a cast shadow artificially with available photography editing software

4. Color Correction and Color Grading 

Color Correction and Color Grading 

One of the must-have photo editing techniques. Many products don’t show up in the original color after the shot is taken. Or, when the images have been put to use on amazon, the color doesn’t appear right. What went wrong for that to happen? 

When you use the Amazon product photo editor, they know exactly how to make color correction so that you don’t face any trouble after uploading images. They bring out the accurate color, color variations, and product features as well. 

5. Product Photo Retouching 

Product Photo Retouching 

In an online based shopping system, buyers’ can’t touch the product. Product images are the only thing they rely on. So, you have to make your product shinier, and product photo retouching is the best way. It includes a wide range of services altogether. 

There are different types of retouching; if your product involves a human model, that image retouching will be different from the single product images. A slight touch of retouching can make or break a sale in ecommerce. Professional retouching can make the product appearance realistic and thus help reach close to the buyers. 

6. Flat Lay /Hanging Product Photo Editing  

Flat Lay Hanging Product Photo Editing  

A flat lay shot is simply to lay the product on a tabletop or on a horizontal place and then take a shot. Though any product can be shot in this way, some issues may occur later. For example, the product isn’t well lit all over, or the size or the color isn’t coming out correctly. 

In this case, photo editing for Amazon can assist you by eliminating all flaws. If the product is something tiny like jewelry, it will get shinier; if it’s something like clothing, the product will get the crease deleted and dirt removed. In short, you will get what you need for your product. 

7. Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect

 Invisible Ghost Mannequin

This is a powerful Photoshop technique. But the technique is specifically required for apparel products. With the ghost mannequin, a hollow effect is created for clothes. So that the attires will appear as if someone is wearing them, but the body/shape will remain invisible. 

Hiring a professional model costs a lot, and a mannequin’s body doesn’t match an average person’s body. For these reasons, the invisible mannequin has gained popularity as a cost-effective and fast photo editing solution. It allows viewers to see the product in detail, like the texture, shape, etc. 

8. 360 Product Photo Editing

360-degree photo editing is a diversified way of showing products. It alone does the job of several images. It saves time for potential buyers from scrolling. Study shows that by adding to the product detail page, 360-degree photography increases conversion rates by 22%. 

Surprisingly, this technique goes well with every product. Expert photo editors merge a couple of shots in photoshop, and there you have it- the 360 degree product photography image ready to call for attention.  

Where Do You Get Photo Editing Service for Amazon?

If you are looking for ecommerce image editing services for Amazon, We, Clipping Path Studio (CPS), are your finest option. 

Who Are We? 

CPS is an industry-leading photography post-production service provider. We have been offering services to professional photographers, e-commerce sellers, online store owners, studio directors, and many other professionals for many years. 

What’s Our Strength? 

Our working methods, ethics, and policy are the reasons that set us apart from the traditional agencies providing similar services. Because we 

  • Have been working for more than 10 years in this industry 
  • Are backed up by a team of 150+ dedicated experts 
  • Provide fast, timely, risk-free service 24/7 worldwide 
  • Ensure complete data protection for your project
  • Have transparent & competitive pricing 
  • Offer an attractive discount for bulk orders 
  • Ensure 100% client satisfaction  
  • Free Trial / Sample Work Before Order 

What Does Our Photo Editing for Amazon Include? 

We thoroughly follow Amazon’s requirements to ensure your product listing is the best one. That’s why our Amazon product photo editing package includes-  

  • Product Main Image Retouching 
  • Additional Images Retouching 
  • Infographics Images Designing 
  • Lifestyle Images Designing 
  • Add Objects/ Text/ Logo/Badge 
  • Product Photo Shadow creation 
  • Product Photo Color Correction 
  • Product Photo Cropping & Resizing 
  • Product Image Background Removal 

Want to check us out firsthand? Click ‘Free Trial’ and see the results within 1 hour. 

5 Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Amazon Photo Editor 

5 Factors to Consider

A commercial photo editor can be a person or an agency. Every one of them and their working style is different from each other. So, before you create your Amazon product listing, make sure your photo editor excels in these 5 factors. 

  1. Vast Expertise and Years of Experience 

These should be your first concern when you are out there online, searching for Amazon product photo editors. If they are serving for a long time, they have all the tricks stored up their sleeves. Thus they know what kind of editing should be applicable for a certain product. 

To know their style & quality of work, you better check for their portfolio/ sample works. Many editors offer a free trial option for potential clients to check firsthand. Take complete advantage of that. 

  1. Strict Adherence to Amazon’s Policies 

Commercial photo editors work in numerous sectors. Ecommerce photo editors are one of them. Ensure that your chosen editors are from ecommerce. As long as their working experience belongs to ecommerce, you can be assured that they are well-versed in every rule and regulation of ecommerce platforms. 

As they understand Amazon’s image requirement for main image, infographic image or other images. Prioritizing the image purpose and targeted viewers, they will work accordingly. 

  1. Virtual Support and Assistance From the Professionals 

How will your photo editor support you during an emergency? You must check if your Amazon listing photo editor will do that. Some online editors provide full-fledged photo editing solutions virtually.  

Clients send their requirements, and professionals finalize the job without any problem. So, when those clients receive the results, it’s flawless, perfect, and ready to use web platforms. For a busy ecommerce seller, finding such an editor is like a friend in need. 

  1. Affordable Price and Quick Turnaround Time 

Here’s the real deal, you have to think about your time and cost as well. Does their service cost a pretty penny from your pocket, or is it affordable for you to hire them from onward? Along with that, you’ll need to know how fast they will provide you the service if they can support you in urgent moments. 

Need to mention that, depending on urgent submission, companies may charge differently. Hence, also check if that change is bearable for you or not? You will find some product photo editing online that offers a bulk discount no matter how complex the project is.  

5. Complete Guarantee of Data Protection 

Last but not least, nobody wants their intellectual property to get damaged, stolen, or used without credit. And for ecommerce, everyone wants to show the best. To do that, there remains the chance of dishonesty. This mostly happens when the images are shared without privacy, knowledge, and confirmation. 

You need to check out with your editor about this security. If necessary, you might want to sign an agreement. Hence, they need to be able to comply with your requirements and completely support you. 

FAQs on Amazon Product Photo Editing 

Q: What does the Amazon photo editing process include? 

A: Under our ecommerce product photo editing, you will get images of 

  • High resolution 
  • White background for the hero image 
  • Adding appropriate shadow 
  • Removal of dust and distractions 
  • Product-related necessary adjustments etc. 

Q: Does Amazon require photo editing services? 

A: Amazon doesn’t specify that it requires edited images. However, to ensure Amazon’s requirement is fulfilled, it’s best for a seller to have a photo editing service. 

Q: How much does it cost to edit an Amazon product photo?

A: At Clipping Path Studio, our pricing starts from $ 0.23. However, you can check our pricing to know the exact cost of your product images. Also, you’ll get a bulk DISCOUNT from us. 

Q: Do you do custom image editing?

A: Yes, we do. Every ecommerce seller has distinctive specifications and working style, and we can keep up with those requirements. 

Q: What image file types do you take? 

A: We take almost every type of file, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD, or TIFF. 

Q: How will my photos be delivered? 

A: We have different options available, so whatever ways you are comfortable, we can share files that way. However, generally, after the editing is done, we will share the link of the uploading platform (Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer) with granted access. Then, it’ll be available for you to download anytime, anywhere. 

Q: Do you optimize photos for Amazon?

A: Yes, upon request, we optimize photos for Amazon. Even though the images are of high resolution and quality, they will be compatible with the website; they are fast to load and show in front of the viewers. 

Q: Does this service protect my intellectual property?

A:  Absolutely. We don’t share our clients’ data with anyone. We guarantee complete confidentiality of your assigned project to us. 


So, that’s all. Hope you have understood why sellers look for Amazon photo editing services and what your strategy is from here onwards. 

Your photo editing partner should be compatible with you and a pro in this industry so that they can fulfill your requirement whenever you need them for any project. 

We can be your partner in need of post-production photography. Feel free to Contact Us for any queries or requirements. We’ll be glad to reply.  

The 9 Best Apparel Photo Editing Services That Fashion Brands Use 

The 9 Best Apparel Photo Editing Services That Fashion Brands Use 

Digitalization in photography is widespread across the eCommerce industry. When it comes to highlighting the fashion sector, apart from fashion accessories, apparel photo stands first. Online sites or printed magazines place visually appealing apparel photos. So, apparel brands promote their products to consumers in the greatest possible way, not just capture them.

If you want to set up a clothing business or online apparel store or to sell in the traditional marketplace or fashion houses, you must use apparel photo editing service or hire image editing professionals to edit apparel photos. It will ensure that your apparel images are lucrative.

In this article, you’ll walk through why clothing brands use apparel photo editing services and the services they prefer. Even you will receive support from us to help you out of this dilemma.

Does Quality Photo Matters for Fashion Brands?

Does Quality Photo Matters for Fashion Brands

According to a Forbes survey, over 75% of potential buyers prefer high-quality product photos for deciding.

If you want to convert sales for your online stores, you must have desirable apparel photographs, whether graphical or photoshoots.

But, does only a photo impact on conversion rate? No. International business doesn’t rely only on photo shoots.
To grab the audience’s attention, they pay heed to image enhancement. It includes a lot of work like ecommerce photo editing and retouching, image cropping, image resizing, image masking, white background, clipping path, color enhancements, etc.

You must improve the accuracy of the product images. You can do it with software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. This will eliminate the flaws of apparel photos, make them clear and engage the customers.

Selling products is a prime focus for every business. There are many firms in the ecommerce sector; therefore, competition is fierce. To remain steady in this competitive environment, you must beautify quality apparel photographs that may boost your sales in the best possible way.

When it comes to selling apparel online, there are several obstacles to overcome, such as feel and design. Marketers may overcome this roadblock by increasing consumer trust in their products. A high-quality apparel image can boost shopper confidence and encourage them to convert at a higher rate.

How High-end Photo Editing Helps the Fashion Industry?

In the fashion industry, high-end apparel photo editing is always a matter of concern. If not the product won’t shine, it would appear like regular apparel, which will not appeal to a consumer.

However, apparel is an essential daily need. Some clothes are related to sentiment (i.e. wedding or party dresses). It’s not simple to capture that sentiment online. We can all name our favorite fashion retailers or those with excellent websites.

Images of renowned magazines or websites are obvious to differentiate! They have a significant style in shooting and editing.

Professional fashion photo retouching services help you strengthen product’s popularity and your brand identity.
Some folks who adopt apparel photo editing services in their fashion business are as follows-

Apparel Product Photographers

You are wholeheartedly convinced that clothing is the whole of the fashion world. To increase engagement, the apparel image must be appealing. Clearly, photographers play an important part in this industry.

Professional photographers create atmosphere, sentiments, and ideas about the clothing product by retouching a model or ghost mannequin, black and white effects, and more.

Fashion Brands 

Fashion brands rely on photoshoots to promote their products in the best possible light.

They clearly conducted a lot of photoshoots. However, photoshoots alone will not bring your product to life; they must bring out a strong interaction.

In that case, apparel photo editing services are important for photo enhancement. You get quality product images or manipulate an overlay backdrop or enhance the brightness. Actually, everything they want in terms of apparel photo editing services so that they maintain a long-term viewer connection.

Some well-known fashion brands cannot help but highlight them, these are- Nike, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Zara, Chanel, Adidas, H&M and more are on our list.


Retailing the apparel products on online platforms or traditional market product images can have an influential effect on it. Product images should encourage the consumers to grab the products.

Most female consumers tend to search for clothing products on ecommerce platforms. So they are always influenced by the appearance of the dresses. So, apparel retailers prioritize attracting their consumers.

Apparel image editing services can assist you here. Generally, a photo editing company has an experienced team of image editing professionals for offering these services efficiently.

Fashion Magazines 

Digital products or model photos are always trendy in fashion magazines. Here you can find the latest updates about fashion, and its visualization is so great to admire. Every Page has a place for product advertising.

So you can clearly understand that consumers are engaged through their adorned visual products. Obviously, these luxury magazines also need clothing photo editing services.

Ecommerce Platform

The ecommerce platform depended heavily on the most beautifully displayed product pictures. Because this is the big attraction of building a business and being reliable to consumers.

These product photos and descriptions might excite the consumer’s interest. You already know that this platform must be graphically powerful; otherwise, it will never keep its place and will never go where it wants to go.

Every ecommerce site like Amazon, Big Commerce, Shopify, Alibaba, Walmart hires picture editors or hires editing services to ensure that their products seem visually appealing enough for buyers to purchase them without hesitation.

What Types of Photo Editing Services Does Clothing Industry Use?

Clothing product is a big part of the fashion industry. To keep the charm of fashion, the clothing industry uses a wide range of apparel image editing services.

1. Background Removal 

Background removal is one of the most important services. In this process, The background of the apparel photos is eliminated by using software like Adobe photoshop.

If the clothing photograph needs to be shown as appealing and so careful about the image’s context.  Pay attention to the details in the photos when you change the color, add a new filter, or entirely erase the background. 

The 9 Best Apparel Photo Editing Services That Fashion Brands Use 

Like Nike, an ecommerce image editing photo is always on a white backdrop and has been clipped from a real photo. You know why a buyer clearly detaches the product feature before purchasing it. 

When you look at the photo, you will see that it has a transparent background. This clipped image appears clear and appealing to purchasers. Image background removal service shines out the apparel. 

2. Shadow Creation 

One of the most key things of editing services is shadow creation. After clipping the background, the product images may appear fake; thus, apply some shadow to make them look better and more realistic.

After background removal, the clothing photo seems floating, so it can create trust issues for buyers if it goes available. So you may in-depth and create a shadow to look real even if untouchable to the buyers.  So shadow creation in clothing photography makes the product genuine for buyers.

Fashion photo editors are well acknowledged for how the apparel makes it real. 

If you look at and see this clipped photoshop image, it looks floating in the air and so unreal. 

The 9 Best Apparel Photo Editing Services That Fashion Brands Use 

But you can see an image here of Adidas products,  with some casts the shadow on transparent background that makes the picture so real and enticing to the eyes.

3. Photo Color Correction 

Photo color Correction is a key in fashion photography. This color grading software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, involves boosting and apparel image’s color, saturation, and contrast. 

For a thorough approach in the fashion sector, both the shooting and editing stages are mandatory. So, mastering how colors show up on digital devices is essential for creating convincing visuals.

Even a little inaccuracy may cause color difficulties when viewed from various displays. Buyers may be disappointed. This is especially common in the fashion industry, and it might be devastating. If what shoppers see online and in shops differs from what they expected.

photo color correction

When you look at the product photographs of Hermes Jacket, it may contrast with colors and add some overlay backdrop to captivate your eyes.

4. Photo Color Variants 

Photo color variants are mostly used for apparel products that may blend several color variants onto a single product. Color variations are essential in fashion photography to develop a fresh aesthetic appearance and produce feelings on the products.

 It enables you to display your apparel in several variations and shades. Another major factor to consider is that a product may come in a variety of colors. However, the cost of the photograph may increase if every color product is shot by a photographer. So, Colored pictures must develop visual effects so that customers may have a pleasant shopping experience.

If you take a look at this  Lululemon apparel photograph, here you can see the different colors in a product variant added some shadows, tones, and a white balance for setting on this image. So you can see how this color variation editing service works on clothing color shifting, face retouching, hair color correction, and applying some face makeup to produce an aesthetic vibe.

5. Photo Color Matching 

Photo color matching or recolor services are the most demanded service in the apparel industry.  

Clothing photographed pictures with an accurate color increases the trust of customers and reduces the returns of the products. It is the method of gathering the color shades on your screens to adjust the color in reality.

Photo Color Matching 

When you look at the H & M cropped top, here so well-contrasted that color matches with its background. It can look so enticing to the eyes of buyers.

6. Clothing Photo Retouching 

Clothing Photo retouching is an influential editing service. You can make your product images shiny with the correct light amount and balance. This service will lighten or darken the image as required to bring out the details for exceptional touch.  

Clothing Photo Retouching 

Without having the correct light amount and balance or any shrinkage, the products’ photos look pale and unattractive. But, You can count this  Adidas apparel image into a shiny new look. 

However, we can see the sweatshirt’s subtle shrinking here, enhancing its color and making it appear so convincing.  This might attract the buyers and grow your sales up to par.

7. Ghost Mannequin Effect 

Ghost mannequin effect adds a dimensional effect and exposes a product’s feature.This effect is also referred to as the “invisible mannequin,” “3D mannequin,” or “hollow man.” It is a standardized post-production method for apparel product photography that tackles the showcasing dilemma. 

It lets you shoot a product on a model or mannequin and then combine the shots in post-production services to eliminate the model or mannequin. Lastly, you can see a life-like picture that grabs the attention of your products.

Ghost Mannequin Effect 

This Zara Jumpsuit has been clipped from a real photo and embellished with a shadow and ghost mannequin effect to make the product more realistic.

8. Flat Lay Clothing Photo Editing 

The most trendy product photoshoot is Flat lay. You know what, on Instagram 8.9 million photos under the hashtags of Flat lay. Even several ecommerce websites and marketplaces have decided to choose the way to showcase their products.

But, most work is done by post-production services like smoothening the sideways after removing background, masking the products, using different shades of color palette, and adding some shadow. These trendy photoshoots make your product more engaging and attract buyers to purchase.

Flat Lay Photo Editing

 H&M flat lay cropped top shots are so enticing to look at. The photo editor fixed the shrinking portion of the clothing and contrasted the white balance.

9. 360 Clothing Photo Editing 

360 Degree Apparel Photography is the best alternative to touching the apparel in your hand and turning it sideways. These clothing product photos are made up of a line of multiple two-dimensional shots taken from different perspectives.

360 degree product photo editing

All of the angled photographs combine to form a 360-degree product image, allowing shoppers to spin the objects to see the whole thing in the shot. This clothing photography platform for websites, blogs, online merchants, and e-commerce businesses is accessible. 

Where to Outsource Apparel Photo Editing Services?

apparel photo editing

Outsourcing allows you to ease your task more precisely and perfectly. In the fashion sector, you need a bulk amount of retouched product photos so that an ecommerce shop holder or famous magazines or photographers can be able to manage this task single-handedly with appropriate effects.  

 If you take the clothing photography editing services, it might speed up your work, and you fulfill your core goals in a minimum time. Clipping Path Studio will give you an opportunity to get all your post production services at an affordable rate. There are more things to be considered on our services. You can check it out.

Bulk amount: Bulk amounts of product editing services can be tougher to hold the quality of images. If you have a lot of product editing assignments to complete, you may send us a demo and the specifications of your project. So that we may do it ourselves and maintain high quality on those photographs.

Product quality: Product quality is crucial for any eCommerce or fashion brand. You need not think once if you’ve assigned us to accomplish the tasks.

So we are completely aware of how a large number of items are retouched and edited so precisely and flawlessly. We guarantee the product’s quality and communicate so well that there are hard-to-find issues.

150+ certified designer: A qualified graphic designer is knowledgeable of the existing markets. He or she can do and study more than any other business employee about which design would draw more clients. 

Our 150+ certified graphic designers are trained and have extensive expertise. They are knowledgeable about all aspects of editing services and will give your product images exactly as you want.

Competitive charge:: The charges are the primary concern of every ecommerce business owner in this photo editing service. Because we require a large number of modified product photos.

If you look at several picture editing websites, you will see that the prices are rather costly because it distinguishes between two categories in bulk amounts and per image. As a result, our charges are rather minimal, which might ease your charging anxiety.

Urgent delivery: Apparel products must be edited carefully since any color variety, or side of the product clipped incorrectly looks terrible. So this type of competitive work in a hurry is highly difficult but not impossible to do.

If you need urgent clothing product photographs at a competitive cost, you may contact us here to have the edited photos within 24 hours.

Get Apparel Photo Editing Service Within Budget & Time

The 9 Best Apparel Photo Editing Services That Fashion Brands Use 

This studio’s workforce is so dedicated and you cannot help praising their work for sure. If you want our service check it out on our service page.

Final Thought

From top to bottom, you’ve learned a great deal about the real importance of photo editing services that may improve the quality of your ecommerce products. This streamlined garment editing service assists you in growing your business to the next level. 

When you use our service, you will undoubtedly get the finest results that can increase your revenue. Because we analyze your company’s goal first and then provide you with high-end product photographs that can leave a lasting impression on your customers’ minds.

The 12 Best Product Photographers For Hire in New York

The 12 Best Product Photographers For Hire in New York

New York City is one of the beautiful places in the world for business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive effortlessly. But sometimes, it can be a struggle to pass your message across to your target audience.

However, with the help of the best product photographers for hire in New York, you’ll easily tell your story in a way that captures and sustains the attention of your target audience. Ready to take your business to the next level and get all the attention you need for your business to survive? Here are some of the best product photographers in NY.

Best Product Photographer For Hire in New York

New York is the home of all types of professionals. So, if you are at a loss as to who to hire for your product photoshoot? Don’t worry; we got your back, here’s a shortlist for you.

1. The Line Studios

The Line Studio

This photography studio is one product-centric studio that’s more passionate about giving you excellent product shots that are customized to meet your business needs. Photographers from here are one of the numerous still life photographers New York has produced.

Product Photo Editing Service With an Affordable Price.

Get a Quote

Photos by the photographers here are usually characterized by minimalism, with the presence of still-life elements incorporated in them to bring your products to life in a unique fashion.

They never fail to depict, in some way, the personality of the audience that the product they shoot was designed for, and that’s a plus for your brand- they make it easy for your target audience to see how your product fills a void in their lives, prompting them to patronize you.

Reasons To Hire

√ Deploys minimalism to tell your product story

√ Adds personality to your product via their pictures and editing

√ Clear, high-quality images with still life elements

2. Squareshot


Squareshot’s photographers produce clean, clear images that portray products very attractively. While their focus is on the products, they take every shot at the right angle that stirs a craving for the product in your target audience.

They deploy plain backgrounds with subtle colors that highlight the images. They also deploy the shadow effect in some products to make them look real. Tell them what you want to shoot and your preferred angled shots, ship the products to them, and they’ll send you the pictures they shoot for approval.

Learn, How to Choose the Best Clipping Path Service for Your Ecommerce Product Photos.

Reasons To Hire

√ Top-notch customer service.

√ Helps capture the essence of the product they shoot.

√ Helps achieve a consistent look and feel of your products.

3. NYC Photographers

NYC Photographers

NYC photographers are more than just product photographers. They do a wide range of photography and eye for great pictures. Their ecommerce product photography has a very flexible style that blends into the type of product you want to photograph.

They take food photography not just from the top but from different angles that blur out certain elements to add life to the image. For electronics, they use a minimalist style that places the focus on the product itself.

They also deploy models but majorly for projects related to beauty brands. Of course, they interchange between bold colors and white and black or monotone colors.

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Reasons To Hire

√ Have a flexible photography style

√ Actively seek out the style that works for your brand

√ Assist giving your brand a unique representation

√ Ensures quick delivery time

4. Image Works NYC

Image Works NYC

Color patterns, details, beautiful flat lays, lined-up patterns, etc. Image works have it all. When it comes to product photography, the photographers effortlessly switch between showcasing the different color variants of your products to focusing on a single outfit in a picture with the details well pronounced.

Sometimes, they use the transparent filter for emphasis on the product. They also effortlessly switch between tabletop photography to give your products a locale, etc.

Reasons to Hire

√ Deploys bold color

√ Clear, still images

5. Industrial Color

Industrial Color

The first thing to love about this brand is that the photographers here go all out to deliver the best product pictures that suit your brand. They offer full-on photography production and post-production with a complete set of equipment.

It includes a variety of product photography concepts ranging from 360-degree product spins, flat lays and still life, Tabletop photography, and on-model photography.

Their pictures always show excellent detailing and creative concepts invested in them. Sometimes they make the pictures look fantastical, like something out of an Alice in wonderland or a mythical movie.

Reasons to Hire

√ Delivers concept-driven product images that fit your brand

√ Deploy several product photography styles that range from 360-degree spins to still life and flat lays, etc.

√ Offer video productions for your products.

√ Creative use of lightning.

6. Mark Delong

Mark Delong

Mark Delong is a pretty big deal, and we’d describe his photography as luxury at its best.

Since he shoots product photography like it’s for a commercial or advertising, every product photography has a luxurious concept coupled with human elements that are strategically placed to give your target audience ideas on how to incorporate your product into their daily lifestyle.

A dynamic team is supporting him to make your product look sleek and fancy and the most wanted.

Reasons to Hire

√ Services include pre-production, production, and post-production

√ Handle your project from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry or stress

√ Photos are commercial or advertisement-worthy with amazing concepts

7. Waltzer


Waltzer is another still life New York photographer who takes pictures out of the ordinary. You’ll watch your pictures go from tabletop to screen pop. And it’s all thanks to its members’ graphics designing and retouching skills.

Frankly, they do beyond simply clicking the camera and taking a picture. They deploy concepts, colors, shadow, and darkness with a hint of life to show elements of mystery in their product photography. Trust me when I say they bring your products to life with their lenses and skills.

Reasons to Hire

√ A one-stop-shop for product photography, retouching, and graphics designing

√ Brand and product representing concept photoshoot

√ Deploy image manipulation in post-production where necessary

8. Result Imagery

REsult Imagery

They are an E-commerce centric brand whose product photography centers on making emotional connections with the target audience through their pictures. In essence, it lets you rest while your pictures do all the talking.

The photographers here render 360-degree pictures, lifestyle product photos, and products on white photos. You need to make your choice. You’ll also benefit from their product videos. Their pictures put every image in its element, showcasing subtly what they can do for you as a consumer. For emotions, they add the human element.

Reasons to Hire

√ Easy to communicate and book a meeting time with them.

√ Deploy bits of photo manipulation too.

√ Offer excellent customer service.

9. Tals Studio


Tals photography knows exactly how to capture your images in a way that befits your brand. Their knowledge of lightning is flawless as they deploy both natural and artificial light effortlessly.

Whether you Hire to show off your product features using a model or just with the product itself, Tals photography’s photographers got you covered. Their retouching abilities are also top-notch, and you can use any choice background.

Reasons to Hire

√ Allow people joining in the photography sessions

√ Have got excellent customer care services

√ Have a fair pricing policy

10. Studio 309


This studio redefines product photography, showing every detail of your product in an enticing manner that makes the products irresistible for your target audience. The lighting is beautiful, clearly highlighting the products at every angle, and their flat lays are outstanding. The deploy elements of color and shadow will make your target feel as though they were face to face with the actual product.

Reasons to Hire

√ The lighting and retouching places focus on your products

√ Detail-oriented, showing off all the fine details on your products

√ Exquisite still life photography.

11. Arcline NYC

Arcline NYC

As a fashion product photographer, Arcline NYC depicts all your products at every angle. It uses colors on still-photographs that depict the terrains that the product is best suited for.

For instance, the photographers could shoot a picture of all-star sneakers against a vintage-oriented background. Or a mat weaved wedge heeled-shoe against a beachy or boho-like background. It’s their subtle way of throwing ideas at your target audience to answer the question, “where can I wear this to”.

Reasons to Hire

√ Deploy still life and 360-degree photography.

√ Give your target audience a brick-and-mortar store shopping experience.

√ Captured images are visually-captivating and engaging enough to drive sales and conversion.

√ There is no specific background for their product photography, as they use appropriate backgrounds for the picture they are photographing.

12. Splashlight


With their team made up of art directors, hair and makeup artists, editors, photo retouchers, stylists, designers, Splashlight is inclined towards creatively depicting your products to drive sales and conversion. They handle production, post-production, and beyond so that your pictures come out looking flawless and enticing.

They devise a workable product photography strategy that appeals to your target audience. Through effective storytelling, every product image (360 or still images) whispers sweet nothings to your target audience, increasing sales in the process.

Reasons to Hire

√ Deploy intelligent imagery and elevated visual images to take your target audience to cloud9 with your products.

√ Every image spells a strategy and concept that appeals to the target audience.

√ Produces clean and sleek images with minimal colors.

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How Much Does a Product Photography Cost in New York?



Square shot

PAY AS YOU GO - for a one-time $50/ image includes services like retouching, etc.

GROWTH - Best for growing businesses and marketing team that’ll require 60-300 images yearly. $39/ month (annual billing) or $60/ month (quarterly billing)

ENTERPRISE- For online stores, brands, and enterprises that shoot 300+ images yearly. $159/ month (annually) or $245/ month (quarterly)

NYC Photographers

PACKAGE 1 - $299, which covers up to 5 items

PACKAGE 2 - $699, which covers up to 20 items

PACKAGE 3 - $1199, which covers up to 50 items

Tals Studio

Package For Product Fashion Photography- $375

Package For Fashion Product Photography-


Alex Kotlik

Single Product

21-99 photos - $20.00 per final image

A single photo - $60 for one file

100+ photos - Call Us to discuss!

Group Images

21-99 photos - $30.00 each final image

Single photo - $100 one file

100+ photos - Call Us to discuss!

Additional Services

Rush Service - 50% of the order

Product assembly- $35 per hour

Ironing/steaming - $5 per item

Extensive retouching - $40 per 30 minutes

Ghost mannequin - $30 additional per image

Hand modeling - $30 additional per image

Fast Product Photography Services

Individual product - $39.49

Amazon Package - $174.99

360-degree Product Videos - $99.99

How to Hire a Professional Product Photographer?

Professional product Photographer

Things To Consider:

  • What’s your budget?

High-quality photography can be expensive. Nevertheless, all you’ll need to do is create a flexible budget that meets your business needs and is affordable. First, get an idea of how much photography costs, from minimum to maximum price.

We’ve given an idea of how much certain photographers cost. But if you’ve got your eyes on a photographer, feel free to contact them via their website or check out their rates through the “pricing” section.

  • What’s their Portfolio like?

A photographer’s portfolio is the total quality of their work and photography style. If their style fits your brand or captures your brand and product story well, then you should hire them. If they’ve worked with competitors or brands that share similar values with you, check out what they did.

  • Reviews and Testimonials

This is a quality assurance technique that assures you of the quality of the services they offer. You can only bank on them if they’ve got positive reviews.

  • Take Your Time

The patient dog eating the fattest bone. When selecting the perfect photographer for your product, you should do it with all deliberateness. Eliminate fear and the need to wrap it all up hastily. Take your time and patiently scrutinize the product photography options you have.

  • Photography Blog

A company’s blog is a great way to access their knowledge about photography. How professional are they? How good are they in terms of product photography? Etc.

Their blog also shows you a thing or two about their culture. You’ll learn a thing or two about their modus operandi. You’ll also know and understand if they jump on trends and how well they do that. It would also let you know how passionate they are about product photography.

  • Social Media

Do well to follow them on social media. Photographers like to showcase their projects and more works on social media, and some also talk of their experience while working on the project via Instagram caption.

  • Streamline your options

If you have a list of 30 photographers that you’re thinking of trying, it would be best to drastically reduce the list to about 4 or 10. If possible, cut it down to 4.

  • Schedule a meeting

While online meetings are great, physical meetings help you gauge the photographer further, especially if you decide to meet them in their studio. You’ll gather more details as regards-

→ Where and how do they work?

→ While they work, you’ll observe their process.

→ Are they detail-oriented?

→ Are they creative?

→ Are they passionate?

→ Do they take their time taking every picture to make it come out beautiful, or do they seem to be in haste?

Then, you can discuss your brand with them and see if your product is something they’d want to take a photograph of. Also, now would be a good time to inform them about your budget.

  • Maintain Close Contact

Keep up with your photographer for future projects after the project. Follow them on social media, subscribe to their blog, do things that’ll boost a healthy and working relationship with them.

Skills You Should Look Out For In A Photographer:

Skills You Should Look Out For In A Photographer
  • Knowledge on Lightening

Lightening is a delicate and important aspect of photography. The photographer’s knowledge of lighting is usually evident in their pictures, which is crucial to your hiring process. It determines how good or how bad your products would be captured. The right lighting frames your picture to either project the characteristics of your product or tone it down.

  • Tabletop Experience

Most product photography happens on a tabletop. Hence, it’s important to look for photographers who understand how to take tabletop pictures of products. Products are usually photographed differently based on their shape, sizes, etc. A product photographer with experience photographing a wide range of pictures would come in handy in this respect.

  • Problem Solving Skills

Problems could spring onset. Sometimes it could be issues with the photographer’s equipment or the products. Either way, these issues could obstruct the entire project, leading to a terrible result that could be discouraging for you and your brand.

If your chosen photographer has got this problem-solving skill, he/she would easily save the day regardless of the issues that develop on set while shooting the pictures.

  • Image Editing

Your product photographer should easily use Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop software to touch up your pictures. Then again, a great photographer should easily take pictures that won’t require too much editing.

  • Experience in Product Photography

Product photography requires a photographer to take hundreds of products daily or per hour. A photographer’s experience in taking product shots is crucial, and it ensures that the photographer always gets good shots of your products regardless of how many pictures he takes.

  • Communication Skills

Photographers with excellent communication skills make the job easier for their team and the Clients. A photographer with amazing communication skills would easily help his clients communicate their expectations and help the Clients understand which expectations are unattainable and which ones can be executed.

FAQs Before Hiring a Product Photographer

What types of product photography can I get?

It depends on the type of product photography that your photographer offers. But you can get Still life product photography, flat-lays, 360-degree product pictures, shots with models wearing your products to show the size, lifestyle shots, white background photos, detailed shots, group shots, process shots, etc.

When Should I Pay a Photographer?

You have to pay an upfront fee to show commitment. Then, pay another part a few months before the event. The final part of the payment should come in after you’ve received your photos as agreed.

Do photographers cost per photo?

While some photographers charge using the per photo rates, others charge using the “package” model.

What should I ask a product photographer?

Some of the questions you should ask a photographer should include (but is not limited to);

→ How many pictures would you get?

→  What’s their experience?

→  Ask for a description of their photography style.

→  How much do they charge?

→  Do you own the pictures, or do they own them?

→  Would they manage the shoot or instruct a team member to do so?

→  What equipment do they have, and what equipment would they use for you?

How many photos can we expect to get?

The number of photos you should get after a shot depends on the package you paid for or on the photographer. That’s why if your photographer doesn’t speculate the number of photos you’re expected to get, you should discuss it before your first payment.

 Can my product be shot with a model?

Yes, it can be shot with a model, but it also depends on whether or not your photographer offers model shots as part of his services.

Final Thought

As you try to decide which photographer is best suited for your needs on our list, you’ll realize that, although they all seem competitive, they all bring different unique features to the table.

Also, not every photographer would reveal their pricing from the get-go. While some do that immediately, others would ask for your budget and try to develop a customized plan that fits into your budget. Nevertheless, you’ll surely get your money’s worth with any of these product photography companies.