Hire Professional Flat Lay Photographers in Australia

You might wonder that 78% of online shoppers want photographs that give them a real-life vibe. For this reason, many e-commerce businesses prefer a visual storyline with product details to improve their sales.

Here, flat-lay photography can create a strong, stand-alone, and more intimate feel that gives consumers an authentic, fashionable, and down-to-earth style. This genre of photography is popular in the food, fashion, apparel, cosmetic industries, etc. 

Also, offer versatile options to use these photos in different e-commerce stores, social media, websites, and blogs. But without excellent product details, you can not elevate your online store to the next level.

So, to get top-notched flat-lay product photos, you can hire the best flat-lay photographer. But before that, let’s go deeper into,

Why Your Business Needs Flat Lay Photography 

From small to eCommerce businesses or plates of food from restaurants, flat lay photography or birds-eye view is the best way to showcase different types of products. Also, this type of still-life photography is popular on social media. 

However, the heart of flat lay photography lies in portraying a story that requires an aesthetic theme and feeling. 

Want to know more about why businesses demand this type of photography? Check out below:

Appealing Visual: Simple and organized photos represent an enticing look that can showcase your product’s storyline without any unnecessary distractions. Also, it can fulfil the viewer’s visual needs.

Simple & Story-oriented: A pleasing backdrop, excellent lighting, and easy placement may help create a perfect ensemble tale about your goods. It is helpful to earn more sales by grabbing potential users’ attention.

Popular on Different Social Media: Flat lay photographs showcase an original, innovative, and beautiful theme that entice customers to explore additional things related to your products. Instagram and Pinterest are the best examples.

Provides Product Details: Do you want to help buyers to get a realistic visualization of wearing a dress, including patterns, logos, colors, etc.? With these photos, you can achieve your goal by overlooking significant elements.

Multipurpose Use: This photography concept is flexible for its simplicity and exclusivity. Anyone can use these product photos on websites, blogs, company profile covers, and famous social media platforms. 

Cost-Effective: For flat-lay photography, you need a level surface, some product-matched items, a reliable source of light, a high-quality camera, or smartphones. That means it helps to eliminate extra costs on different setups. 

Increase eCommerce Sales: Think about a flat-lay image with a dress surrounded by a few sunglasses, pearls, and trendy sandals. This outfit gives customers fashion trends that help to increase sales.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Flat Lay Product Photographer 

Do you want to set your images against a snowy backdrop or the night sky? Professional product photographers can shoot quality images under any condition to bring life to your products.

For this reason, it is wise to hire flat-lay product photographers who can tell a story with a “perfect ensemble” using shutter speed, exposure, lighting setup, depth of field, closeups technique, and organized product outfits.

But before hiring top flat lay photographers in AU, you should consider some essential things like,

Photographer & Uploading Fields –  Every business has its goal to achieve. So, before hiring one, focus on your business objectives and where you want to use the shots like blog, social, media, or websites.

Budget – Professionals & experts must demand higher. So, estimate your budget as per your product shoots.

Quality Service – Give priority to certified and licensed photographers because they can give you market-oriented results.

Portfolio – The working sample highlights the photographer’s working styles, experiences, and complexity level. So, check out before hiring.

  1. Will there be text on the image itself? If so, make sure to leave enough space to add text.
  2. What’s the tone and color scheme? The top Instagram users and bloggers typically have a cohesive look to all their photos. It becomes part of their photography aesthetic and builds their brand. You’ll want to make sure to match this.

What is the Best Tripod for Flat Lay Photography?

Top10 Flat Lay Photographers to Hire in AU 

Flat Lays are a combination between lifestyle and product photography. It offers a unique & visual storyline that evokes customers to rely on your brands and increase sales.

However, suppose you have an online apparel business. In that case, you can boost your business by hiring a professional clothing product photographer who can give you an awesome theme using flat-lay techniques.

But face difficulties in hiring a flat lay photographer in AU? Check out below to know more!

1. Design Identity – Flat Lay Product Photography in Sydney

Design Identity

Are you searching for an expert team of flat lay photography in AU who serve you high-quality content and E-Commerce imagery? With Design Identity, you get sale-oriented flat lay photography ideas for advertising, online model, websites, and many more.

You get an all-in-one service to boost your business, from product positioning to styling. Want to bring your product a unique story for convincing your audiences? Design Identity conduct all flat lay photography studio for various high-end fashion and lifestyle brands to achieve your goal.

Reason to Hire 

  • Provide on-location or in-studio photo shoots with product-related props.
  • Offer lookbook, flat lay & hanger photography, animated theme, and many more.
  • Offer flat-lay services in beauty, accessories, eCommerce, womenswear, menswear, etc.
  • Offer affordable photography pricing packages to meet all sizes of business demands.
  • Cover a range of angles, close and long-range shots ensuring the shoot can offer options for editing.

2. VIRTUE CREATIVE STUDIO – Flat Lay Fashion photography in Melbourne


Sydney’s most popular and renowned fashion photography, videography, and motion studio are Virtue Creative Studios. Their creative team has corporate, real estate, and food industry expertise. Also, they have fame for working with famous retailers like Amazon, David Jones, Myer, and The Iconic. 

Want to showcase your apparel by creating a story or waw your customers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.? Try their Flat Lay photography Clothing!

Reasons to Hire

  • Offer different motion techniques like stop motion/animation, 360-degree, and video production.
  • Help explore new ways to present your products that enhance your online presence.
  • Offer quality product photos including proper color correction, lighting, shadows, etc to boost your online business.
  • Offer free pick-up and drop-off of your products for larger quantities.
  • Guarantee fast turnaround time.

3. SKUvantage – Flat Lay Apparel Photography


Do you want to hire Australia’s leading product content solution provider for your online businesses? From retailers to vendors, everyone trusts SKUvantage for its pixel-perfect photography and integrated solutions.

All success lies in an excellent and creative team with the professional experience to deal with any complexity level. Also, you can upload these photos on websites, social media, and e-commerce marketplaces.

Reason to Hire

  • Offer you fashion photography, product photography, and product content solutions.
  • Offer simple, fast, and cost-effective ways to boost your eCommerce brand. 
  • Expert in different camera angles, compositions, lights, and backdrops that match your products.
  • Help to achieve brand goals by earning more sales.
  • Offer business-oriented flat lay photography, 360-degree product photography, 3D rendering, and other photography services.

4. ImagesThatSell – Flat Lay Product Photos

Hire Professional Flat Lay Photographers in Australia

Do you want to hire a photography studio that serves all eCommerce photographic solutions, ensuring quality images? At ImagesThatSell, you get perfect color correction, beautiful representation, Ghost Mannequin, and other services. 

Also, with ITS’s experienced team, you can give your customers an optimal online experience with motion, creative models, accessories & beauty photography.

Reasons to Hire

  • Offer signature look based on client’s references.
  • Dedicated to portraying the raw beauty of clothing flat lay photography, tough feminity, etc.
  • Expert in E-Commerce, product, Ghost Mannequin imagery, and Social Media content creation.
  • Offer affordable pricing with quality and estimated time.
  • Provide a professional & expert photography team to give you sale-oriented product images.

5. Dragon Papillon – Sydney Flat Lay Photographer

Dragon Papillon

With Dragon Papillon Photography, you get all-in-one photography solutions in one place, such as commercial product photography, visual content for websites and social media, portraits, etc.

Also, you get versatile, creative, and professional-level post-production photography services that fulfil customers’ demands. Dragon Papillon is the best choice if you want to creatively represent your product’s flat-lay fashion photography.

Reasons to Hire

  • Provide a no-fuss, one-stop photography service.
  • Deliver high-quality images that are ready to publish or print.
  • Expert in macro photography. 
  • Offer a versatile, creative, and cost-conscious approach.
  • Expert in boutique photography, commercial product, portraits, event photography, visual content, etc.

6. Melissa Hobbs – Flat Lay photographer Melbourne

Melissa Hobbs

Are you searching for a skilled and tech-oriented photographer who offers you versatile-photography solutions? Melissa Hobbs is a commercial and event photographer in Melbourne with expertise in various photographic genres like corporate, headshot, product photography, etc.

Her flat-lay product photos gain popularity on social media and eCommerce sites because of their straightforward, product-oriented visual story. Also, she loves highlighting different brands’ unique products that help them earn more revenue and sales.

Reasons to Hire

  • Offer you creative & high-quality wedding and portrait photography.
  • Help photograph different workshops, conferences, magazines, and other areas.
  • Provide an incredible candid moment using specific subjects.
  • Cost-effective photography services in time.
  • Give your products a realistic vibe to your customers.

7. JAM PHOTOGRAPHIC – Flat Lay Photography Sydney


JAM Photographic is a renowned, flexible, and Sydney-based product photography company that specializes in creating premium quality commercial flat lay clothing photos for fashion accessories for online audiences.

From large-scale, globally recognized brands to firms or agencies, JAM’s experienced product photographers ensure each shoot is managed efficiently. Also, they can deal with creative flat lay food photography, cosmetic photography, lifestyle & model photography, etc.

Reasons to Hire

  • Offer multiple items creative product storyline in a single shot. 
  • Offer the best flat-lay photo complications that are useable on social media or your email marketing.
  • Provide clean, high-quality, and easy-to-read composition.
  • Offer minimal concepts with a robust visual storyline.
  • Help to capture your brand’s essence and features. 

8. Nikita Photography Studios – Flat Lay Clothing Photography

 Nikita Photography Studios

Want to experience end-to-end flat lay product photography and design solutions like Ghost Mannequin, Flat Lay Clothing, Fashion Accessories, model, and Jewelry photography? From E-Commerce businesses to marketing & advertising agencies, Nikita has fame as Syndyne’s renowned product photography studio. 

However, Nikita’s creative & tech-oriented post-production team is specialized in clothing, Jewelry, Cosmetics, fashion accessories, footwear, and skin care.

Reasons to Hire

  • The team has working experience in E-Commerce stores, catalogues, marketing & advertising materials.
  • Provide an effective revenue-oriented business solution via quality photos.
  • Specialized in macro photography that gives your customers an informative, accurate, and confident purchase decision.
  • Expert in correctly using lighting, exposure, image adjustments, and sharpness.
  • Deliver versatile & vibrant photos at affordable pricing in time.



Studio Mondo is one of Australia’s leading visual content providers with 30 years of photographic and film industry experience. Is your business working with high volumes of eCommerce imagery or creative content to build customized solutions?

With their creative photo retouching & editing team, you get an innovative, eCommerce-friendly, flexible solution. Also, it has in-house highly-skilled photographers, videographers, and stylists. 

Reasons to Hire

  • To fulfil your demand, offer various textures and props (transport options available) like stools, seating, ladders, mannequins, garment racks, etc.
  • Offer bespoke solutions for more creative control over your online sales.
  • Quality & market-oriented motion production and videography give audiences a real-life experience. 
  • E-Commerce specialized photographers and digital operators ensure you a fast image turnaround with quality.
  • Offer flexible options like equipment, set & studio hire to keep pace with all sizes of businesses.

10. VERAS – Flat Lay Photography Studio Brisbane


Are you searching all-in-one content creation, E-Commerce photography, and videography studio in Brisbane? VERAS is a premium state-of-the-art studio that helps you set a fantastic product story with colorful backdrops, props, and retouching.

With high-end technology and talent, their photography post-production team guarantees to showcase your fashion, product, DIY projects, and personal requirements on any online platform.

Reasons to Hire

  • Helps to create innovative and fine-tuned fashion stills with videos.
  • Enables to shoot different angle product images with professional-grade flat-lay clothing photography
  • Offer clear-cut 3D photography techniques in Ghost Mannequin photography to boost your online business. 
  • Offer volume-based discounts and reduced rates for additional detail shots or closeups. 
  • From Headshots to E-Commerce on-model imagery & video, provide all services in one place.

Final Thought

We hope after going through the article: Hire the best flat lay photographer in Australia, you’ll get your business niche-oriented professional & skilled photographer or agency. 

So, it’s time to take your products to the next level by reaching out to one of the specialists listed above. 

Good luck!

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