How to Change Background Color in Photoshop

Do you know there is this color psychology thing that says you can actually affect the human brain with different colors? You might be thinking how this fact is relevant here? Let me tell you this, along with other editing, you can increase your sales significantly by adjusting the color of your product image.

Even if you don’t trust this fact, there are still many more reasons to be an expert on how to change background color in photoshop. A perfect background can take the photo to another level, and a messy background can ruin the image, too, no matter how amazing the subject was.

Ecommerce businesses demand a lot of attention on product photos. Sometimes it’s more important than the description of the image. This doesn’t just include photography. Post-production is as important as the shoot is. So, you just can’t deny the importance of editing images for an ecommerce business.

Filling the background in photoshop is mostly used in commercial photography. As customers have to rely mostly on what they see, they need to see photos in different styles so that they can get an overall idea. For that, sometimes it becomes a must to change the background to a solid color.

Why You Should Change the Background Color

While shooting photos of products, even if we put a curtain or paper as a background, we still need to do the post-production work because a background paper or cloth still has a texture which will show up in your image.
Not that we need to change the background for each and every image, but when you do, you need to add some solid color images along with the lifestyle or transparent images too. This is mainly for reference and to show the product from a different point of view.

Here are some of the reasons to learn how to change background color in photoshop.

  • Clearer Subject

A solid color background can give your image a cleaner and clearer look. This will keep the focus of your customers on the product only. Also, you can use the color that goes best with your product image. Sometimes background can be distracting and can make the product minor. So a solid color background can be a good alternative in that case.

  • Consistency

Using a fixed color or solid background can be used to maintain the consistency. This is one element that creates a unique style for a particular brand. If you use a solid color as your background and focus on maintaining the same manner for all your photos, people will recognize your brand or products just by looking at the image.

  • Image Requirement

Sometimes, many e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay require a specific color as the background of an image. Many sites don’t want a background that is not transparent or a particular color. They usually have specific specifications for the size, color of images which they maintain religiously. So, in this case, you will have to change the background color even if you don’t want to.

How to Change Background Color in Photoshop Using Different Tools

There are several options to change the background of an image in photoshop. All do the same work, just in different ways. Here, we are going to give you step by step instruction on how to change background color in photoshop with three different tools –

  • Quick Selection Tool
  • Object Selection Tool
  • Magic Wand Tool

Method 1: Change Background Color Using the Quick Selection Tool

Quick Selection Tool is really a very useful and fast tool to replace background color in photoshop. The good thing about this tool is that it can detect your subject and make a smart selection of your subject. The selection is usually near perfect, so you can rely on that.

And once the selection part is done, changing the background is just a two minutes job. Check the process below.

Step 1: Open the File

Open the file in photoshop in which you want to change the background. Go to File and click on Open.

Open the File

Step 2: Pick the Tool

Go to the toolbar menu and select Quick Selection Tool.

Quick Selection Tool

Step 3: Make Selection

Now, it’s time to make the selection. In Photoshop’s latest version, there is an option called Select Subject. This option works with artificial intelligence called Adobe Sensei. This will read your image and make a selection. If you just click on that, this will select your subject automatically.

Make Selection

If you don’t have this option in your photoshop, you’ll have to manually create the selection. Move the cursor around the image and make your selection.

create the selection

If there is any place that the Select Subject option couldn’t mark or marked unwantedly, or you did while making selection manually, no need to worry! Simply press Alt on your keyboard and click on the place you want to deselect to adjust your selection.

adjust your selection

In this image, quick selection could not select the area inside the hand. So, we have to select the area separately.

Step 4: Solid Color Layer

Now, go to the adjustment layer option, click on Solid Color.

layer option
Solid Color Layer

You will see a color palette like this. Choose the color that you want to use as your background color.

Choose the Background color

Step 5: Layer Mask

At this step, you will see your subject is filled with the color you selected as your background.

Layer Mask

Click on the layer mask so that you can work on that.

Click on the layer mask

Step 6: Invert

Click on the Invert option from the properties menu. This will shift the color from subject to background. Now, your image is ready!

Invert option

Step 7: Save the File

Save the file as it’s done. Go to File, Click on Save As. Save the file both as jpeg and PSD. Jpeg format is to submit or use the image wherever you want, and PSD format is to edit the photo anytime you need.

Change Background Color Using the Quick Selection Tool

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Method 2: Change Background Color Using the Object Selection Tool

With the object selection tool, you get the option to brush the background with a new color. This tool is quite easy too. You might have to work with the selection for a bit. Rest is not that tough. Just follow the instructions step by step.

Step 1: Open the File

Go to File. Click on Open and select your desired file.

Open the File

Step 2: Select the Subject

Click on the Object Selection Tool.

Object Selection Tool

Now, draw a rectangular box around your subject.

draw a rectangular box

This will make a selection around the subject.

make a selection

This selection might not be perfect as it’s done automatically. So do the adjustments that need to be done and make a perfect selection.

make a perfect selection

Step 3: Click Inverse Menu

Click on Select from the top menu and then click on inverse.

Inverse Menu

Step 4: Press Delete Key

Now press the delete key from your keyboard. A box will pop up. Check the options and click on Ok.

Press Delete Key

Step 5: Open Color Picker

Open the color palette from the toolbar menu. Click on the square color box.

Open Color Picker

Step 6: Select  Background Color

A box will pop up with lots of color options. Pick the color you want to put as your background.

Select Background Color

Step 7: Brush Tool

Now take the brush tool and adjust the size.

Brush Tool

Start painting your background with the tool. You will see your background is changing eventually.

background is changing

Step 8 : Click Deselect

Click on Select from the top menu. Then click on Deselect. Your image is ready!


Step 9 : Save

Save your image now. Go to File, click on Save As, keep the image in your desired folder.

Change Background Color Using the Object Selection Tool

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Method 3: Change Background Color Using Magic Wand Tool

With the magic wand tool, all you need is just a few clicks. This tool requires some simple steps to change the background color of an image in photoshop. These are presented below; just do what it says.

Step 1: Open the File

Go to File. Click on Open. Choose the file you want to edit.

Open the File

Step 2: Magic Wand Tool

Select the Magic Wand Tool from the toolbar.

Magic Wand Tool

Step 3 : Make Selection

Click on the background of your image. This will create a selection around your subject.

Make Selection

But this tool is not able to make a perfect selection by itself. So, you will have to work on the selection. You will have to make the selection at first. Now, zoom the image as much as you need so that you can have a clearer look of the edges. Then take the Quick Selection Tool.

make a perfect selection

To include something in the selection, click on the space and that’ll be selected. Similarly, if you want to deselect an area, press the alt button on your keyboard and click on the space you want to deselect. In this way, work on all over the image and create a perfect selection.

Step 4: Solid Color Layer

When you are satisfied with the selection, click on the adjustment layer option and select Solid Color. A box will pop up with color options. Pick the color you want as your background.

Solid Color Layer

Step 5: Save

Go to File. Click on Save As and save your file to your desired folder.

Change Background Color Using Magic Wand-Tool

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Final Thoughts

Product photography for ecommerce business is no joke at all. Rather, this is the single most influential thing that can affect the sale on a large scale. This is the one thing you should give your attention to if you want to make a place in the ecommerce world.

You can’t assure customers will read the full description of your product, but they won’t miss the photo for sure. So, in product photography, post-production work is as important as the photoshoot.

You take the photo at the studio, but the image is actually created later in your pc or tab. No matter how good the photography is, you still need to work on the photo to get the perfect one. And this is undeniable.

Replacing a background in photoshop is one of the most common and essential post-production work that product photographers or businessmen have to do. Adding background color in photoshop won’t just make a photo ready to sell, but also, this has the potential to say a lot of things without using a single word.

So, be wise while choosing a background, don’t miss the chance to impress customers. Your photo will promote your brand!

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