Professional Product Photographers For Hire in New York (Elevate your Brand with Experts)

New York City is one of the beautiful places in the world for business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive effortlessly. But sometimes, it can be a struggle to pass your message across to your target audience.

However, with the help of the best product photographers for hire in New York, you’ll easily tell your story in a way that captures and sustains the attention of your target audience. Ready to take your business to the next level and get all the attention you need for your business to survive? Here are some of the best product photographers in NY.

Top 12 Product Photographer For Hire in New York

New York is the home of all types of professionals. So, if you are at a loss as to who to hire for your product photoshoot? Don’t worry; we got your back, here’s a shortlist for you.

1. The Line Studios

The Line Studio

This photography studio is one product-centric studio that’s more passionate about giving you excellent product shots that are customized to meet your business needs. Photographers from here are one of the numerous still life photographers New York has produced.

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Photos by the photographers here are usually characterized by minimalism, with the presence of still-life elements incorporated in them to bring your products to life in a unique fashion.

They never fail to depict, in some way, the personality of the audience that the product they shoot was designed for, and that’s a plus for your brand- they make it easy for your target audience to see how your product fills a void in their lives, prompting them to patronize you.

Reasons To Hire

√ Deploys minimalism to tell your product story

√ Adds personality to your product via their pictures and editing

√ Clear, high-quality images with still life elements

2. Squareshot


Squareshot’s photographers produce clean, clear images that portray products very attractively. While their focus is on the products, they take every shot at the right angle that stirs a craving for the product in your target audience.

They deploy plain backgrounds with subtle colors that highlight the images. They also deploy the shadow effect in some products to make them look real. Tell them what you want to shoot and your preferred angled shots, ship the products to them, and they’ll send you the pictures they shoot for approval.

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Reasons To Hire

√ Top-notch customer service.

√ Helps capture the essence of the product they shoot.

√ Helps achieve a consistent look and feel of your products.

3. NYC Photographers

NYC Photographers

NYC photographers are more than just product photographers. They do a wide range of photography and eye for great pictures. Their ecommerce product photography has a very flexible style that blends into the type of product you want to photograph.

They take food photography not just from the top but from different angles that blur out certain elements to add life to the image. For electronics, they use a minimalist style that places the focus on the product itself.

They also deploy models but majorly for projects related to beauty brands. Of course, they interchange between bold colors and white and black or monotone colors.

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Reasons To Hire

√ Have a flexible photography style

√ Actively seek out the style that works for your brand

√ Assist giving your brand a unique representation

√ Ensures quick delivery time

4. Image Works NYC

Image Works NYC

Color patterns, details, beautiful flat lays, lined-up patterns, etc. Image works have it all. When it comes to product photography, the photographers effortlessly switch between showcasing the different color variants of your products to focusing on a single outfit in a picture with the details well pronounced.

Sometimes, they use the transparent filter for emphasis on the product. They also effortlessly switch between tabletop photography to give your products a locale, etc.

Reasons to Hire

√ Deploys bold color

√ Clear, still images

5. Industrial Color

Industrial Color

The first thing to love about this brand is that the photographers here go all out to deliver the best product pictures that suit your brand. They offer full-on photography production and post-production with a complete set of equipment.

It includes a variety of product photography concepts ranging from 360-degree product spins, flat lays and still life, Tabletop photography, and on-model photography.

Their pictures always show excellent detailing and creative concepts invested in them. Sometimes they make the pictures look fantastical, like something out of an Alice in wonderland or a mythical movie.

Reasons to Hire

√ Delivers concept-driven product images that fit your brand

√ Deploy several product photography styles that range from 360-degree spins to still life and flat lays, etc.

√ Offer video productions for your products.

√ Creative use of lightning.

6. Mark Delong

Mark Delong

Mark Delong is a pretty big deal, and we’d describe his photography as luxury at its best.

Since he shoots product photography like it’s for a commercial or advertising, every product photography has a luxurious concept coupled with human elements that are strategically placed to give your target audience ideas on how to incorporate your product into their daily lifestyle.

A dynamic team is supporting him to make your product look sleek and fancy and the most wanted.

Reasons to Hire

√ Services include pre-production, production, and post-production

√ Handle your project from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry or stress

√ Photos are commercial or advertisement-worthy with amazing concepts

7. Waltzer


Waltzer is another still life New York photographer who takes pictures out of the ordinary. You’ll watch your pictures go from tabletop to screen pop. And it’s all thanks to its members’ graphics designing and retouching skills.

Frankly, they do beyond simply clicking the camera and taking a picture. They deploy concepts, colors, shadow, and darkness with a hint of life to show elements of mystery in their product photography. Trust me when I say they bring your products to life with their lenses and skills.

Reasons to Hire

√ A one-stop-shop for product photography, retouching, and graphics designing

√ Brand and product representing concept photoshoot

√ Deploy image manipulation in post-production where necessary

8. Result Imagery

REsult Imagery

They are an E-commerce centric brand whose product photography centers on making emotional connections with the target audience through their pictures. In essence, it lets you rest while your pictures do all the talking.

The photographers here render 360-degree pictures, lifestyle product photos, and products on white photos. You need to make your choice. You’ll also benefit from their product videos. Their pictures put every image in its element, showcasing subtly what they can do for you as a consumer. For emotions, they add the human element.

Reasons to Hire

√ Easy to communicate and book a meeting time with them.

√ Deploy bits of photo manipulation too.

√ Offer excellent customer service.

9. Tals Studio


Tals photography knows exactly how to capture your images in a way that befits your brand. Their knowledge of lightning is flawless as they deploy both natural and artificial light effortlessly.

Whether you Hire to show off your product features using a model or just with the product itself, Tals photography’s photographers got you covered. Their retouching abilities are also top-notch, and you can use any choice background.

Reasons to Hire

√ Allow people joining in the photography sessions

√ Have got excellent customer care services

√ Have a fair pricing policy

10. Studio 309


This studio redefines product photography, showing every detail of your product in an enticing manner that makes the products irresistible for your target audience. The lighting is beautiful, clearly highlighting the products at every angle, and their flat lays are outstanding. The deploy elements of color and shadow will make your target feel as though they were face to face with the actual product.

Reasons to Hire

√ The lighting and retouching places focus on your products

√ Detail-oriented, showing off all the fine details on your products

√ Exquisite still life photography.

11. Arcline NYC

Arcline NYC

As a fashion product photographer, Arcline NYC depicts all your products at every angle. It uses colors on still-photographs that depict the terrains that the product is best suited for.

For instance, the photographers could shoot a picture of all-star sneakers against a vintage-oriented background. Or a mat weaved wedge heeled-shoe against a beachy or boho-like background. It’s their subtle way of throwing ideas at your target audience to answer the question, “where can I wear this to”.

Reasons to Hire

√ Deploy still life and 360-degree photography.

√ Give your target audience a brick-and-mortar store shopping experience.

√ Captured images are visually-captivating and engaging enough to drive sales and conversion.

√ There is no specific background for their product photography, as they use appropriate backgrounds for the picture they are photographing.

12. Splashlight


With their team made up of art directors, hair and makeup artists, editors, photo retouchers, stylists, designers, Splashlight is inclined towards creatively depicting your products to drive sales and conversion. They handle production, post-production, and beyond so that your pictures come out looking flawless and enticing.

They devise a workable product photography strategy that appeals to your target audience. Through effective storytelling, every product image (360 or still images) whispers sweet nothings to your target audience, increasing sales in the process.

Reasons to Hire

√ Deploy intelligent imagery and elevated visual images to take your target audience to cloud9 with your products.

√ Every image spells a strategy and concept that appeals to the target audience.

√ Produces clean and sleek images with minimal colors.

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How Much Does a Product Photography Cost in New York?



Square shot

PAY AS YOU GO - for a one-time $50/ image includes services like retouching, etc.

GROWTH - Best for growing businesses and marketing team that’ll require 60-300 images yearly. $39/ month (annual billing) or $60/ month (quarterly billing)

ENTERPRISE- For online stores, brands, and enterprises that shoot 300+ images yearly. $159/ month (annually) or $245/ month (quarterly)

NYC Photographers

PACKAGE 1 - $299, which covers up to 5 items

PACKAGE 2 - $699, which covers up to 20 items

PACKAGE 3 - $1199, which covers up to 50 items

Tals Studio

Package For Product Fashion Photography- $375

Package For Fashion Product Photography-


Alex Kotlik

Single Product

21-99 photos - $20.00 per final image

A single photo - $60 for one file

100+ photos - Call Us to discuss!

Group Images

21-99 photos - $30.00 each final image

Single photo - $100 one file

100+ photos - Call Us to discuss!

Additional Services

Rush Service - 50% of the order

Product assembly- $35 per hour

Ironing/steaming - $5 per item

Extensive retouching - $40 per 30 minutes

Ghost mannequin - $30 additional per image

Hand modeling - $30 additional per image

Fast Product Photography Services

Individual product - $39.49

Amazon Package - $174.99

360-degree Product Videos - $99.99

How to Hire a Professional Product Photographer?

Professional product Photographer

Things To Consider:

  • What’s your budget?

High-quality photography can be expensive. Nevertheless, all you’ll need to do is create a flexible budget that meets your business needs and is affordable. First, get an idea of how much photography costs, from minimum to maximum price.

We’ve given an idea of how much certain photographers cost. But if you’ve got your eyes on a photographer, feel free to contact them via their website or check out their rates through the “pricing” section.

  • What’s their Portfolio like?

A photographer’s portfolio is the total quality of their work and photography style. If their style fits your brand or captures your brand and product story well, then you should hire them. If they’ve worked with competitors or brands that share similar values with you, check out what they did.

  • Reviews and Testimonials

This is a quality assurance technique that assures you of the quality of the services they offer. You can only bank on them if they’ve got positive reviews.

  • Take Your Time

The patient dog eating the fattest bone. When selecting the perfect photographer for your product, you should do it with all deliberateness. Eliminate fear and the need to wrap it all up hastily. Take your time and patiently scrutinize the product photography options you have.

  • Photography Blog

A company’s blog is a great way to access their knowledge about photography. How professional are they? How good are they in terms of product photography? Etc.

Their blog also shows you a thing or two about their culture. You’ll learn a thing or two about their modus operandi. You’ll also know and understand if they jump on trends and how well they do that. It would also let you know how passionate they are about product photography.

  • Social Media

Do well to follow them on social media. Photographers like to showcase their projects and more works on social media, and some also talk of their experience while working on the project via Instagram caption.

  • Streamline your options

If you have a list of 30 photographers that you’re thinking of trying, it would be best to drastically reduce the list to about 4 or 10. If possible, cut it down to 4.

  • Schedule a meeting

While online meetings are great, physical meetings help you gauge the photographer further, especially if you decide to meet them in their studio. You’ll gather more details as regards-

→ Where and how do they work?

→ While they work, you’ll observe their process.

→ Are they detail-oriented?

→ Are they creative?

→ Are they passionate?

→ Do they take their time taking every picture to make it come out beautiful, or do they seem to be in haste?

Then, you can discuss your brand with them and see if your product is something they’d want to take a photograph of. Also, now would be a good time to inform them about your budget.

  • Maintain Close Contact

Keep up with your photographer for future projects after the project. Follow them on social media, subscribe to their blog, do things that’ll boost a healthy and working relationship with them.

Skills You Should Look Out For In A Photographer:

Skills You Should Look Out For In A Photographer
  • Knowledge on Lightening

Lightening is a delicate and important aspect of photography. The photographer’s knowledge of lighting is usually evident in their pictures, which is crucial to your hiring process. It determines how good or how bad your products would be captured. The right lighting frames your picture to either project the characteristics of your product or tone it down.

  • Tabletop Experience

Most product photography happens on a tabletop. Hence, it’s important to look for photographers who understand how to take tabletop pictures of products. Products are usually photographed differently based on their shape, sizes, etc. A product photographer with experience photographing a wide range of pictures would come in handy in this respect.

  • Problem Solving Skills

Problems could spring onset. Sometimes it could be issues with the photographer’s equipment or the products. Either way, these issues could obstruct the entire project, leading to a terrible result that could be discouraging for you and your brand.

If your chosen photographer has got this problem-solving skill, he/she would easily save the day regardless of the issues that develop on set while shooting the pictures.

  • Image Editing

Your product photographer should easily use Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop software to touch up your pictures. Then again, a great photographer should easily take pictures that won’t require too much editing.

  • Experience in Product Photography

Product photography requires a photographer to take hundreds of products daily or per hour. A photographer’s experience in taking product shots is crucial, and it ensures that the photographer always gets good shots of your products regardless of how many pictures he takes.

  • Communication Skills

Photographers with excellent communication skills make the job easier for their team and the Clients. A photographer with amazing communication skills would easily help his clients communicate their expectations and help the Clients understand which expectations are unattainable and which ones can be executed.


What types of product photography can I get?

It depends on the type of product photography that your photographer offers. But you can get Still life product photography, flat-lays, 360-degree product pictures, shots with models wearing your products to show the size, lifestyle shots, white background photos, detailed shots, group shots, process shots, etc.

When Should I Pay a Photographer?

You have to pay an upfront fee to show commitment. Then, pay another part a few months before the event. The final part of the payment should come in after you’ve received your photos as agreed.

Do photographers cost per photo?

While some photographers charge using the per photo rates, others charge using the “package” model.

What should I ask a product photographer?

Some of the questions you should ask a photographer should include (but is not limited to);

→ How many pictures would you get?

→  What’s their experience?

→  Ask for a description of their photography style.

→  How much do they charge?

→  Do you own the pictures, or do they own them?

→  Would they manage the shoot or instruct a team member to do so?

→  What equipment do they have, and what equipment would they use for you?

How many photos can we expect to get?

The number of photos you should get after a shot depends on the package you paid for or on the photographer. That’s why if your photographer doesn’t speculate the number of photos you’re expected to get, you should discuss it before your first payment.

Can my product be shot with a model?

Yes, it can be shot with a model, but it also depends on whether or not your photographer offers model shots as part of his services.

Final Thought

As you try to decide which photographer is best suited for your needs on our list, you’ll realize that, although they all seem competitive, they all bring different unique features to the table.

Also, not every photographer would reveal their pricing from the get-go. While some do that immediately, others would ask for your budget and try to develop a customized plan that fits into your budget. Nevertheless, you’ll surely get your money’s worth with any of these product photography companies.

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