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As per statistics, 30% of U.S. shoppers deny purchase when product images have quality & details showcasing issues. If you look at Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc., famous online marketplace, you will notice their top-notch product images with white, transparent, or relevant backgrounds. 

But how do they represent realistic product images? The answer lies in different photo editing services, and the cutout is one of them.

Want to get a professional image cutout services to boost your online business? With this article, you will get all the necessary information about the image complexity level, which industries benefited most, and where to outsource the service. 

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What does it mean to cut out an image?

Cutout an image (also known as deep etched) is the photography post production technique that separates the main subject from its original background. In the eCommerce marketplace, the most demanding & popular way to represent product images are white and transparent background. 

This deep etching service is the best way to enhance the image’s appearance that fits well on different eCommerce platforms.

In short, 

However, photo cutout services offer professional photo editing solutions for versatile contexts like fashion, product catalogues, advertising, etc.  

Now, it’s time to understand the cutout services complexity level with relevant products.

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Image Cutout Services Based on Complexity

Every image cutout or background removal service might look the same. But the difference lies in an item or product editing complexity and procedures.

Based on these difficulties, there are five main kinds of cutout image services, including:

Simple Product Image Cutout 

Simple Product Image Cutout 

When you deal with curvy products with a hole like rings, bags, shoes, watches, headphones, and other accessories is known as simple product image cutouts. 

Also, in this simple deep-etch, you experience that the path’s anchor points are smaller than others.

However, skilled designers spend less time removing image backgrounds and cutouts.

Medium Product Image Cutout

Medium Product Image Cutout

Medium cutouts represent advanced background removal from an image – because it deals with more holes and a rounder form. Also, the number of anchor points and paths increases compared to simple ones. 

And these image editing technique is performed on numerous bends products like bags, jewelry, shoes, bracelets, fashion items, and other product images that contain a few embedded transparencies.

Complex Product Image Cutout 

Product images with complex shapes, messy backgrounds, holes, and closed paths require advanced photo editing services like complex cutouts. 

For example, floating fur, jewelry photographs, group close-ups, landscapes, bicycles, chains, furniture, etc., have numerous embedded transparency and closed paths.

However, deleting image backgrounds or intricate cutouts requires time to deal with many pathways. 

Multiple Product Image Cutout

Multiple Product Image Cutout

Do you want to change singular segments of a product picture by upgrading shading level, size, color, multiple fillings, rotation, effects, filters, and more? With multiple cutouts techniques, you can achieve your goal.

However, these cutouts are popular for GIF and Flash composite activity, style indexes, online-based business products, web layouts, design inventory, and many other sectors. 

Super Complex Product Image Cutout

Do you look closely at vertical and horizontal zigzag designs, group photos with flying hair, decorative chair & chain, etc.? You may notice these products represent tricky shapes or curves inside and outside. 

And to deal with this large number of paths and anchor points, you need to apply high-end super complex cutout techniques to get the eCommerce-oriented look.

Got the idea about cutouts image complexity level with product examples?

Now it’s time to identify which industries demand deep etching services to boost their business.

Who can be benefited from Cutout Image Background?

Image cutout is the most demanding photo editing service in eCommerce platforms to earn sales and conversions. Using this technique, you can give your products an attractive, engaging look that evokes many customers. 

For this reason, the cutout image background is essential for –


Clear & high-quality product images alone can attract higher audiences, ensuring more sales. Cutout service helps photographers get an ideal shape and image format to upload pictures to any online marketplace. 

Advertising Agencies

The most crucial factor in an advertising agency is: who doesn’t want higher leads & revenues? Top-notch and premium quality images are the best thing that ensures customers’ satisfaction with engagement. 

Additionally, advertising industries rely on cutout services to represent brands’ professionalism, highlighting product essence. 

Product Catalogue Companies 

Cutout services also offer photo color correction, contrast, white background removal, and many more to highlight the product’s focal points. And that is the main reason eCommerce business owners, retailers, the apparel industry, etc., pay attention to post-processing for showcasing their masterpieces.  

However, visuals deeply affect individual audiences where pixel-perfect product images play a vital role in product catalogs. 


In the fashion world, magazines create a positive vibe among customers, including breathtaking apparel, model outfits, newly launched products, and many other items. The magazine builds brand recognition and credibility by spotlighting popular or unpopular products. 

But without quality images, the magazines won’t market and sells products or services. So, they prefer a fine-tuned, clear, and professional product view to build a strong relationship and run the business in the long run. 


From printing to advertising, cutout techniques are essential to fulfill the file size, composition, contrast, and quality-resolution requirements. Also, to show every detail, such as colors, texture, shape, etc., publishers depend on Photoshop experts to give words of products. 


Legitimate patterns, eye-catchy looks, product-highlighting background, etc., evoke customers to buy the product. And that is the real reason that retouchers tend to cut out services. Also, the service helps to isolate the unwanted portion of an image like the ghost mannequin photo editing

Where to Outsource Image Cutout Service?

Outsource Image Cutout Service

In the online marketplace, you will get different outsourcing companies that promise to serve quality photos. But the expertise requires years of experience and the ability to handle different photo editing solutions in one place. 

Clipping Path Studio is the best outsource clipping path company where we can support more clients worldwide. Clients reach us in different eCommerce sectors and other industries to get high-end photo editing solutions. 

Our photoshop cutout experts provide a range of services, including cutout photos, clipping path, photo retouching, clipping mask, drop shadow, background removal, etc. 

Want to know why our global clients rely on us to outsource photo editing for eCommerce from other competitors?

Pixel Perfect Results: Our tech-savvy designers love to handle complex cutouts and serve high-end and pixel-perfect solutions that fulfill eCommerce business demands. 

Quick Turnaround Time: You can save time and money with our high-end in-house photo editing professionals. We always ensure a quick turnaround time without compromising image quality.

Affordable pricing: Clipping Path Studio offers bulk formation images with affordable pricing to fulfill all sizes of businesses demands, ensuring image quality.

ECommerce Optimized: We offer clear, customer-oriented, high-quality images with different image formats that ensure more sales. 

Flexible & No distractions: You’ll get flexible solutions to use product images in different marketplaces with proper cutouts.

24/7 Support: Call us if you want any image editing solutions or have any questions about our service. We want to be a part of your success story. 

If you want to experience our top-notch photo editing solutions, you are most welcome to try our Free trial.


How to image cutout in photoshop?

In Photoshop, you get several tools to cut out an image, such as:

  • Quick selection tool
  • Object selection tool
  • Magic wand tool, or
  • Pen tool.

    However, to learn in an effective way you can check out the tutorial: Image cutouts in Photoshop.

How much do photo Cutout services cost?

The cutout service cost starts from $0.29/image if you hire CPS as your professional image editing solution provider. And the costs will increase as per image complexity level.  

Is image cutout services important for eCommerce?

Yes, the cutout service is important to boost your eCommerce business; because it offers consumers a high-quality, clear, & product-oriented background that builds trust and engagement. 

Also, it ensures more traffic and revenue.

What are the things that need to consider for outsourcing image cutout services?

We all know that perfection requires dedication & experience. So, before outsourcing image cutout services checklist of questions, including

  • Reputation (Do they have good reviews from clients or customers?)
  • Data privacy & security,
  • Payment structure
  • Technologies
  • Customer Support
  • Turnaround time (Is there a guarantee for quality?)
How long does it take to cut out an image?

The time management for cutout service depends on image complexity level & editing procedures. Also, the time may be quite long if you order bulk image formation.  

So, it is wise to contact your preferable outsource photo editing company to place your requirements and time.

Final Verdict

Now, you have all the necessary information about professional image cutout service in your hand. It’s time to go ahead and boost your online business. 

So, Why delay? Go forth and conquer!

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