How to Change Color of Clothes in Photoshop [Easy & Quick Method]

Photography is the backbone of e-commerce business. Without photography, ecommerce businesses can’t survive. Because images are the linkers between customers and sellers. To build a brand, it’s a must to have top notch clothing product photography. Not just photography, post processing is equally important as without post processing, images are never ready to publish.

Changing the color of clothes is a very common editing that most photographers, editors need. So knowing how to change the color of clothes in photoshop can take you several steps ahead if you are connected to the ecommerce world. At the end of the day, your images will speak for you!

When Need to Change Clothing Color in a Picture?

Photographers, businessmen or editors need to change the color of the clothes for so many reasons. From e-commerce sites to photographers, all can be in need of this. So, here are the reasons one might need to change the color of clothes –

  • There might be many colors of one single product. That time, instead of photographing all the products, it is wiser to shoot one product and then change the colors on it.
  • Photographers or editors change the color if there is any specific reference color that clients want on their images.
  • To have the accurate color everywhere, the color of the clothes is often changed. In e-commerce, it is important to have the most accurate color everywhere the image is published.

How to Change Color of Clothes in Photoshop

To change the color of clothes in photoshop you just need to follow some simple steps. First, you need to make selection of the cloth and then add color on that. As the last step you need to add texture to the color so that it doesn’t look flat. Here’s the details –

Step 1 : Open

Launch photoshop, go to File and then click on Open to open the file you want to work on.

Step 2 : Make Selection

From the toolbar, take the Quick Selection Tool. you’ll find it right above the Crop Tool.

quick selection tool

Now, From the top bar, click on Select Subject. This is an AI-based subject selection feature of photoshop. This can automatically identify the subject in an image and then create the selection.

make selection

After this, your subject will be selected. But we’ll work on the clothing area only. So, here, you’ll have to mark the clothing area only.

subject selection

Click anywhere on the image to select an area and press Alt+click to deselect an area. Try to make the selection as accurate as possible.

subject selected

Step 3 : Solid Color Layer

Now, from the layer panel, click on the New Adjustment Layer icon and select Solid Color.

solid color layer

Step 4 : Input Color

A color palette will pop up. Now, you can choose the color you want. You can also put the code number directly to get a certain color.

Input Color

This will change the color of the selected part.

change the color of selected part

Step 5 : Blend the Color

Now, to bring texture, from the blending mood, select Color.

Blend the Color

Now, you will get the original texture of the image.

How to Change Color of Clothes in Photoshop [Easy & Quick Method]

Step 6 : Brush

As you can see, there is an edge showing the previous color of the dress. You can easily brush that part by using Brush Tool. Take the brush tool from the toolbar

How to Change Color of Clothes in Photoshop [Easy & Quick Method]

And brush on the edges to merge it with the image.

How to Change Color of Clothes in Photoshop [Easy & Quick Method]
Final Image

Step 7 : Save

Go to File and click on Save As to save the file in your preferred format.

Understanding Color Correction vs. Color Grading in Photo Editing

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It’s not tough to change the color of the clothes in photoshop. But when you have bulk images to edit and you need a professional outcome, you need to find the professionals. Because only they know how to produce top class images to boost your sales.

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Final Thought

Changing the color of clothes is one of the most used editing that clients need. Be it bringing original color of the clothes or showing all the colors of a particular design, this one simple editing can solve many problems. The better your images are, the more sales you’ll have.

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