Softbox for Product Photography – Things You Need to Know

Product photography aims to highlight the object engagingly, which needs proper lighting techniques. That’s where a softbox plays a crucial role. You are probably searching for the best softbox for product photography but can’t decide which one will suit you most. 

No worry! We designed this blog to present the best 10 softbox lighting kits, which are absolutely practical and compelling to bring your professional product photography to the top level. Also, you will get effective tips for choosing the perfect softbox for product photoshoots, including proper ideas on the softbox and its various types. 

So, no more talking; let’s get right dive in!

What is a Softbox used for in Photography?

A softbox used in photography is a type of lighting kit that allows for diffusing, softening, and controlling the light in photography. 

This light modifier contains a central lighting bulb in the middle and an enclosure around it, which provide the correct depth of lighting with little effort. It will help give the subject extra clarity and balance to be more enchanting.  

Professional photographers use a softbox for product photography because it helps them remove the harsh shadow from the subject and blend it softer. Moreover, the lighting of the softbox looks more natural. It also creates even lighting in the product image. 

Types of Softboxes for Product Photography

There are different types of softboxes for product photography lighting, such as octa boxes, rectangles, squares, strips, umbrellas, and more. Here discuss some softboxes that will give you extract ideas on softbox types. 

Octa Boxes 

These softboxes for product photography contain an octagonal shape and can enhance the lighting quality in any situation. Also, they give more even lighting, especially when used outside in bright sunlight. 

Studio Softbox

Studio softboxes are mainly used for complicated setups in a studio environment because they are effective for getting the best camera setting for product photography. Also, they contain professional-grade lighting systems, which make the product photos more delightful. 

Tubular Softboxes

In product photography, The Tubular softbox uses a reflective interior surface that bounces the light inside the box. It helps you take shots from different angles distributing the light more evenly throughout the product photos.

Boom Softbox

Boom softboxes are also made from reflective material on one side. They are also attached to an extendable stand that will help you move them closer or farther away from the product object. This softbox also lets you control how much light hits the subject and adjust it according to your needs. 

You will get more types of softboxes for product photography. But here are the best 10 softboxes for product photography that you must know. 

List of Softboxe for Product Photography

You get a brief idea of the softbox and its numerous types in the above. Now it’s the real turn! Here I will discuss the 10 best softboxes, including their key features, pros and cons, and brand details, which will help you get the best softbox lighting kit for your product photoshoot. So, let’s start! 

1. RALENO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit 20 “X28”

RALENO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

RALENO produces high-quality softbox photography lighting kits for product photography. This lighting Kit contains two 20 “X28” softboxes, two adjustable light stands spanning between 27 inches and 80 inches, which play essential roles in making engaging product photos.

This softbox is made of high-quality alloy steel. And its sturdy locking system ensures your items are safe from any swing during use.

Key Features

  • 2 x 20 x 28 softbox window
  • 5500-kelvin color temperature
  • 2 x E27 5500K 85W 110V CFL bulb
  • 2 x 2-80 height-adjustable light stand
  • 1 x portable tote from Oxford cloth
Professional bulbsPricey
Dual technologyLacks accessories
Long cable

2. Neewer 700W Professional Softbox Lighting Kit

Neewer 700W Professional Softbox Lighting Kit

Neewer 700W softbox lighting package with low-temperature bulbs is ideal for product photography. It is helpful for reducing heat during product photoshoots. It contains two soft boxes and light bulbs that will help you create even lighting on both sides of your product photos. 

Moreover, this softbox lighting kit contains E27 sockets that are perfect for a wide range of light bulbs. At the same time, the light stand contains sturdy and lightweight aluminum alloy to make the softbox a portable unit. And you can carry the whole unit with carrying bags. 

Key Features

  • Compact fluorescent Light Source
  • 5500K CFL Light Bulb
  • Dimensions: 24×24 inches
  • Lamp Wattage: 85 watts
  • 83″/210cm Light Stand
  • 24″X24″/60x60cm Softbox
Variety of lamp optionsLackluster materials
Softbox flexible height adjustmentNo battery power, just cords to plug into outlets. 
Impressive light stand height

3. EMART Softbox Lighting Kit

EMART Softbox Lighting Kit

The EMART softbox lighting kit provides a robust solution for professional product photography. It has two rectangular softbox kits with CFL lights which creates a natural sweetness to the image. It’s perfect for making indoor and outdoor product photoshoots. 

Moreover, using the EMART softbox for product photography will give you an additional advantage with its energy-saving lights. Also, the whole lighting packs are totally portable, which will help you make a product photoshoot studio anywhere. You will get quality product carrying bags for each tool. 

Key Features 

  • 2 x 20″ x 28″ softbox
  • 2 x 210° rotatable head with 106 inches
  • Style 20x28inch Softbox
  • 2 x E27 5500K 105W CFL light bulb
Two rectangular softbox kits with CFL lightsNo outside shade
Upto 210-degree adjustment of knob supports
between 29″ to 78″ height stands swap

4. LimoStudio 700W Photo Video Studio Soft Box Lighting Kit 

LimoStudio 700W Photo Video Studio Soft Box

The Limo studio softbox lighting kit is popular for its versatile features and characteristics. It contains 33-inch umbrella reflectors, bulb sockets, and Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages, which make it decent and perfect for taking product photoshoots. 

Moreover, it’s made of high-quality nylon. It contains solid locking systems for light safety while also it saves energy up to 80%. It can supply enough brightness that natural light cannot give in full.

Key Features

  • 45W CFL bulbs
  • 24″ x 24″ large soft Box
  • 85W E26 120V Light Bulb
  • Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
  • Soft Box + External White Cover
  • Height adjustable Min 28.5″-Max 78″
Affordable priceNeeds a good power outlet to work properly
Quite bright
Adjustable tripod
Fabric carrying case with handles
Sturdy tripod for the light

5. HPUSN Softbox Photography Lighting Kit 

HPUSN Softbox Photography Lighting Kit 

HPUSN lighting kit is one of the best softboxes for product photography. This photography lighting kit creates perfect lighting effects for product shooting because of its hexagonal shape, which makes a sizeable light field by coordinating it with the background and the subject. 

It contains a 5400K color temperature, and its bulbs produce balanced pure white daylight lighting and continuous uniform light., which creates a good photographic environment.

Key Features

  • 210° rotatable head & adjustable stand
  • 2x 60W 110V daylight LED bulbs
  • Made of the collapsible nylon cover
  • 2 x Soft Box White Cloth Covers
  • 1 x Carry Case and Manual
Lifetime warrantyNo weights for light stands
Suitable for various photographyPricey
Energy efficient bulbs
Sturdy aluminum alloy stand

6. GEEKOTO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

GEEKOTO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

The Geekoto softbox lighting kit provides perfect lighting effects for product photography while maintaining good color saturation. This softbox is made of high-density nylon material and a reflective diffuser. It contains a hexagon shape, which helps it make the light-emitting surface larger and creates gorgeous and soft colors. 

Moreover, the softbox stand is constructed from aluminum alloy steel that can rotate to any angle up to 210 degrees. You can save up to 80% of energy and use it for a long time approximately 8000 hours.

Key Features

  • x2 Softboxes
  • 5400K color temperature bulbs
  • 210°adjustable lamp holder
  • x2 Tripods a Carry bag.
3-section column design with single-action locksNeed to upgrade the Cheap white cloth
Height adjustment from 26 inches to 78.75 inches
Rotatable head & adjustable stand

7. Fovitec 3-Light Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit

Fovitec 3-Light Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit

The Fovitec softbox lighting kit is famous for its three-point lighting system and for saving money at the same time. This softbox includes three light stands with heights upward of 90 inches, a boom arm, three 20×28-inch softboxes, and three lamp heads. 

The geared grip head of the Fovitec studio pro softbox lighting kit provides a precise overhead placement facility and can support up to 9 lbs. 

Key Features

  • 2 socket-head fixtures with 20″ x 28″ softboxes
  • 1 Quick Setup 20″ x 28″ softbox with AC socket
  • 1 Boom Arm with a sandbag
  • 11 fluorescent lamps
  • 3 7’6″ light stands
Easy-to-use lighting controlsNot dimmable CFL bulbs
Maximum versatility and light quality
Adjustable boom stand with a sandbag
Power can be controlled by multiple switches
1 carrying bag

8. ShowMaven Photography Lighting Kit

ShowMaven Photography Lighting Kit

ShowMaven produces professional softbox lighting kits that give perfect light effects for product photoshoots. It contains sturdy stands that you can adjust with any height you’ll need with a 9-foot ceiling. Its backdrop is made from durable fabric. Also, you can easily remove its wrinkles by draping them with claps on the stand. 

Moreover, its top-notch features allow for making high-quality product photography with its multiple backdrops.

Key Features

  • LED light source
  • 5500 Kelvin color temperature
  • 5 x 6.5ft Light Stands
  • Polyester fabric backdrops
  • 20”x28” lighting softbox with E27 bulb holder
Can be ironed or steamed in low temperatureSmall and thin backdrops
High-quality shooting results
Durable and flexible steel frame
Easy to fold into small size

9. MOUNTDOG LED Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

MOUNTDOG LED Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

MOUNTDOG LED is a unique photography softbox lighting kit that contains more energy-saving LED bulbs compared to others. It can provide pure balanced white daylight removing any harsh shadows. 

Moreover, the lamp holder of this softbox lighting kit can be adjusted by 210 degrees, which is well-suited for capturing shots from any angle.

Key Features

  • 1 x LED Corn Light Bulbs
  • 5500-kelvin color temperature 
  • 1 x SoftBox with Bulb Socket
  • 1 x Light Stand
  • 1 x Carrying Bag
Adjustable lamp holderLack of brightness control
Embossed nylon material No weights for light stands
Range of light stand heights

10. Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit

Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit

Linco Lincostore lighting kit is considered the best softbox for product photography. It contains a silver reflective layer inside and black nylon cloth outside. This is the best portable softbox because it is foldable. You can store it anywhere like a charm. 

Moreover, this portable softbox lighting kit is compact and easy to assemble. Its competent and adjustable lighting capacity will help you create lighting like a best-budget softbox lighting kit. 

Key Features 

  • 24 X 24-inch softbox with white square diffuser
  • 110V-50Hz daylight CFL studio lighting bulb
  • 6500 Kelvin Color Temperature 
  • (2) x 32″ Photo Studio White Premium Soft Umbrella
  • 420D oxford cloth material
Durable and heavy-dutyLittle difficulty when using the clamps 
Affordable price
Premium quality nylon cloth
Easy to assemble

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How to Choose a SoftBox for Product Photography?

We know that softboxes come in different sizes, shapes, and categories. For that reason, choosing the best budget softbox lighting kit can be difficult for many people. 

But no worry! Here I picked up some points and aspects that will help you get the best softbox for product photography.

1. Size & Shapes

When checking softbox lighting kits, first, consider their size and shape. And this is a popular trend among photographers. You should choose a small softbox if you want to work with small products like jewelry items. Otherwise, it will be best to select a large softbox. 

Moreover, the shape of the softbox also modifies the lighting. In this fact, the round shape will help you get more spread-out illumination. 

2. Quality

The manufacturing quality of the softbox always matters a lot. Check out the fabrics of the softbox. They are mostly made with high-density Nylon that works as a perfect lighting diffuser. It’s also effective in giving soft illumination and removing any shadows. 

Moreover, you should check out the expandable rods used to alter the size of the softbox. Because it will become challenging to use the light diffuser if they are not strong and sturdy. Besides, you should pay attention to its overall quality. 

3. Additional Diffuser

The additional diffuser is considered a must-element for a softbox lighting kit. You should choose a white light diffuser box for product photography. It will help you soften the shadow and make a nice and smooth transition between the light and shadow.

4. Light Bulbs

When it comes to softbox lighting, you should check out the light bulbs. You will find a variety of light bulbs. But if you want the most reliable ones, select LED lights. It will save 75% of energy while also being environment-friendly. 

5. Portability

Portability is important for a softbox lighting kit because it will help you bear the softbox anywhere you want. And it will help you take indoor and outdoor photoshoots using the same lighting kit. Moreover, you should check out that the lighting kits are easy to assemble and disassemble.

6. Height Adjustment

Another important fact you should consider when choosing a softbox lighting kit is its height adjustment. Because height adjustment creates the best light effect for product photography. You can choose a softbox that contains a one-tap lock on the stand. It will help you create a swift and smooth height adjustment. 

Softbox vs Umbrella Lighting for Product Photography?


What Softbox Size is Best for Product Photography?

To make engaging product photography, you should use square and smaller softboxes because they will help you create the perfect lighting for product photography on the tabletop. 

Are softboxes worth it?

Softboxes play important roles in product photography because they can be used as fill, key, and background light to make your studio’s fantastic product photos. 

What is the difference between softboxes and umbrellas?

There are some differences between softboxes and umbrellas. The umbrellas mainly produce broader and diffused light. On the other hand, softboxes provide controlled and direct lighting, like sunlight falling through a window. 

Are soft boxes better than umbrellas?

The umbrella is suitable for a budget and works excellent for quality eye reflections. On the hand, softboxes are the best for making the possible control of the light. 

How do you shoot with a softbox?

First, take each softbox and place them before you, facing the object. Then, push them apart to give you space to stand between them to take your shots. 

Final Verdict

Softboxes are important to make product photos more engaging as they help you get the proper light and remove distracting shadows. In this article, you get the best softbox for product photography, including its definition and types and prospective ideas for choosing the right lighting kits for product photoshoots. So, go forth and get the right one.

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