Shoe Photo Editing Service for eCommerce – Utilize to Drive More Sales 

Shoes are one of those fashion products that are a necessity as well as a luxury. With the emergence of eCommerce businesses, the majority of footwear companies today, no matter how big or small, are moving online.

The demand for high-quality shoe images is growing as online businesses become more and more dependent on the use of appealing photographs. And the only way to obtain eye-catching, high-quality photographs is through professional photo editing services.

Read the following section to learn about the blessings of photo editing services and decide which services you should choose for your shoe photography. 

Who Needs Shoe Photo Editing Service?

Well, in every industry, there are manufacturers, distributors, dealers, retailers, online sellers, photographers, outsourcing firms, and many other people who are interrelated and somewhat interdependent on one another. 

Although their methods of work are different, their goal is the same, which is to operate the business and make a profit.

And the shoe business is no exception. Besides, in today’s world of eCommerce, photo editing has evolved into a fundamental requirement for the shoe industry. Let’s try to find out who needs shoe photo editing services the most.

The following list includes the primary clients for shoe photo editing. 

Footwear Brands

The leading suppliers of shoes are shoe companies or brands. They produce different shoe designs that need to be made popular among the people to stay in business. 

The only way to accomplish this is through the use of captivating, creative, and visually appealing shoe photography, which is only possible through photo editing.

The benefits of photo editing include-

  • helps to build their brand image
  • effective advertisement
  • helps to boost their sales
  • increases the trustworthiness of the brands’ 

Footwear Magazine Publishers

Magazines are one of the most popular and widely used forms of advertising. Despite the widespread use of online marketing, print ads through a magazine are still in the hype.

Footwear brands prefer to work with magazines to promote their recently released shoes or most popular designs. Usually, magazines are kept in waiting areas like doctors’ chambers, shops, offices, and so on for weeks or even months.

So, chances of reaching the advertisement to a larger audience increase compared to webpage ads as people usually ignore such ads or even use ad blockers while surfing web pages.

Therefore, magazines need to use edited photos to make the photos appealing to grab readers’ attention and generate revenue.

The benefits of photo editing include-

  • assist with the target research
  • prolonging the life of the advertisement
  • providing recognition to the brands
  • facilitating the brand’s credibility

Online Footwear Retailers

The e-commerce sector is entirely dependent on high-quality photographs. Regardless of whether the seller sells the footwear on a website like Amazon or eBay or a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, the seller must use captivating images to persuade customers to make a purchase. 

Since raw photos often have problems with the background, lighting, color, and a variety of other issues that need to be fixed, using edited photos is a necessity to make the photographs appealing and eligible for online marketing.

The benefits of photo editing include-

  • effective online marketing
  • increases traffic to the websites
  • helps to seize the customer’s attention
  • contributes to increasing sales

Footwear Product Photographers

The footwear product photographers are experts in the field of shoe photography. And, working with photographs involves working with photo editing.

However, the skills required for photography and photo editing are totally different. Not all photographers have expertise in photo editing, and some photographers may not have enough time to invest in doing photo editing on their own.

Due to the fact that shoe photographers work with brands, online retailers, and others associated with the shoe industry, they have to deliver high-quality and flawlessly edited shoe photographs. So, they rely on photo editing services to some extent.

The benefits of photo editing include-

  • establishing a successful shoe photography career
  • enhancing the authenticity of their website
  • increasing the credibility of their expertise
  • providing opportunities to collaborate with brands and dealers

Shoe Photo Editing Services To Get Better Product Images

There are specific standards for photographs on eCommerce sites that are suitable for conducting business, such as image size, products with a plain white background, etc. 

In order to meet these requirements, it is necessary to utilize the photo editing process, and the footwear industry is no exception.

The following is a list of the most popular photo editing services used in the shoe industry: 

1. Image Resizing and Rescaling

Shoe Photo Editing Service for eCommerce - Utilize to Drive More Sales 

Shoes look best when placed at the center of the frame. However, centered framing may not always be used, and images may have large negative spaces that need to be cropped out or unwanted objects that need to be removed from the edges of the frame.

Aside from that, some websites might have strict guidelines regarding image sizes in order to speed up loading because a slow loading time can displease users. It should be noted that sloppy image resizing or cropping can lower the resolution of the image.

Therefore, resizing and rescaling are the two most commonly used shoe photo editing services, where skilled editors painstakingly resize and rescale photographs while preserving the quality and resolution of the images to reframe the subject and make them suitable for use on eCommerce sites.

2. Photo Clipping Path

shoe Photo Clipping Path

Clipping path is a photo editing technique where photo editors use the Photoshop pen tool to create precise selections to isolate the subject from the background for a variety of uses. Besides using this technique, unwanted objects can also be eliminated from a photograph.

Some websites prefer shoe photographs to have a transparent background, whereas others may prefer a white background. Besides, sometimes you may feel the urge to place the shoes in a surreal context to create an advertisement. 

In such cases, a clipping path service is the best option because, once your subject is separated from the background, you can use it however you like.

3. Background Removal

shoe image Background Removal

A photograph’s background is a crucial component that can either give the image a polished or unprofessional appearance. Plain backgrounds, for instance, a white or neutral tone background, help to keep the focus on the product and give it a neat and organized look.

However, in raw photographs, it’s challenging to keep the background flawless all the time. Even if a plain white background is used, it may not give the photographs an elegant look that can be achieved through editing. Hence, removing the background is essential in shoe photography.

Through the background removal photo editing service, the background of an image can be removed and replaced with any other background that best compliments the shoes.

4. Shadow Creation

Shoe Photo Editing Service for eCommerce - Utilize to Drive More Sales 

Shadow is one of the most significant features that sets artificial objects apart from real ones. Unfortunately, removing the background or using high-intensity lights during the shoot could cause shoes to lose their natural shadows and appear fake. 

Since in the eCommerce industry there is no physical interaction between customers and sellers, customers fear getting scammed. So, customers usually avoid purchasing shoes that look artificial.

To give the shoes a realistic look and uplift the visual appeal of the photographs, shadow creation services are in high demand. There are several categories of shadow creation services, such as natural shadow, reflection shadow, floating shadow, and drop shadow effect.

5. Photo Color Correction

The product photos should be vibrant enough to draw the customers’ attention, and the color should be precisely the same as the original product in order to earn their trust in the seller or brand.

However, the color of the shoes can often appear dull in the raw images due to the reflection of light, imbalanced contrast, wrong color temperature, inappropriate brightness, inaccurate white balance, and other factors. 

Besides, a particular design of shoe may have different color variants, but shooting all the variants may not be possible due to the unavailability of the stock or tight budget. In that case, the only choice is to use edited photos.

So, to make the shoes in the photographs look elegant and exquisite, photo color correction services are widely used, which include color changing, texture replacement, color matching, and color correction. 

How to Color Correction in Photoshop

6. Shoe Photo Retouching

When photographing shoes, it’s possible that some of the shoes will have stains and wrinkles. Besides, a negative impact on the overall appearance of the shoes can also be caused by the position of the laces, under- or overexposure in specific areas, faded color due to reflection, etc. 

Besides, for marketing or online business, it is essential to make the shoe photographs as eye-catching as possible because this is the only way to draw in customers.

The most popular service used for footwear photo editing is the photo retouching service, which removes blemishes, reflections, shadows, and other imperfections to improve the aesthetic appeal of the photographs to potential customers. 

7. 360 Degree Shoe Photo Editing

360 shoe photo editing

Three-dimensional or 360-degree product photography is the best way to view some products, like shoes, as they give customers a more realistic impression of what shopping would be like in a physical store. 

Customers also prefer to view the shoes from all angles since the sole, heel, toe cap, logo, and other parts are all equally significant to consider when making a purchase. Hence, 360-degree shoe photographs are trending nowadays. 

In the 360-degree shoe photo editing service, turnable 3D view photographs are created by combining a number of images from various perspectives that can be zoomed in on to see every detail precisely. Besides, the background is kept white in most cases to give the photographs a realistic feel. 

Where to Outsource Shoe Photo Editing Service With an Affordable Price?  

Outsource Shoe Photo Editing Service

With the rise in popularity of online shopping, the demand for compelling and high-quality images has risen as well, as many people now prefer to shop online rather than in person to save time and hassle.

The people involved in the shoe industry must manage a large volume of photographs at once, which takes a lot of time. On occasion, using AI-based websites for that is taken into consideration. However, those websites are computer generated, which fail to provide accurate results.  

Therefore, the best choice is to hire a professional photo editor to complete the task for business purposes. On that note, ClippingPathStudio is indeed one of the best photo editing service providers around the globe.

Here are some of our best features that you might need to consider for using our services- 

150+ Certified Professionals: More than 150 certified experts with years of experience make up our talented team. They are extremely diligent, perfectionists, and dedicated to giving you the best possible results, which will definitely help to boost your sales and make you a recurring customer. 

Product Quality:  Our top priority is to keep the product quality high at all costs. For years, our highly skilled team of experts has been ensuring the highest standard of product quality. Therefore, if you have given us any work, be sure that you’ll get the highest quality products.

Bulk Amount: Customers often worry about the product’s quality when ordering in a large quantity. You don’t have to worry in such a case as working in bulk is our expertise. No matter how large your order is, we will deliver your product, maintaining the quality within the deadline.

Quick Turnaround: We value your time just as much as you do. Our qualified team works all hours of the day and night devotedly to make sure your product is delivered on schedule. In general, we deliver 63% faster, but in an emergency, we can deliver your products in 6 to 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

While doing business online, using stunning photographs is the only option to make your product stand out. For that, there is no alternative to photo editing, as raw photographs always have issues with lighting, colors, and other aspects that make them unsuitable for use on social media platforms or eCommerce sites. 

We hope that our article has given you enough insight into photo editing services that you might require for your footwear business. 

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