Hire Professional Product Photographers in Los Angeles (Elevate your Brand with Experts)

It is in the hands of a skilled photographer to create eye-catching product images that will pique consumers’ interest in your product. 

In a big city like Los Angeles, you will find countless photographers willing to help your business succeed. But whom should you choose?

When hiring photographers, you may have concerns about which product photographers in Los Angeles will be good for you, how much they will cost, and which of their qualities should be considered while choosing them. This article will provide answers to all these queries. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the discussion.

Top 13 Product Photographer for Hire in Los Angeles

Many photographers offer their services, but not all are proficient in every type of photography. Choosing someone per your preferred aesthetic is necessary to make the most of a photographer’s abilities.

Here, we have compiled a list of the top 13 product photographers in Los Angeles so you can choose one for your upcoming shoot. 

1. Best Image Solutions

Best Image Solutions

Best Image Solution, as the name suggests, is one of the leading product photography service providers in Los Angeles and can address any problem you may be having with your product photography. They provide services for apparel, jewelry, beauty, lifestyle, and other products. 

Their services are not limited to product photography; they also provide photo editing and creative design services. Their creative professional team is proficient in creating commercial photography for eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

Reasons to hire: 

  • Affordable price 
  • Can help to reach your target audience
  • Produces striking lifestyle and artistic photographs
  • Can provide a professional impression of your brand

2. Matthew Roharik

Matthew Roharik

Matthew Roharik is one of the most famous and top product photographers in Los Angeles, with 20 years of experience in the photography industry. His photography aesthetics are ideal for social media use because they are entirely different from the eCommerce style. 

He works with products like bags, shoes, fragrances, beauty, skincare, gadgets, beverages, and many more. Besides, he has collaborated with other renowned brands and created international ad campaigns.

Reasons to hire: 

  • Perfect for social media campaigns 
  • Provides a realistic vibe to products
  • Creates signature look for brands
  • Creates stunning colorful product photography

3. Squareshot


Squareshot is one of the top product photographers in the USA, offering their services worldwide. Their service area includes individual shots, paired products, group shots, hand models, ghost mannequin, and accessories like jewelry and watches. 

Apart from providing photography services, they also offer photo retouching services at a very reasonable price with no hidden charge. Moreover, their service is transparent and can be tracked and controlled from beginning to end. Ship your products, and within a few days, you will receive photos you can use on your website.

Reasons to hire: 

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Expertise in flat lay photography
  • Creates professional quality photographs
  • Gives photoshoot and retouching services
  • Provides eCommerce standard white background photography

4. Small Green Door

Small Green Door

Dunja Dumanski, a professional product photographer, based in Los Angeles, founded the creative agency Small Green Door. Her graduation from the Art Center College of Design and work experience in the photography business for more than 18 years certify her caliber level.

Her expertise lies in accessories, cosmetics, fashion, food, and home. The composition and artistic vision she has will undoubtedly captivate everyone. On top of that, she has worked with several renowned brands, including Nike, Garrett Leight, MeUndies, TOMS shoes, Beyond Yoga, and many more. 

Reasons to hire: 

  • Has extensive creative vision
  • Offers remote product photography
  • Can make the product stand out
  • Creates social media marketing-worthy photographs

5. Timothy Hogan

Timothy Hogan

Timothy Hogan is one of the famous product photographers in LA. He has worked with many brands in his 25 years journey in this industry, including Maybelline, Vince Camuto, V05, Fred Leighton, Davidoff, Movado, Gordons, Gucci, Chanel, and many more. He has also won numerous awards.

His work includes beverages, timepieces, jewelry, fragrances, and cosmetics. He approaches each project with professionalism to give the brand a unique identity. He is, without a doubt, capable of creating enthralling images that can leave viewers in awe.

Reasons to hire: 

  • Worked with renowned brands
  • Expert in creating fascinating images
  • Helps to achieve brand goals by boosting sales
  • Professional in beauty, beverages, jewelry, and watch photography

6. Studio Jane

Studio Jane

Are you looking for a specialized and cost-effective eCommerce product photography studio for your clothing brand? Studio Jane is a professional product photography studio that creates stunning photographs for over 30 product categories, especially home and lifestyle products, charging only $15-$20 per image.

They use neutral backgrounds and models for lifestyle shots wearing trendy clothing, shoes, and other accessories, which makes the photographs engaging and drive sales. All you have to do is ship them your products; the rest is up to them.

Reasons to hire: 

  • Build brand image
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Creates customer-engaging photographs
  • Specialized in Ecommerce product photography
  • Produces well-organized, product-focused images
  • Affordable cost with no minimum order requirement

7. Michelle Monique

Michelle Monique

Michelle Monique is one of the best product photographers in Los Angeles. She has proven herself a talented beauty product photographer through her partnerships with well-known cosmetics companies like Kylie Skin, Kylie Cosmetics, Morphe, Fenty Beauty, Neutrogena, and many more. 

Her work includes beauty, cosmetics, hair, nails, fashion, products, editorial, and advertising photography. Moreover, her marketing background aids her in developing creative photography and campaigning strategies for connecting with customers and understanding their needs. 

Reasons to hire: 

  • Creates distinctive brand image
  • Excellent at setting color composition
  • Specialized in beauty product photography
  • Worked with several reputable brands

8. Michael DeLeon Photography

 Michael DeLeon Photography

Michael Deleon Photography is the studio to work with if you’re looking for a qualified advertising photographer to take pictures of your products for commercial use. Throughout his roughly 15 years of professional experience, he has worked on various photo shoots, which has equipped him with the abilities needed to succeed as a photographer.

He specializes in various photography genres, including those that focus on people, lifestyle, architecture, apparel, medical products, industrial products like electronics, housewares, aerospace machinery, and many more. You have to contact him with your project details for his day rate. Besides, he charges $75/hour for retouching, and micro shots will cost $60/image.

Reasons to hire: 

  • Expert at creating product catalogs
  • Creates eye-catching advertisements
  • Receives both small and large projects
  • Expert in flat lay and mannequin photography
  • Offers creative and high-quality product photography
  • Creates eCommerce standard stunning white background photos

9. Drew Doyon

Drew Doyon

Drew Doyon specializes in lifestyle and product photography. His product photography primarily features skincare items. Along with that, he also deals with food, shoes, and other products. And the best part is that he offers his services globally for both large and small product photography.

The majority of his product photography has a simple white background. To make customers feel more a part of the brand, he also employs models to add a lifestyle element to the products. 

Reasons to hire: 

  • Compositions can bring 
  • Offers services worldwide
  • Skilled in skincare product shots
  • Simple and neat photography style

10. April Staso

 April Staso

Your search for a freelance photographer in Los Angeles is now over. April Staso is a well-known commercial freelance photographer with years of experience in the photo industry and a degree in the commercial photography program.

Her portfolio shows that she has collaborated with various clients and worked across multiple genres, from fashion to shoes, bags, and beverages. Moreover, the composition and the color grading are impressive and worthy of use as Instagram product photography.

Reasons to hire: 

  • Bring brands to life
  • Create compelling images
  • Perfect for editorial shoots

11. Rebecca Peloquin

Rebecca Peloquin

Rebecca Peloquin is an LA-based product photographer with more than 15 years of experience in the photo industry, working in various fields like editing major award show photos, makeup, portraiture, and building brand identities. After experimenting with these industries, she has decided to concentrate on food and beverages. 

Her excellent sense of color grading adds drama to the composition. Besides, her creative product shots are in white, black, and vibrant color settings.

Reasons to hire: 

  • Can create vibrant visuals
  • Creates motion photography
  • Expert in food and beverage photography
  • Expert in both light and dark background photography

12. Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis is a skilled commercial product photographer. His work relates to fashion, lifestyle, nature, portraits, food, beverages, and products like beauty, skincare, and other accessories. 

His compositions prove that he is an expert in color harmony. No matter if you want the composition to be minimalist creative product photography or flat lay photography, he can convey stories with his work, which helps customers relate to the product. 

Reasons to hire: 

  • Tell a story with the product
  • Offer a versatile and creative style
  • Has an excellent sense of color contrast
  • Skilled in flat lay shots, close-up shots, and other techniques

13. Will Deleon

Will Deleon

Want to represent your brand in a simple yet vibrant and creative style? Then Will Deleon is the right choice for you. 

He has extensive experience in producing unique product photography. His areas of expertise are beauty, cosmetics, apparel, accessories, technology, food, and beverages. His love of experimenting with color is evident in all of his work. 

Reasons to hire: 

  • Make the products pop out 
  • Brings life to the products
  • Create a distinct brand image

How Much Does Product Photography Cost in Los Angeles?

Product photography comes with various costs in addition to the photographer’s fee, including those for digital image files, printing, photo editing, and more.

The cost may vary depending on the expertise level of the photographer. For instance, a student or amateur photographer would charge less than a professional, and a freelancer would charge less and often offer discounts.

The price also varies depending on the type of photography and payment methods. According to US national standards, product photography costs between $35 and $170 per image. On the other hand, commercial photography can cost between $200 to $300 per hour and $150 to $250 per image.

Moreover, a package system may cost between $150 and $500, and if someone wants to hire a photographer on a daily basis, they may have to fork over between $300 and $3,000.

The cost of product photography in the US on average, based on estimates 

Photographer CategoryPer imageHourly
Amateur$25 – $50$25 – $100
Professional$75 – $350$100 – $300
General range$25 – $250$100 – $250

Note: Product photography in Los Angeles costs 45% more than the US national standard.

How to Hire a Product Photographer—Skills to Look For

When looking to hire a product photographer for creative product photography, you should consider the following skills:

  1. Studio and Tools: 

Photographing the products in a professional studio with high-end equipment, proper lighting, and other necessary elements to achieve professional quality product photography is crucial. 

Numerous competent freelance photographers offer their services for less money but lack a dedicated studio, which eventually degrades the image quality due to the lack of a proper lighting setup.

So, before hiring a photographer, find out where they will be shooting and what equipment, like the camera, tripod, lights, background, etc., they will be using to ensure that it won’t harm the quality of the photos.

  1. Lighting knowledge:

One of the critical factors that can either enhance or detract from a photograph’s overall impression is light. Therefore, choosing a photographer with extensive knowledge of lighting setups for various products and scenarios is necessary. 

For instance, the photographer needs to know how to adjust the lights for shooting against a white background, flat lay photography, or even shooting jewelry or watches without reflection. Also, understanding how to use both natural and artificial light is vital.

  1. Photography Techniques: 

Another critical component to enhancing the product’s appeal is photography techniques. Some photographers have expertise in flat lay photography, while others may be skilled in apparel photography, jewelry photography, or skincare product photography. 

Hence, it’s advised to enquire about the photography techniques that the photographers are most skilled at to understand if they are compatible with the methods you prefer for your product photography.

  1. Post-Production Skills: 

Whether the photographs are for an eCommerce site or social media platforms, eye-soothing edited product photographs are essential. Raw photos always have issues with color grading, reflection, shadow, and other elements that make them unusable. 

So it’s essential to hire a photographer with photo editing skills or a photo editing team. If they deliver edited images ready for use, they will undoubtedly shoot in a way that will save them time during editing.

However, if they won’t give you edited photos, you’ll have to outsource to a photo editing service, which might be a more affordable alternative in some circumstances.

  1. Problem-solving abilities: 

Numerous problems, such as flaws in the software, product problems, gear malfunctions, license problems, and so forth, could occur while working. In light of this, the photographer or team members should be capable of handling such a dire situation.

Moreover, their communication and management skills are crucial for efficient service, as problem-solving through collaboration is the best approach in emergencies.

  1. Organizational ability: 

Successful product photos involve many steps, including setting up the lighting, framing the camera, positioning the products, and creating the background. A skilled photographer must work in an organized manner to complete all of these tasks in a short amount of time. 

If the photographer is clumsy with all these activities, it proves he is not proficient enough in that sector. Therefore, assessing a photographer’s level of organizational skills is crucial. You might consider checking out their blogs, keeping up with them on social media, or even meeting them in person.


What types of product photography can I get?

There are various ways to photograph products. However, the following are the most popular for both social media platforms and eCommerce sites: 

  • Group shots
  • individual shots
  • close-up shots
  • lifestyle shots
  • detailed shots
  • packaging shots
  • flat lay shots
  • white background shots
  • mannequin shots
  • hanging shots
  • scale shots
When should I pay a photographer?

To satisfy both clients and photographers, payment in installments is a good compromise. Some clients pay in 2 installments; some prefer to pay in 3. Therefore, it depends on how the clients and photographers negotiate the contract.

Do commercial photographers charge per photo?

Usually, commercial photographers charge a day rate. However, there are other methods of charging, such as hourly, per photo, per project, and usage or licensing fees. Since each photographer has their own style and method of operation, it is best to check their website or contact them for a quote.

What should I ask a product photographer?

Make sure to ask the following questions before hiring a product photographer: 

  • What qualifications and experience do they have?
  • What kind of tools will they employ?
  • What type of background are they going to use?
  • Which photographic style do they prefer most?
  • Which payment methods do they accept?
  • What exactly does the payment cover?
  • How many photographs can you expect? 
  • Will they deliver edited or unprocessed photos?
  • What will be their turnaround time?
  • Who will have the rights to the pictures?
  • Do they charge extra for transferring the rights?

Final Thoughts

One of the key factors behind the success of your online business is high-quality, visually appealing product photography. For that, you need cutting-edge equipment and a skilled photographer who knows how to make the most of the equipment and design a composition that will lure in customers.

We hope this article has given you more knowledge about the best product photographers in Los Angeles and given you some guidance on choosing the right one for your company.

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