Professional Car Photo Editing Services That Dealers Use to Increase Sales

If you look through a website with the intention of purchasing a car, what do you think you would see first? 

The car’s stunning appearance, without a doubt. 

In the commercial world, such as the automobile industry, photographs are the basic element for advertising cars. And photo editing is a necessity when it comes to making photographs provocative enough to drive the customers crazy. 

The purpose of this article is to inform readers about the benefits of photo editing and popular photo editing services that are mostly used in the automotive sector.

Let’s dive in.

Does Quality Photography Matter for Car Dealerships?

The process of buying products has undergone significant change over time. Previously, shoppers would physically inspect the cars in the stores and would go for test drives before making a choice. 

However, customers now prefer to look for cars online, such as on websites and social media platforms, and compare them with those from other dealers before visiting the stores physically in order to get a better idea of the market’s overall situation.  

In order to give customers the feeling of love at first sight when viewing the photos, it is crucial to use high-quality images along with other features that will make the photos unique and alluring compared to other dealers. Besides, high-quality car photographs-

  • build trust in the company or dealers
  • give the impression of greater quality
  • help bring in customers and increase sales
  • create a competitive advantage for the company

How Does Car Photo Editing Help the Automotive Industry? 

Brands, dealers, and photographers are a few of the various entities connected to the automotive industry. In order to thrive in this industry, they all, in some way, depend on photo editing.

Car Brands

Car brands are the fundamental elements of the automotive sector, and photo editing is related to their core. The perks of car photo editing for auto brands are listed below. 

Advertisement:  Stunning car photography serves as the sole medium for a car brand’s advertising and promotion when showcasing its lineup of vehicles. For that, they need to have flawless car photographs that are fascinating enough to persuade the customers to buy them. 

Besides, they must include their brand logo, showroom address, and other information in the advertisement. Photo editing is, therefore, a fundamental requirement for marketing purposes.

Building Brand Value: Each brand has a distinctive photographic aesthetic that sets them apart from the competition. Additionally, the unique and creative way you present your cars will help to build the value of your brand.

Hence, photo editing is essential for producing images that will help your brand stand out in order to develop your brand’s image and make it more well-known to customers. 

Boost Sales: The more appealing your car photos are, the more sales they will produce since the quality of the automotive photos has a big impact on sales. 

It is photo editing that transforms your ordinary car photos into extraordinary ones that inspire customers to buy them and ultimately increase your sales. 

Car Photographers 

Car photographers are a significant part of the automotive industry because they are adept at capturing a car from a variety of angles to produce the best results. 

However, having good photography skills alone won’t be enough to create publishable photos for marketing or promotion because unedited images usually have problems with color, reflection, background, etc., that needs to be fixed through editing. 

Car photographers heavily rely on photo editing in order to present their work, demonstrate the authenticity of their expertise, work with different brands, dealers, and magazines, and even develop their own websites.  

For this, photographers usually depend on car photo editing services, though some of them prefer to do the editing themselves.

Automotive Dealers 

Automotive dealers nowadays have their own websites to sell new or used cars. For this, they need to use high-quality photographs of the cars no matter what condition they are in. 

Therefore, there is no better option than using photo editing to make an advertisement and promote their website in order to become more well-known and draw more visitors in order to increase their sales.

What Types of Car Photo Editing Services Do Dealers Utilize?

Here are the top 8 car photo editing services that car dealers most frequently need: 

1. Image Background Removal

The background is one of the crucial elements that can make or break the impression of the photograph. But a car, being larger in size, makes it challenging to take pictures in a studio or in a setting with a picturesque backdrop all the time. 

An image background removal service can remove the unsuitable background and replace it with a simple white background, which is considered most suitable for an eCommerce site or with your desired background. To improve the appearance of the scene, you can also choose to replace the sky or blur the background. 

2. Color Correction

The color of the product is the first thing consumers notice in a photograph before making a purchase, and this is no different for cars. However, regardless of the lighting situation, it is challenging to capture the true color of a car with a camera. 

Therefore, to enhance the color of the car, color correction photo editing services are frequently used. Along with bringing out the natural color, it’s essential to make the image appear vibrant and eye-catching enough to leave viewers in awe. 

To achieve this, precise color mapping is used, and manual adjustments are made to the features that affect the color variation, including brightness, hue, contrast, and saturation. 

Besides, if you wish to demonstrate color variety but all the variants are not available to shoot, you can customize the color of the car to your preference. In this case, you don’t have to worry about it looking fake or edited because professional editors can make the car look original with some neat editing.

3. Drop Shadow & Reflection

When it comes to product photography, the use of shadow is vital to creating a realistic appearance. Oftentimes, due to changes in the background, it becomes necessary to add a natural shadow to the photo or adjust the size of the shadow. The shadow creation service is extensively used to complete all of this work.

Reflection is equally as significant as having a shadow. Since the body of a car is shiny and has numerous glass windows, it is obvious that it will have reflections. However, due to a lack of proper lighting or to make the car look more captivating, the addition of reflections is demanded by the dealers.

4. Template Adding

Sometimes it is necessary to display banners, posters, brand logos, showroom names, or other information on car photographs for marketing or advertisement purposes, which is impossible to achieve in a raw photograph. 

In this situation, customers choose a template-adding service, where they give the service providers their desired templates or information that they want to include. Later, the editors then attach them to the photographs in a suitable or expert manner so as to effectively attract the customers’ attention.

5. Number Plate Edit

Since there are ways to discover personal information, such as your name, address, or phone number, the number plate is very sensitive information that shouldn’t be displayed in photographs.

For this reason, the huge demand from clients to add any text to the number plate, or remove or blur the number plate to keep the information private, makes it a popular car image editing service.

6. Car Photo Retouching

For marketing purposes, a flawless photo of the car is essential. However, a raw photograph doesn’t always turn out perfectly. 

As photographers need to shoot the car from different angles and distances, often unnecessary reflections and shadows fall on the car, which affects the overall impression of the car. 

Besides, the car may have scratches, spots, or dust particles, which, if visible, can have a negative impact on the impression of the car in the photograph. Therefore, photo retouching is the most commonly used automotive photo editing service to eliminate all these flaws.

Photo Retouching Rates: How Much Does It Cost?

7. Auto Parts Photo Editing

Customers often prefer to see close-up images of specific car components, such as the seats, gap between the seats, steering wheel, door handles, gear stick, clutch, gas & brake pedals, engine, mirror, tires, and so forth. 

Thus, auto parts photo editing services are frequently used to enhance the appeal of the auto parts to potential buyers by removing background distractions, glare, stains, or grains, adjusting the colors, and so on.

8. 360 Degree Car Photo Editing

360 Degree Car Photo Editing

Customers prefer to purchase luxury items like cars from showrooms where they can physically inspect them from all angles. However, people are more interested in online shopping these days, and purchasing a car is no exception.

In order to simulate the experience of seeing a product in-store, 360-degree photography are in great demand in the case of online marketing. 

The 360-degree car photo editing service gives you the option to change the background, blur the background, and create a virtual turntable photo to give a better view of the interior and exterior of a car in greater detail by combining multiple photographs taken from different perspectives. 

Where to Outsource Car Photo Editing Services?

Since a car is a shiny object, extra care must be taken when editing photos to remove or add backgrounds, reflections, shadows, etc. To produce the best work possible with a professional touch, choosing to outsource is a necessity.  

While there are numerous AI-based websites that enable photo editing with a single click, you might wonder whether it’s necessary to use a photo editing service

To let you know, those AI-based services can’t guarantee the precise outcome that you can get from a professional, which could eventually make your photos look unprofessional. 

Among the numerous service providers out there, Clipping Path Studio is one of the best photo editing company without a doubt because of its long-term experience, top-notch photoshop service, and reasonable price. 

Here are some of the best features that you might need to consider- 

Bulk amount: It’s quite challenging to maintain the quality of the photographs if the order comes in large quantities.  Since we are specialists in dealing with large quantities, we don’t find it difficult. Nevertheless, no matter how big your order is, maintaining quality is our top priority.

Product quality: We are aware of how important it is to preserve the quality of photographs for the eCommerce industry. Therefore, since we don’t skimp on product quality, we assure you the best quality from our end. 

150+ certified professionals: When it comes to editing product photographs for marketing purposes, it is essential to have the work done by a professional. Because a professional editor knows how to make the photographs attractive enough to lure customers. 

Our expert team consists of more than 150 certified professionals who are committed to giving you the best results possible because doing so will boost your sales and demonstrate the value of our service.

Quick turnaround: Maintaining quality with faster delivery is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Our company values your time. That’s why our highly motivated team of professionals works around the clock to ensure that your product is delivered on time and at a 63% faster rate

Our turnaround time for urgent orders can be anywhere between 6 and 24 hours. Yes! We indeed are that swift with our work.

Final Thoughts

When viewing products online, people are primarily focused on the visual appeal of the product. So, luxurious items like cars should definitely use automobile image editing to make the photographs of the cars more stunning and bring in more customers. And for that, seeking professional assistance would be a wise move.

We sincerely hope that our article was useful enough to give you all the information you might need for your automotive photography or business to flourish.

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