Best Camera for Jewelry Photography to Buy in 2023 – Review and Ultimate Guide

What’s the first thing you notice when seeing your favorite jewelry magazine? Yes, the high-quality, beautiful, and sharp images that have the power to encourage consumers to buy. That means your product images can grow or break your business. 

Would you buy a piece of jewelry that fails to show details? Probably no. That’s why you should focus on choosing the best camera for jewelry photography. A feature-rich camera can manipulate lighting, remove reflections, and do many more things. 

To know more, follow our ultimate guidelines where you explore the best cameras that help you to shoot mind-blowing photos. 

Does a Better Camera Make You a Better Photographer?  

The answer is No. The camera is the tool one needs to master in different techniques to reflect their vision and style. Better cameras with advanced features and technology can make work easier for photographers. But before that, you need to develop your skills.

Suppose a well-functional and quality racing car won’t help you to win the race if you have no skill at driving. So, a better camera will allow you to reach a higher potential if you are a good photographer.

Why Does a Good Camera Matter for Jewelry Photography? 

You might experience that proper lighting, camera settings, and battery life ensures professional-quality shots. But when you experience a camera having settings issues or lighting, then is it add value to your profession?

Of course, No. And here lies the significance of a good camera.

So, let’s look at some key perks why you need a well-functional camera below:

  • Sharp images – jewelry photos shine when it displays every single edge with relevant details.
  • Maximum aperture – the f-numbers or f-stops (for example, f/14 or f/2.8 & control how wide a lens can be open and the amount of light you need to shoot as per the product’s distance.
  • Sensor size – the physical dimensions that are measured in mm or inches) of a sensor that helps to predict image quality.
  • ISO range – control the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor to light. It helps to brighten photos when you can’t use a longer shutter speed or a wider aperture.
  • Shutter speed – the length of time (measured in fractions 1/10 or numbers 100) when the camera’s shutter stays open. A slow shutter is vital to brighten images if you don’t want to use extra physical light. 
  • Angle of view – the ratio of scenes a photographer chooses to include or exclude from the image.
  • Point of view – the positions of a camera when viewing a scene.
  • Lighting – allows for conveying details and information related to the subject.
  • Focus – ensures sharp images.
  • Timing – helps to capture an attractive and exciting image with ideal composition and exposure.

Note: Before buying, one should consider some crucial criteria like:

  • Can your preferable camera serve quality image resolution?
  • Can cope with different lighting situations, bright or dark.
  • Support versatile lens.

Best Camera for Jewelry Photography 

Jewelry photography is the trickiest and most challenging because you need to avoid reflections, manipulate lighting, smudges, etc. On the other side, you need to pay attention to the shutter speed and aperture settings.

For this reason, choosing the right camera for jewelry photography might be a daunting task, considering budget, purpose, quality, lens support, etc.

To give you a proper solution, we listed the best cameras for photographing jewelry that also fulfills your work requirements.

Let’s dive in!

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV – Excellent Camera for Jewelry Photography

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon is a well-reputed camera manufacturer for its primary and advanced features. And meet almost all types of photographers’ needs, from professional to hobbyist. This SLR camera is best for shooting jewelry and mesmerizing your audience.

With its 30.4 MP full-frame CMOS sensor and high-performance image processor, this camera can take actual and professional photos. The DIGIC 6+ image processor produces excellent quality 

photos without taking too long. Also, you can take high-quality, vibrant images with versatile shooting options, even in low lights.  

This SLR offers a 61-point AF system with expanded vertical coverage that is effective at f/8 for excellent low-light performance. However, the optical viewfinder provides great stability to focus on your subject without wasting much time.

Do you struggle with low-exposure shots in low lights? Its wide ISO range of 100 to 32000 (expandable up to 50102400) is well-suited for low-light photography. 

The range is the best fit for the fastest shutter speed or simply suppressing camera shake blur.

With this SLR camera, you can take continuous action shooting at up to 7.0 fps with great speed. By getting this canon series, you get multiple video options that are ideal for smooth slow-motion video for its full HD video at up to 60p plus HD. 


  • Brand: Canon
  • Color: Black
  • Shooting Modes: Landscape, Automatic
  • Lens: Wide Angle
  • Model Name: 5D
Versatile ISO rangeLacks HDMI 4K output
Awesome image stabilizationAverage battery life
Takes pictures in low light without any flash
Best for capturing highly-detailed 4K video 
Wireless and NFC file transfer
Fast & accurate autofocus appr. 80% of the image plane
Support GPS 
Offer diffraction correction technologies
Advanced Live View operation with touch panel display

Sony a7 III ILCE7M3/B – Best Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera for Jewelry Photography

Sony a7 III ILCE7M3/B

This alpha series of sony is an absolute powerhouse for detailed image and videography. For this reason, professionals love this camera. Also, the manufacturer is well-known for its robust camera sensors. Its highly functional and advanced features suit almost all types of photography.

Do you want to take sharp and detailed jewelry photos? With its 10fps (8fps live-view shooting), a silent or mechanical shutter with AE/AF easily meets your needs. Also, you can take exceptional close-ups of jewelry using minimum focusing distance. 

The extended ISO range of 50- 204,800 best fits low-light situations. However, the advanced 24.2MP full-frame CMOS is responsible for high-quality images. Also, the 693-point phase-detection with 425-contrast detection helps track and focus the objects covering approximately 93% of the image area. 

With its BIONZ X image processor delivers real-life images with fine-tuned textures at a faster rate. That means you get less noise and more realistic images in both stills and video modes. 


  • Brand: Sony
  • Color: Black
  • Shooting Modes: Continuous Hi + AF-S
  • Lens: Zoom
  • Model Name: ILCE7M3/8
High ISO is valid for night photographyThe touchscreen is used for focusing
Impressive low light performanceSingle ultra High Speed 2 SD card slot
Quicker & accurate autofocusRecord limit over 30 minutes
Awesome 5-axis image stabilization
Electronic viewfinder
Has 4K high dynamic range (HDR)
Large & impressive battery life
Longer exposure time

Canon DSLR Camera [EOS 90D] – Best DSLR Camera for Jewelry Photography

Canon DSLR Camera

The EOS 90D canon series is famous for its striking colors, decent dynamic range with good exposure, and tonal adjustment flexibility. Also, the camera is helpful for newbies because of its automatic modes and flexible camera settings. 

The 32.5MP CMOS (APS-C) sensor best fits the low-light situation and meets all your needs. And the powerful DIGIC 8 Image Processor offers sharp, high-resolution, and lifelike images with minimal noise or grain. 

However, you can experience continuous shooting speeds up to 10fps, and the 45-point AF enables fast and precise focus. The 5481-point Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus is the best feature. The shutter speed of 1/8000th is effective in reducing camera shake and helps you capture high-speed moments in sharp detail.

And the high dynamic ISO range of 25600 offers quality images. The maximum aperture of f/3.5 is ideal for macro shots. Want to capture detailed videos of jewelry? With the uncropped 4K (UHD) 30p and Full HD 120p, you can get quality and slow-motion videos anytime.


  • Brand: Canon
  • Color: Black
  • Photography Type: Portrait, Sports, Wildlife, Event, etc
  • Lens: Telephoto
  • Model Name: 90D 
Auto ISO offers quality imagesThe zoom ring is very stiff
Optical viewfinderLow battery life
Offer 4K 30P video capabilitySlow & inaccurate focus
Wireless file transferSingle memory card slot 
8-way multi-controller
High-speed continuous shooting 
3-inch vari-angle touch screen
Impressive face detection AF

Nikon Z7 FX-Format Mirrorless Camera – Best Mirrorless Camera for Jewelry Photography

Nikon Z7 FX

Want to take close-up jewelry shoots? The new Nikon Z mount is the best camera for taking awesome and realistic pictures of jewelry. And the 360 F-mount Nikkor lens is best for shooting detailed and high-resolution jewelry images. 

The 45.7MP backside illuminated image sensor ensures spectacular images in all light conditions. With 493-point and 9fps continuous shooting speed, you can capture a fast and accurate subject. Also, you can take jewelry landscapes with a minimum focal length of 24-70mm. 

However, the maximum aperture range of f/0.95 is best for enhancing the low-light performance. The ISO range is excellent and gives you flexible connection options. Also, you can experience the best lens for jewelry photography.

The Z7 offers outstanding 4K ultra-HD video quality with 8K time-lapse and 120/1080P slow motion. 


  • Brand: Nikon
  • Color: Black
  • Shooting Modes: Time-Lapse
  • Lens: NIKKOR Z
  • Model Name: Z 7
5-axis VR image stabilizationWorthless electronic video stabilization
Quiet & lightweightSingle card slot
Wide ISO range great for night and daylight photographs
Long exposure 
Outstanding background blur
Electronic viewfinder
Quality of lens & sharp photos
4K Ultra-HD video

Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Digital Camera – best digital camera for jewelry photography

Fujifilm X-T3

APS-C mirrorless camera with a versatile option. With an expanded phase-detection autofocus system, you can track your subject and record quality 4K video. The camera is the best fit for the low-light situation. 

However, this camera gives you direct control over shutter speed, ISO up to 160, and exposure compensation. Also, it offers a 60fps refresh rate and 425 selectable autofocus points. 


  • Brand: Fujifilm
  • Color: Black
  • Shooting Modes: Blackout-free high-speed continuous
  • Lens: Interchangeable
  • Model Name: X-T3 w/XF18-55 Lens Kit
OLED color viewfinderNot suitable for video shooters
4K video & movie recordingBad battery life
Excellent low light performance Has quality control issue
Superb face tracking & responsive autofocus
Dual SD card function
Easy manual focus

Canon EOS R6 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera – Best All-Around Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R6

The industry-standard DSLR camera. With its advanced DIGIC X image processor and other features, you will never regret spending money on it. Also, you get a native ISO range of 100-102,400 and the best canon macro lens for jewelry photography.

With a high-speed continuous shooting up to 12fps (mechanical shutter) and 20 fps (silent shutter), you can shoot any tiny details and sharp images of the subject. The camera offers 4K and full HD 1080 video recording options if you want to create quality content. 


  • Brand: Canon
  • Color: Black
  • Shooting Modes: Continuous
  • Lens: Telephoto
  • Model Name: EOS R6
5-axis image stabilizationLack of weather sealing
4K UHD video20MP is not suitable for cropping close-ups
Electronic viewfinderRecord limit over 20 minutes
Incredibly stable for lower light photo or video content creation
Wi-FI and Bluetooth allow quick and wireless connectivity
OLED EVF resolution
High ISO range 

EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera – Best for Macro Jewelry Photography

EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera

The EOS R mount adapter allows EF and EF-S lenses without compromising image quality or performance. Also, the camera offers a 30.3MP full-frame CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 image processor. For this reason, it is considered the best camera for macro jewelry photography. Also, you get the best macro lens for jewelry photography.

For fast and continuous shooting, canon EOS R offers ISO 40000 and 8fps and UHD 4K 30 video recording. The sensor also facilitates an advanced dual-pixel CMOS autofocus system. 


  • Brand: Canon
  • Color: Black
  • Shooting Modes: Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Food, Night, Portrait
  • Lens: Wide Angle
  • Model Name: EOS R
Quality & sharp pictureA bit of lag when examining images
Silent shutterCropped 4K video
Great battery lifeNo GPS
Accurate & quick autofocus
Electronic viewfinder 
Lighter and smaller body
Flip-out LCD 
Excellent aperture range of 50mm 
Offer 3-custom modes, both photos, and videos

Sony Alpha 7C Full-Frame 

Sony Alpha 7C

Despite the compact size, this alpha series delivers spectacular image quality for both stills and movies. With the 24.2MP CMOS sensor, you explore color reproduction which is essential for jewelry photos. 

However, to capture more detail in textures and shadow areas, it offers a high-ISO range from 100-51200 and more. Also, you get 693 phase-detection AF points that cover appx—93% of the image area. 


  • Brand: Sony
  • Color: Silver
  • Shooting Modes: Continuous
  • Lens: Zoom
  • Model Name: ILCE7CL/S
Light & small camera bodyLimited video capabilities
Real-time autofocusComplicated menu system 
5-axis image stabilizationSingle custom function button
Long Z-battery life 
Impressive ISO range
Flip-out screen
No wheel locks
Great low light performance
Superb autofocus 

Panasonic LUMIX S5 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Best Camera for Jewelry Photography to Buy in 2023 - Review and Ultimate Guide

Want to get a hybrid full-frame mirrorless camera with excellent performance in photo and video? With this Lumix S series, you get a 24.2MP 35mm CMOS sensor that offers a wide dynamic range. And 96MP high-res mode is responsible for capturing sharp jewelry photos.

However, the camera is famous for its advanced AI technology to capture subjects with ease and precision. Also, it records a 4K 10-bit video. 

Panasonic S5 boasts high-speed, high-precision AF for both photography shooting and video recording. You can capture appx. 470pictures because of its 2,200mAh high-capacity battery life. 


  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Color: Black
  • Shooting Modes: Automatic
  • Lens: Zoom
  • Model Name: S5
Electric ViewfinderHas issue with autofocus
5-axis sensor-shift image stabilizationViewfinder needs update
Lightweight & hybrid cameraHas limitations on record limit
Best for photography and cinematic video
Dual native ISO 
Offer live view composite mode
Offer real-time detection
Fast autofocus
Record 4K 10-bit video
Best for low light shooting, especially night lighting.

Fujifilm X-T4 Mirrorless Camera

Fujifilm X-T4 Mirrorless Camera

Fujifilm is known for its powerful image manipulation. The X-T4 series offers beautiful de-saturated, high-contrast images. Do you want to capture every sharp detail of your jewelry? With this Fujifilm series, you get up to 6.5 stops of image stabilization that make high-quality and sharp images. 

However, it comes with the fastest autofocus among APS-C mirrorless cameras at 0.02seconds. Also, with the full HD/240p, and high-speed recording, you enjoy digital image stabilization (DIS) and IS boost mode. It offers an unusual X-trans filter array to eliminate the need for an AA filter. 

Fujifilm also offers a high-quality monitor and an updated 3.69million pixel/100fps electric viewfinder. 


  • Brand: Fujifilm
  • Color: Silver
  • Shooting Modes: Continuous
  • Lens: Prime
  • Model Name: Fujifilm
5-axis image stabilization (IBIS)Expensive
Best for low-light shootingHas limitation on lens selection
Larger battery lifeHas issue with autofocus performance
Best fit for photography and videography
Offer film simulation mode (ETERNA Bleach Bypass)
Top-notch video quality (4K)
Awesome touch screen
Versatile ISO range

Nikon D3500 – Best for Newbie Photographers

Nikon D3500

This DSLR is great for travel and special events because of its compact and comfortable design. Nikon’s DSLR is as easy as a point-and-shoot camera. Also, you explore an extreme close-up macro lens and ultra-wide-angle zoom lens with endless possibilities. 

However, this Nikon series offers two lens kits with an f/3.5-5.6G VR lens (best for portraits, landscapes, and others) and f/4.5-6.3G ED, a versatile telephoto zoom lens. It comes with a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor, 11 autofocus, and supports 1080/60p Full HD video shooting.

Also, you get a fabulous ISO range of 100 to 25,600. If you want to capture minor details and accurate colors with 10 creative filters, Nikon D3500 is the best pick. 


  • Brand: Nikon
  • Color: Black
  • Shooting Modes: Landscape, Special Effects Modes, Night Portrait, Portrait, Close-up, Child, Automatic, Sports 
  • Lens: Close-Up
  • Model Name: D3500
Excellent ISO performance that controls over low light shotsLess functionality 
Fast autofocus performanceNo 4K video
Low shutter lagNo touchscreen 
Optical viewfinder
Offer depth of field preview
Wireless file tranfer
Programmable FN button
Automatic sensor cleaning
Lightweight & compact 

Nikon Z6 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Nikon Z6 Full

Are you searching for an ideal balance between resolution, speed, and low-light performance for jewelry photography? With Nikon’s Z6 series, you enjoy a fantastic all-around performance with a lightweight mirrorless design.

Also, you get a revolutionary new full-frame lens mount and seamless integration with F-mount NIKKOR lenses. You can shoot up to 12 fps at full resolution in Hi+ mode. For this, you do not need an external battery pack. 

With a 24.5MP image sensor, you can capture beautiful photos and videos at a high ISO setting (up to 51,200 or more). However, the Z6 series offers outstanding 4K ultra-HD video quality with full pixel readout.


  • Brand: Nikon
  • Color: Black
  • Shooting Modes: Continuous 
  • Lens: No lens included
  • Model Name: Z6
The high ISO range is perfect for low-light shootingSingle memory card slot
5-axis image stabilization (IBIS)Lags on the viewfinder when shooting fast
4K ultra HD videoNo built-in flash
Single XQD card slotSlower autofocus
OLED top plate display
Hybrid autofocus
High-resolution Electric viewfinder
Responsive touchscreen 

How to Choose the Best Camera for Jewelry Photography?

Jewelry is the most challenging and effort-taking product to shoot in the e-commerce field. Here, you experience different shapes, sizes, and textures of jewelry. As a photographer, your main focus is to shoot in such a way that its originality is retained. 

So, focus on a few things in mind before purchasing one, such as:


Low-megapixel cameras do the best job if you want to share your jewelry pictures on Social media. But for professional use like posters or pamphlets, you need a larger sensor with high megapixels. Megapixels play an essential role in achieving more critical details and quality images.


A good lens is a crucial thing for your images. A macro lens is the best choice for capturing jewelry photos because of its smaller focal length that highlights more details.

ISO Range

Want to shoot in a low-light situation such as indoors? A high ISO range can fulfill your desire. But to reduce image noise, you may choose a high-quality mirrorless or DSLR camera.

Image Stabilization

Choose a camera that offers built-in image stabilization for removing camera shakes, especially for handheld shooting. Also, the functions help you to eliminate noise when you use high ISOs in low light.


Which camera is perfect for jewelry photography?

Jewelry photography is the most tricky and challenging one but with a quality camera; you can solve these difficulties. You pick one from our listing as per your jewelry products. 

Do jewelry photographers need macro lenses?

Macro lenses are responsible for highlighting details and complexity because they allow you to have a closer look at the jewelry. 

How do you avoid reflection in jewelry photography?

Place a piece of paper around and at the bottom of your camera lens to eliminate reflection from jewelry photography. Or, you can –

  • Avoid camera flashes
  • shoot with a diffuser
  • use reflector 
  • use a polarizer (to minimize glare and reflections)

What lens should I use for jewelry photography?

Considering some essential factors like focal length, aperture, image quality, ISO, shutter speed, lens kind, etc., we listed some lenses below:

  • Sony 90mm
  • Canon EF 100mm 
  • Sony SEL90M28G FE 90mm 
  • Sigma 105mm
  • Nikon AF-S DX Micro 40mm

Is a ring light good for jewelry photography?

Using a ring light is a brilliant idea for jewelry photography because it lights the rim of the object. But you may try other lighting effects as per your jewelry products. 

Final Verdict

Everyone prefers gorgeous and detailed product photos, from small stores to the eCommerce marketplace. And to beat the competition and achieve the crown of success, you need to showcase these tiny subjects clearly and fabulously. 

We hope that this ultimate guide about: the best camera for jewelry photography will help to achieve your business goal. So, follow your heart and believe in your shooting style.

Good luck!

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