How to Increase Sales on Poshmark? Effective Ways to Make More Money.

Poshmark is the largest social marketplace where sellers  do business with their new and pre-owned products. At present, it is based only in the US, with 80 million users, of which 8 million are sellers! Really competitive, isn’t it?  

So, how can you get more likes, followers, and buyers and boost sales on Poshmark? Like any selling platform, your journey in Poshmark can change if you apply some tips to your strategy. 

On that note, this article includes 20 effective tips to help you sell more on Poshmark. Let’s get started. 

Why Sell on Poshmark? 

Why Sell on Poshmark

Poshmark has become a platform for eager sellers to make money by offering branded and essential products that always have special clientele. However, to succeed in doing that, another platform might have a lot of rules to follow, but Poshmark has made it easier for sellers. 

Here are why getting your stuff to sell on Poshmark is beneficial. 

  • Free Product Listings: Product listings at Poshmark is free of cost. Sellers can list an unlimited number of products. 
  • Promotion-Rich Features: With options like discounts on purchases and shipping, clearing out deals, and negotiating prices, sellers can sell more on Poshmark. 
  • Fast and Easy Process: Business in Poshmark is simple. By installing the Poshmark app, sellers can easily and quickly handle the workflow. 
  • Streamline the Selling Process: Upon selling, you receive a shipping label through the mail. Just print and attach it to the selling items. 
  • Hassle-Free Return: Poshmark moderators have minimized the returning process, where the buyers have to demonstrate the reason for the return. 
  • Adjustment of Tax: From the seller’s sales, Poshmark charges and pays the sales tax, making the process easier. 

Experts Suggestions: How to Increase Poshmark Sales? 

To help you successfully sell on Poshmark, we have accumulated all the tips and summarized those into these 20 tips suggested by experts. 

There are a number of reasons why products don’t get sold. If you have or haven’t found your reason, make a checklist of the following tips. These suggestions are sure to come in handy.  

Tip 1: Follow Poshmark’s Guidelines & Seller Fee 

Poshmark’s Guidelines & Seller Fee

Like any other marketplace, Poshmark has a community guideline for the sellers, which will make you credible to Poshmark, leading many potential buyers to your listings. Make sure you understand what the platforms allow you to sell and what not. 

Note: Ensure to check the prohibited products on Poshmark as well. 

Also, a wise move is to keep an eye on the seller fees. Poshmark doesn’t charge for listings but for selling. Here are the charge Poshmark charges for sellers: 

Pushmark seller policy
  • Sales < $15:  flat fee of $2.95
  • Sales > $15: the fee is 20% 

Tip 2: Find & Cater Product-Specific Clients

Identifying the right target audience among the vast demographic is indeed challenging. Therefore, to find them, answer the following questions. 

  • Who are the buyers of my products? 
  • What’s their lifestyle like? 
  • How styles are they fond of? 
  • How often do they buy this product (from others)?  

By accumulating these answers, you are likely to figure out your buyer persona, their interests, and other factors that matter. 

When you reach them, make sure you are catering to their needs. For example, if you are selling baby clothes, your target audiences are baby’s parents. You can send them offers or messages in the daytime, not bothering them during the night. 

Tip 3: List Things That Sell

List Things That Sell

Many new sellers have a tendency to list whatever they get. They may think something will be sold eventually. But that’s not the fact. Such disorganization gives off a wrong vibe to the potential buyers. 

To be successful in increasing Poshmark sales, you have to do your math and find out what products are selling most on Poshmark. Plan what you want to sell and try sticking to the niches. 

Note: For multiple listings, you can automate the process to save time; for that, check out the Poshmark Automation Guide.

An important factor to remember is that, as many products in Poshmark are pre-owned/second-hand, buyers might be skeptical while buying them. So no matter what product you choose, ensure you are truthful and clear on your deal. 

Tip 4: Have a Good Name for Your Closet  

Naming your closet is no less than naming your business. The name will work as a brand for you. So, make sure to give it a good thought. While choosing a name, consider the following factors: 

  • The name is simple and pronounceable. 
  • It is easily rememberable and unique. 
  • It doesn’t sound like an imposter of renowned brands. 

Note: Poshmark allows you to change the closet name without any difficulty. To change it, go to Account Settings, then click Account Info, then Change Username.

Tip 5: Write Concise Product Details 

Write Concise Product Details

People skim through any long text. Hence, you can avoid making too descriptive product descriptions. Rather make a short and clear description to the point with the necessary keywords. 

Place your keywords on the title and on product descriptions without over-optimizing. This is an SEO practice that will help your products pop up not only when people search products with keywords but even in Google search. 

Tip 6: Make the Best Display with Product Listings 

Product Listings 

Listings that have information gap or aren’t understandable doesn’t sell. This might frustrate buyers and make them switch you. Or even if they ask you for product pictures, you have to send them one by one, killing some of your precious time. 

Note: With Poshmark, users can do a bulk listing of their products, saving ample time.

So, visit your closet frequently and ensure the listings have been done properly. Publish as many details as possible such as product type, size chart, product colors, and designs as well; this will help remove any confusion buyers might have.  

Also, relisting makes your listing ranks top, so do relist. You may figure out if there are any missing parts or information gaps in the listing exist. 

Tip 7: Use Keywords and a Style Guide 

The words or phrases searchers use to find a product is called keywords. When they don’t know the product’s name, they might use words that are related to the product. Here your job is to include appropriate keywords while listing your products. If possible, include information like these: 

  • Materials: Cotton, Linen 
  • Trends: Off-shoulder, Full-sleeve 
  • Style Guide: Bohemian, Check, etc.  

Including these will help your product to display fast and first whenever anyone uses the relevant keywords. 

Note: Poshmark doesn’t allow long descriptions. So, you can use any relevant keywords in the product description part as well.

Tip 8: Publish Quality Pictures 

Images are one of the second-to-none options for sellers of any platform. Statistic says 75% of online shoppers rely on product photos to decide to buy. That means one of the tactics to convince, convert and increase Poshmark sales is to use high-quality images. While taking product photos, ensure the following: 

  • The products in question have good backdrops, photography lighting, and necessary props to make the image eye catchy. 
  • While shooting, try different camera settings to find out the best look. If you are using phone cameras, go with square (1:1) photos. 
  • Use filters to a minimal level so that it doesn’t hinder the color or appeal of the products. 

Note: For any uncertain causes, you can always outsource photo editing services to ensure quality photos.

Tip 9: Price Your Product   

This might be the top confusion for any seller. What should be the exact price of a product where it will get sold with a satisfactory profit? Neither high nor low in price? 

To compare and determine the pricing for your product, take a tour of the Poshmark and find out your competitors’ selling prices, sold product listings, and what your target audiences are willing to pay. Also, consider the adjusted fees by Poshmark that are applicable to sales. You can automate the whole process by using the Poshmark Fee Calculator

Poshmark Fee Calculator

To sell products in Poshmark, sellers can choose to price competitively and decline to give and receive offers or inflate the price and give and receive offers. Then, you can come up with a price that will provide value for the money to the buyers and make a sale for you. 

Note: You can see which products have been sold through Buy Now, Bundle Offer, Bundle Buy Offer, etc. To check that, go to My Seller Tools and then My Closet Insights. 

Tip 10: Have Offers and Discounts 

Have Offers and Discounts 

Who doesn’t love to get some gifts? Discounts and offers are the kind of gifts you are allowing your potential buyers at a nominal price. The impact is not only your products get sold but also you allow more interaction inside your closet. 

For example, you can offer a bundle discount for 2 products at a cut price. Now interested buyers will shuffle through your closets. Some might not buy, but all of them are aware of you and will look up to you from here onwards. 

Note: You can use the Posh Bundle to engage with others and increase Poshmark sales. 

Tip 11: Keep the Notifications On  

Keep the Notifications On  

Communication is the key to success in business. Your presence and activeness matter when there rises a space for communication. You have to take action instantly. Otherwise, you might lose a potential buyer. 

Therefore, make sure to keep your notifications button always ON. So that you are getting every question anyone asks when you receive new likers and followers and replying to them ASAP.  

Tip 12: Be Socially Connected  

As mentioned earlier, being a social platform, Poshmark allows a lot of features to connect you with others. Involving in those will immensely benefit you, one of which is to boost Poshmark sales. Here are what you can do in Poshmark: 

  • Meet your posher: Seller accounts can share their story with ‘Meet Your Posher’ to impress the buyers. 
  • Share customers’ actions: You can share what a buyer bought from your closet, share reviews, and reward the prior buyers to purchase again. 
  • Follow people: Choose people to follow and follow back who follow you to increase the number of followers. 
  • Share products with followers: There are many interested buyers who will follow you. You can keep them informed about your closet by sharing the products. 
  • Be a friend: At Poshmark, you can share other closets as well. This way, you can be connected with other sellers and make them share your closets as well. 

Tip 13: Join Posh Parties & Posh Groups 

Join Posh Parties & Posh Groups 

Posh parties are the online programs on Poshmark that occur in real-time. Poshmark allows 4 parties every day, based on different themes. The party invitations to join are shared through the news.  

Note: Check out your News Section continuously to check for new invitations. 

By joining these parties, you can meet and engage with new people, share your products, and open doors for your selling in Poshmark to increase. 

Poshmark also has share group options along with Facebook groups, in which users can share their closets. Every group has its regulations, and you can enter them by following them. 

Note: To join a group, go to the search bar on Poshmark, and search for share group. Several suggestions will show up. You can create your own group too. 

Tip 14: Be Smart with Responses  

You may receive every type of message, comment, or response you have/ haven’t imagined. You have to be both fast and witty in responding to comments and feedback. Take some moment on how to manage that. For example, 

  • People who like: They are interested in you, send them an offer they can think about. 
  • Positive comments: They really love your effort, so communicate with them with enthusiasm. 
  • Negative comments: Are those worth wasting some of your precious time on? If not, ignore them. 
  • Lowball offers: Instead of saying NO, try negotiating. Who knows, you might be stimulating a potential buyer!  

Tip 15: Share and List Consistently 

As a social platform, Poshmark allows the chance to engage with more people by sharing products a couple of times a day. Take advantage of that, but be consistent in how you do it. Do the same for product listing. 

For example, you are listing 6 products and sharing 3 times, do that consistently every day. This helps Poshmark understand your closet, and you connect with more people, opening the door to more views and sales.  

Tip 16: Cut Down Shipping Fee 

A smart move for getting sales on Poshmark is reducing the shipping fee. When any buyers show interest by liking your products, you can send them an offer with a reduced shipping price. If you have multiple buyers, you can choose to extend that. 

Like many professional Poshmark sellers, you can add the shipping cost at the very last stage, which is on the final pricing. 

Note: Prepare your product ready to ship with protection as soft material, air pillows, papers, etc. 

Tip 17: Do Crosslisting for Multiple Marketplace 

If you are working on multiple marketplaces, focusing on all of them at the same time is difficult. This is why you can take advantage of cross-listing by using different software. It saves time and increases your presence at the same time. Also, you can import your listings in bulk from one marketplace to another. 

Note: Cross listings software offers different specific solutions. For example, some software offer photo editing solutions

Tip 18: Work on Cross-Posting on Different Marketplace 

Cross-posting is posting content on multiple platforms. When you are a seller, cross-posting can tremendously help you get more sales on Poshmark. By exposing your products in front of more people, you get the chance to engage with more of your target audience. 

Tip 19: Keep Your Inventory Prepared 

It is a wise decision to have an inventory system prepared; for that, you can use Google Sheets, Excel or notebooks, etc. You can get all the information of products in stock, sold out, and restocked in one place. Also, it will be easier for you to organize the products for sale. 

As part of your inventory, your products must also be prepared. As Poshmark allows selling preowned products, some products may not be in their best condition. If that’s the case for your products, do some makeup, for instance: 

  • Wash the product if it has specks of dirt or it stinks. 
  • Iron it if the product has creases. 
  • Change zippers or buttons if they are undone. 

There might be some irreparable spots, but you can still sell them. All you need to do is to describe clearly. Don’t hide any flaws that can’t be removed. 

Tip 20: Finish With an Encouraging Tone

A business journey doesn’t end only through making a sale. A business that cares for customers and has a strategy to go the extra mile tends to go further. Because customers love to get something beyond their money. 

So, to increase your sales on Poshmark, try having after-sale activities, for example: 

  • Go for caring packaging: Let your packages have a smart and personalized look. Use quality materials for tissue, ribbons, die-cut stickers, customized pins, etc. 
  • Have some good words: You can wish the theme well with a personalized card. 
  • Pack some gifts: If it doesn’t cost you much, you can send a tiny thank-you gift. 

Such actions work like magic among the buyers; they feel secure, valued, & prioritized, which convinces them to come back to you. 


How do beginners sell on Poshmark?

Beginners can sell on Poshmark by creating an account, listing their products (with images, descriptions, and pricing), and following the tips for selling on Poshmark (mentioned above).

How much money can you earn from Poshmark?

A full-time Poshmark seller can make over $30,000 profit annually.

What is the secret to selling on Poshmark?

A productive secret to selling on Poshmark is always to be engaging, active, and responsive.

Why am I not getting sales on Poshmark?

The reasons for not getting sales on Poshmark can be low-quality images, pricing issues, product listings isn’t informative enough or not being engaging, etc.

What are the fastest-selling products on Poshmark?

Clothing and accessories, skincare, and make-up products are some of the fast and best-selling products on Poshmark.

To Summarize, 

So, here goes our 20 tips to help you boost Poshmark sales. By applying these tips to your closet, you can expect to see some positive results and get people to buy your products. 

But please remember, every seller is unique s/he has a distinctive way of making sales. A tip or strategy that works for your peer might not get you the same results and vice versa.  

To make a sale on Poshmark, you must give it some time. Hopefully, you can wait and work with determination to see yourself successful. Till then, good luck!

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