Hire Professional Commercial Photographer in New York, NY – 2023

New York is known as the most aesthetically pleasing and Big Apple city that has day and night beauty diversity. But to find out a professional and expert commercial photographer is a very daunting task in New York. You need a good idea and creative partners who can pass your message to your target audience.

And for this, you need to hire the best commercial photographer in New York, NY. Are you ready to narrow down your story in a way that captures more attention from your targeted audiences?

Let’s take a look at some of the top NYC commercial photographers.

What is Considered a Commercial Photographer?

When you want to promote your product or service, images are the key thing. And that is the main purpose of a commercial photographer who shoots images of you, your business, or your products. To show off your vision and your sales message in the right way, they play an important role.

However, without understanding people and commercial markets, the image can not make any impact. To achieve the goal, they work within brand guidelines and an approved shot list.

For commercial product photography, sometimes you may need top commercial photographers. Are you ready to grab more attention on your business or products? Here are some best commercial advertising and fashion photographers in NY.

Top 12 Commercial Photographers Near New York, NY

Do you want to take your business to the next level or want to grab more audience attention to your services or business? Here, we mentioned some industrial experience and creative commercial photographers near NYC below:

Mathew Zucker Studio

Mathew Zucker Studio

Mathew Zuker is a professional and specialist in still life, fashion, and digital product photography. Mathew has potential and creative teams who serve small to mid-size companies and give a brand new look.

This commercial photography studio is famous for its well-balanced lighting and quality photos that fit perfectly on social media campaigns. Want a professional studio that serves lifestyle, cosmetics, food, and other fashion accessories?

With Mathew Zuker Studio, you experience the essence and style of products that get a finished look with proper knowledge and experience.

Reasons to Hire:

  • Serve strong graphic compositions.
  • High-quality product photos are used in advertising and eCommerce.
  • Offer budget-friendly services.



Diamond Shot Studio’s commercial product photographers specialize in commercial, fashion, product, and other photography in New York. The diamond shot studio is known for its top-notch commercial best advertising photographers, catalog for eCommerce, and social media usage quality images that benefit your brand.

If you are eager to shoot infants or plus-size pictures and videos on models, you get flexible options. From ghost mannequins to laydowns, pin-ups, or tabletop, they have no limitation.

Reasons to Hire:

  • Offer quality, speed, flexibility, and ongoing communication.
  • Serve photo retouching services.

Mark Delong

Mark Delong

As a creative photographer or director, Mark has a unique vision to bring refined technical skills with experience that ensures your trust. Also, a dynamic team supports him with timely communication, attention to every product detail, and quality look.

As a professional commercial photographer, every product image gets a finish and luxurious concept. He has expertise in fashion, beauty, celebrity, and lifestyle photography.

Want to give your target audience ideas on how to incorporate your product into their lifestyle? Mark’s creative team’s greatest strengths, forward-thinking, and dedication push the limits of creativity and mold clients’ vision into a complete story.

Reasons to Hire:

  • High-quality photography and video services for multiple usages in advertising, social media, and store signage.
  • Create a custom identity for the brand.
  • Provide pre-production, production, and post-production services before delivering finished images.

The Line Studios

The Line Studios

This photography studio creates beautiful eCommerce imagery that helps clients’ to scale creative production. Their quality images suit almost every marketing channel, website, and social. Want to explore 360º product photography as brand storytelling?

Here, photographers are experts on your product’s best aspects and angles. Their creative thought and flexible approach all over the creative production process set them apart from others.

Reasons to Hire:

  • Adds minimalism concept to showcase product personality via quality, clear images, and editing.
  • Offer customized and planned services according to your budget.
  • Provide a flexible budget range.



Popular and professional product photography studio that serves tracked, controlled, and detailed services. Only you need to outline the details and ship the products, then you get clear, clean, and eCommerce-friendly images.

However, their photographers are experts in business services, eCommerce photography, and retouching. With the right angle, reflections, and plain background with subtle colors, they portray the essence of products.

Ready to enjoy faster, cheaper, and life images that transform the viewer into a buyer!

Reasons to Hire:

  • Serve pre-production, production, and approval services.
  • Sale-oriented customer service provider.
  • Help to achieve a fresh, consistent, and high-resolution look.

Yechiel Orgel

Hire Professional Commercial Photographer in New York, NY - 2023

Yechiel Orgel is a professional New York-based commercial photographer who portrays still life, product, food, and beverage photos. His creative technique, presence of proper light, and angles transpose his timeless imagery into a lifelong passion.

Also, he works with creative entrepreneurs, stylists, and assistants. Want to boost your eCommerce advertising, web, and catalog assignments? Yechiel’s real-life visionary casts the true appeal on both extraordinary and everyday items.

Reasons to Hire:

  • Helps to achieve pixelated results.
  • Offers dynamic composition.
  • Deliver concept-driven commercial images that boost your brand.

Doug Holt Photography Studios

Doug Holt Photography Studios

They are a full-service photography studio including commercial still-life, fashion, and products in the heart of NY. It fulfills your creative and visual needs via storytelling pictures. With an expert team, they offer quality and sharp photos that you can boldly use on different visual platforms.

Also, Doug Holt commercial product photographers collaborate with art directors and different agencies, stylists, and hair and makeup artists to capture amazing shots that give life to your products or services. You get perfect eCommerce and market-oriented solutions that suit all types of industries.

Reasons to Hire:

  • Offer clean, high-quality, and affordable retouching services.
  • Detail-oriented and show fine details of your products.
  • Give a real store shopping experience to your target audience.

Dorothy Shi

Dorothy Shi

Dorothy has fame in commercial fashion photography with an on-location and studio experience worldwide. Her photography opens up a creative and fine-tuned finish. From personal branding to brand recognization, Shi’s business photographers know how to capture every detail that makes a great impression online and on every platform.

With her unique art direction and style, you get fabulous photo services that cater to fashion designers, actors, models, advertising agencies, eCommerce, and many more.

Reasons to Hire:

  • Offer fair commercial photography pricing services.
  • Have a complete visual branding solution with photography and videography.
  • Every image spells a strategy and concept that evoke target audiences.

Keith Barraclough

Keith Barraclough

Keith is a specialized New York-based environmental portraiture and commercial headshot photographer. His vision and unique style support top advertising, editorial, and corporate marketing content. His images have an innate style and energy that grabs the eye.

If you have an emergency schedule and need perfection, Keith articulates his vision without spending hours. With his precious talent, he captures the magic inside of anyone.

Reasons to Hire:

  • Exhibits the hidden beauty and emotion of a person through portraits.
  • Affordable pricing policy.
  • Eye-catchy and high-quality images give an original feel.

Wini Lao

Wini Lao

Wini Lao aims to help entrepreneurs and purpose-driven brands to find their voice via impactful visual media. Her every portrayal express a welcoming approach that engages with the right moment or idea. With joyful emotions and color combinations, Wini evokes audiences.

Her expertise and technical skills help to grow athleisure, beauty, and lifestyle brands. From commercial lifestyle photography to product and portrait, Wini brings your product to life.

Reasons to Hire:

  • Create bright and vivid content that inspires and defines the purpose of brands.
  • Serve high-quality product photos.
  • Adds personality to your product or portraiture.

Moriah Sawtelle

Moriah Sawtelle

Do you ever feel the beauty of the usual and unusual of everyday life? Moriah Sawtelle brings the conceptual and thoughtful food and beverage scenes into life. To show the depth of texture and nuance of ordinary moments, she transcends the basic process of living.

If you wish to visualize and execute the big picture with each brief, Moriah is the best one. As an NYC-based food photographer, Moriah love to highlight real truths through fiction.

Reasons to Hire:

  • Provide a feeling of excellence.
  • Offer a cohesive brand experience that leads to trust.
  • Capture every single detail and attracts new customers.

Industrial Color

Industrial Color

Creative production powerhouse of top talent and facilities that serve digital photography, video, post-production, and other creative production services. Their higher retouching and eCommerce content production suits all types of brands.

The best thing about their photography is 360degree product spins, still-life, tabletop, on-model, and flat lays photography. With creative angles and perspectives, they capture excellent details that offer a mythical and wonderland scenario.

Reasons to Hire:

  • Deliver concept-driven product photos.
  • Offer different photography styles that fulfill brand requirements.
  • Have video production facilities for your products.

Professional Product Photographers For Hire in New York

How Much Does a Commercial Photographer Cost in New York?

The average cost of a commercial photographer is appx. $100 to $620/hour. The professional photographer demands $120 or $400/hour or more.

The photography rate may fluctuate per product photography type and photographer’s expertise. Other extra costs may add to travel time, prints, digital image files, and photo editing fees.

Let’s take a look at the expertise level of commercial photographers’ costs in New York!

Commercial Photo Type









$90 - $325/hr (extra charge may add depending on product numbers, location, and other setups)

$30 to $210/hr

$25 - $75/hr


$250 - $680/hr or more (price may vary depending on models, artists, or other expenses)

$90-$275/hr (price may fluctuate as per clients demands)



$200-$420/hr or more

$100-$350/hr or more







$220-$690/hr (depend on project size)

$150-$350/hr (depend on project size)

$64-$208/hr (depend on expertise)


$152-$455/hr or more



Fashion & Fashion Accessories




Things to Know Before Hiring a Commercial Photographer

Don’t ever think that photography is all about a good high-end DSLR camera. Perfect and quality commercial photos have the power to tell the story alone. For this, hire photographers who have a great understanding of the photography key elements like shutter speed, exposure, light composition, depth of field, and other knowledge.

Also, you should consider on few things like –

Photographer – What kind of photographer are you looking for? For example, you are looking a lifestyle photographer. So, reacher on all requirements what you want to highlight.  

Budget – Estimate your budget as per shooting or hour costs to narrow down photographers. 

Quality Service – Industry-experienced and reputed photographers can deliver quality and standard service. So, give priority to the certified and licensed photographer.

Check out Portfolio – Go through their work sample or portfolio to get their working style.

Rating & Review – Look at reviews and ratings if possible to know more about their diversity, experience, and commercial photography rates.


How much do photographers charge in NYC?

Photographer’s charge depends on perfection and skill level. The average photographer’s charge in NYC appx. $270/hour or more. But some newbie or freelance photographers charge $120/hour.

How much do photographers charge in Brooklyn, NY?

In Brooklyn, NY, the photographers charge appx. $175 – $320/hr or more depends on their professionalism. Some freelance photographers may charge $35 – $200.

Do photographers charge extra for editing?

Photography and photo editing both need different skillsets. Some professional photographers who manage timing for editing charge extra for doing this work. But most of the time, they outsource editing to invest their time in quality photography.

Where to outsource commercial photo editing, if Needed?

Commercial photos highlight the essence of products that tells a story alone. So, it is wise to adopt a wide range of image editing services to get a pixel-perfect solution.

Is hiring a commercial photographer worth it?

ECommerce to small businesses all demand clean, quality, and sharp product photos. So, whatever type of services, or products you have, by investing in a commercial photographer, you get top-notch results.

Final Thought

A picture has the power to express words without any human interaction, and that’s why commercial photography is so valuable to businesses. It allows you to share your achievements, product story, or brand success.

An expert commercial photographer in NYC can narrow down the heart of your business or products. For this reason, focus on hiring the best one to grab targeted audiences and build strong relationships via social media.

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