Professional Apparel Photo Editing Services That Fashion Brands Use 

Digitalization in photography is widespread across the eCommerce industry. When it comes to highlighting the fashion sector, apart from fashion accessories, apparel photo stands first. Online sites or printed magazines place visually appealing apparel photos. So, apparel brands promote their products to consumers in the greatest possible way, not just capture them.

If you want to set up a clothing business or online apparel store or to sell in the traditional marketplace or fashion houses, you must use apparel photo editing service or hire image editing professionals to edit apparel photos. It will ensure that your apparel images are lucrative.

In this article, you’ll walk through why clothing brands use apparel photo editing services and the services they prefer. Even you will receive support from us to help you out of this dilemma.

Does Quality Photo Matters for Fashion Brands?

Does Quality Photo Matters for Fashion Brands

According to a Forbes survey, over 75% of potential buyers prefer high-quality product photos for deciding.

If you want to convert sales for your online stores, you must have desirable apparel photographs, whether graphical or photoshoots.

But, does only a photo impact on conversion rate? No. International business doesn’t rely only on photo shoots.
To grab the audience’s attention, they pay heed to image enhancement. It includes a lot of work like ecommerce photo editing and retouching, image cropping, image resizing, image masking, white background, clipping path, color enhancements, etc.

You must improve the accuracy of the product images. You can do it with software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. This will eliminate the flaws of apparel photos, make them clear and engage the customers.

Selling products is a prime focus for every business. There are many firms in the ecommerce sector; therefore, competition is fierce. To remain steady in this competitive environment, you must beautify quality apparel photographs that may boost your sales in the best possible way.

When it comes to selling apparel online, there are several obstacles to overcome, such as feel and design. Marketers may overcome this roadblock by increasing consumer trust in their products. A high-quality apparel image can boost shopper confidence and encourage them to convert at a higher rate.

How High-end Photo Editing Helps the Fashion Industry?

In the fashion industry, high-end apparel photo editing is always a matter of concern. If not the product won’t shine, it would appear like regular apparel, which will not appeal to a consumer.

However, apparel is an essential daily need. Some clothes are related to sentiment (i.e. wedding or party dresses). It’s not simple to capture that sentiment online. We can all name our favorite fashion retailers or those with excellent websites.

Images of renowned magazines or websites are obvious to differentiate! They have a significant style in shooting and editing.

Professional fashion photo retouching services help you strengthen product’s popularity and your brand identity.
Some folks who adopt apparel photo editing services in their fashion business are as follows-

Apparel Product Photographers

You are wholeheartedly convinced that clothing is the whole of the fashion world. To increase engagement, the apparel image must be appealing. Clearly, photographers play an important part in this industry.

Professional photographers create atmosphere, sentiments, and ideas about the clothing product by retouching a model or ghost mannequin, black and white effects, and more.

Fashion Brands 

Fashion brands rely on photoshoots to promote their products in the best possible light.

They clearly conducted a lot of photoshoots. However, photoshoots alone will not bring your product to life; they must bring out a strong interaction.

In that case, apparel photo editing services are important for photo enhancement. You get quality product images or manipulate an overlay backdrop or enhance the brightness. Actually, everything they want in terms of apparel photo editing services so that they maintain a long-term viewer connection.

Some well-known fashion brands cannot help but highlight them, these are- Nike, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Zara, Chanel, Adidas, H&M and more are on our list.


Retailing the apparel products on online platforms or traditional market product images can have an influential effect on it. Product images should encourage the consumers to grab the products.

Most female consumers tend to search for clothing products on ecommerce platforms. So they are always influenced by the appearance of the dresses. So, apparel retailers prioritize attracting their consumers.

Apparel image editing services can assist you here. Generally, a photo editing company has an experienced team of image editing professionals for offering these services efficiently.

Fashion Magazines 

Digital products or model photos are always trendy in fashion magazines. Here you can find the latest updates about fashion, and its visualization is so great to admire. Every Page has a place for product advertising.

So you can clearly understand that consumers are engaged through their adorned visual products. Obviously, these luxury magazines also need clothing photo editing services.

Ecommerce Platform

The ecommerce platform depended heavily on the most beautifully displayed product pictures. Because this is the big attraction of building a business and being reliable to consumers.

These product photos and descriptions might excite the consumer’s interest. You already know that this platform must be graphically powerful; otherwise, it will never keep its place and will never go where it wants to go.

Every ecommerce site like Amazon, Big Commerce, Shopify, Alibaba, Walmart hires picture editors or hires editing services to ensure that their products seem visually appealing enough for buyers to purchase them without hesitation.

What Types of Photo Editing Services Does Clothing Industry Use?

Clothing product is a big part of the fashion industry. To keep the charm of fashion, the clothing industry uses a wide range of apparel image editing services.

1. Background Removal 

Background removal is one of the most important services. In this process, The background of the apparel photos is eliminated by using software like Adobe photoshop.

If the clothing photograph needs to be shown as appealing and so careful about the image’s context.  Pay attention to the details in the photos when you change the color, add a new filter, or entirely erase the background. 

Professional Apparel Photo Editing Services That Fashion Brands Use 

Like Nike, an ecommerce image editing photo is always on a white backdrop and has been clipped from a real photo. You know why a buyer clearly detaches the product feature before purchasing it. 

When you look at the photo, you will see that it has a transparent background. This clipped image appears clear and appealing to purchasers. Image background removal service shines out the apparel. 

2. Shadow Creation 

One of the most key things of editing services is shadow creation. After clipping the background, the product images may appear fake; thus, apply some shadow to make them look better and more realistic.

After background removal, the clothing photo seems floating, so it can create trust issues for buyers if it goes available. So you may in-depth and create a shadow to look real even if untouchable to the buyers.  So shadow creation in clothing photography makes the product genuine for buyers.

Fashion photo editors are well acknowledged for how the apparel makes it real. 

If you look at and see this clipped photoshop image, it looks floating in the air and so unreal. 

Professional Apparel Photo Editing Services That Fashion Brands Use 

But you can see an image here of Adidas products,  with some casts the shadow on transparent background that makes the picture so real and enticing to the eyes.

3. Photo Color Correction 

Photo color Correction is a key in fashion photography. This color grading software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, involves boosting and apparel image’s color, saturation, and contrast. 

For a thorough approach in the fashion sector, both the shooting and editing stages are mandatory. So, mastering how colors show up on digital devices is essential for creating convincing visuals.

Even a little inaccuracy may cause color difficulties when viewed from various displays. Buyers may be disappointed. This is especially common in the fashion industry, and it might be devastating. If what shoppers see online and in shops differs from what they expected.

photo color correction

When you look at the product photographs of Hermes Jacket, it may contrast with colors and add some overlay backdrop to captivate your eyes.

How to Color Correction in Photoshop – Quick & Easy Method

4. Photo Color Variants 

Photo color variants are mostly used for apparel products that may blend several color variants onto a single product. Color variations are essential in fashion photography to develop a fresh aesthetic appearance and produce feelings on the products.

 It enables you to display your apparel in several variations and shades. Another major factor to consider is that a product may come in a variety of colors. However, the cost of the photograph may increase if every color product is shot by a photographer. So, Colored pictures must develop visual effects so that customers may have a pleasant shopping experience.

If you take a look at this  Lululemon apparel photograph, here you can see the different colors in a product variant added some shadows, tones, and a white balance for setting on this image. So you can see how this color variation editing service works on clothing color shifting, face retouching, hair color correction, and applying some face makeup to produce an aesthetic vibe.

5. Photo Color Matching 

Photo color matching or recolor services are the most demanded service in the apparel industry.  

Clothing photographed pictures with an accurate color increases the trust of customers and reduces the returns of the products. It is the method of gathering the color shades on your screens to adjust the color in reality.

Photo Color Matching 

When you look at the H & M cropped top, here so well-contrasted that color matches with its background. It can look so enticing to the eyes of buyers.

6. Clothing Photo Retouching 

Clothing Photo retouching is an influential editing service. You can make your product images shiny with the correct light amount and balance. This service will lighten or darken the image as required to bring out the details for exceptional touch.  

Clothing Photo Retouching 

Without having the correct light amount and balance or any shrinkage, the products’ photos look pale and unattractive. But, You can count this  Adidas apparel image into a shiny new look. 

However, we can see the sweatshirt’s subtle shrinking here, enhancing its color and making it appear so convincing.  This might attract the buyers and grow your sales up to par.

7. Ghost Mannequin Effect 

Ghost mannequin effect adds a dimensional effect and exposes a product’s feature.This effect is also referred to as the “invisible mannequin,” “3D mannequin,” or “hollow man.” It is a standardized post-production method for apparel product photography that tackles the showcasing dilemma. 

It lets you shoot a product on a model or mannequin and then combine the shots in post-production services to eliminate the model or mannequin. Lastly, you can see a life-like picture that grabs the attention of your products.

Ghost Mannequin Effect 

This Zara Jumpsuit has been clipped from a real photo and embellished with a shadow and ghost mannequin effect to make the product more realistic.

8. Flat Lay Clothing Photo Editing 

The most trendy product photoshoot is Flat lay. You know what, on Instagram 8.9 million photos under the hashtags of Flat lay. Even several ecommerce websites and marketplaces have decided to choose the way to showcase their products.

But, most work is done by post-production services like smoothening the sideways after removing background, masking the products, using different shades of color palette, and adding some shadow. These trendy photoshoots make your product more engaging and attract buyers to purchase.

Flat Lay Photo Editing

 H&M flat lay cropped top shots are so enticing to look at. The photo editor fixed the shrinking portion of the clothing and contrasted the white balance.

9. 360 Clothing Photo Editing 

360 Degree Apparel Photography is the best alternative to touching the apparel in your hand and turning it sideways. These clothing product photos are made up of a line of multiple two-dimensional shots taken from different perspectives.

360 degree product photo editing

All of the angled photographs combine to form a 360-degree product image, allowing shoppers to spin the objects to see the whole thing in the shot. This clothing photography platform for websites, blogs, online merchants, and e-commerce businesses is accessible. 

Where to Outsource Apparel Photo Editing Services?

apparel photo editing

Outsourcing allows you to ease your task more precisely and perfectly. In the fashion sector, you need a bulk amount of retouched product photos so that an ecommerce shop holder or famous magazines or photographers can be able to manage this task single-handedly with appropriate effects.  

 If you take the clothing photography editing services, it might speed up your work, and you fulfill your core goals in a minimum time. Clipping Path Studio will give you an opportunity to get all your post production services at an affordable rate. There are more things to be considered on our services. You can check it out.

Bulk amount: Bulk amounts of product editing services can be tougher to hold the quality of images. If you have a lot of product editing assignments to complete, you may send us a demo and the specifications of your project. So that we may do it ourselves and maintain high quality on those photographs.

Product quality: Product quality is crucial for any eCommerce or fashion brand. You need not think once if you’ve assigned us to accomplish the tasks.

So we are completely aware of how a large number of items are retouched and edited so precisely and flawlessly. We guarantee the product’s quality and communicate so well that there are hard-to-find issues.

150+ certified designer: A qualified graphic designer is knowledgeable of the existing markets. He or she can do and study more than any other business employee about which design would draw more clients. 

Our 150+ certified graphic designers are trained and have extensive expertise. They are knowledgeable about all aspects of editing services and will give your product images exactly as you want.

Competitive charge:: The charges are the primary concern of every ecommerce business owner in this photo editing service. Because we require a large number of modified product photos.

If you look at several picture editing websites, you will see that the prices are rather costly because it distinguishes between two categories in bulk amounts and per image. As a result, our charges are rather minimal, which might ease your charging anxiety.

Urgent delivery: Apparel products must be edited carefully since any color variety, or side of the product clipped incorrectly looks terrible. So this type of competitive work in a hurry is highly difficult but not impossible to do.

If you need urgent clothing product photographs at a competitive cost, you may contact us here to have the edited photos within 24 hours.

Get Apparel Photo Editing Service Within Budget & Time

Professional Apparel Photo Editing Services That Fashion Brands Use 

This studio’s workforce is so dedicated and you cannot help praising their work for sure. If you want our service check it out on our service page.

Final Thought

From top to bottom, you’ve learned a great deal about the real importance of photo editing services that may improve the quality of your ecommerce products. This streamlined garment editing service assists you in growing your business to the next level. 

When you use our service, you will undoubtedly get the finest results that can increase your revenue. Because we analyze your company’s goal first and then provide you with high-end product photographs that can leave a lasting impression on your customers’ minds.

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