Furniture Photography for Ecommerce – A Complete Guide to Get Quality Product Photos

For ecommerce, the role of product photos is 2nd to none. The same goes for furniture products. Their images need to be flawless, clear, and understandable by hook or crook. 

By following some photography tips, any furniture images can be made functional for the ecommerce. 

This article will discuss furniture photography tips that will lift up your image outlook and get a good impression. Let’s dive in. 

Does Furniture Product Photography Matter for Ecommerce Business? 

Yes, it does. The success of an ecommerce business depends on a number of factors, and images happen to be the vital ones. Paying less heed to this component may cause the loss of customers even before the competition starts. 

But, here’s the deal. The images have to be of high quality for visitors to be hooked. Otherwise, it might drive them away. 

Here are some reasons why furniture product photos play such a vital role in an ecommerce business. 

  • Consistency in marketing 

Starting an ecommerce business isn’t just about a store; it’s about a brand. To retain a positive marketing effect, publishing high-quality images is a must. Therefore, high-quality images help ecommerce furniture owners maintain consistency as a brand. 

  • Be recognizable 

People tend to check photos that are clear and show detail. When ecommerce business owners post high-quality photos, they appear as a brand that values what people demand. They meet viewers’ expectations and build trust. Thus, photos help them become memorable and create a loyal clientele. 

  • Improve customer experience 

Someone will buy an armchair. If the photos are clear, s/he will check the details and price, and if everything matches- s/he will purchase it. So, it means furniture photos ensure an improved customer experience. Potential buyers get a good idea of the product until they are satisfied. 

  • Increase of sales 

High-quality photos help increase product sales, and the same goes for furniture. It ensures viewers get to see the product, check them, and get satisfied as their questions have been answered through the product image and description. Thus, they will be motivated to purchase. 

  • Product returns reduction 

Images are one of the causes of getting products returned. So, it’s important to show accurate product photos. Such photos help the viewers visualize the product. So, when they order and receive it- it matches how they saw in the images, resulting in a reduction of return. 

Photography Tips to Get Quality Furniture Product Photos 

furniture photography tips

Commercial photography always needs extra care and precaution. It includes both you and your client’s business. Therefore, whenever you are up for such a gig, make sure you are prepared thoroughly. 

There are many tips to follow when it comes to taking professional photoshoots. But here, we have listed 7 furniture photography tips for you. 

Tip 1: Get the furniture prepared

Before starting any furniture photo shoot, ensure your subject/product is clean if it’s not a brand new product. Remove every dust and speck from the furniture inside the curving designs. 

If you got scratch marks, an oldish vibe, or color imbalance on the furniture- don’t fret over it. Just make the product clean as much as possible with those unremovable parts. Later you can remove those unwanted objects by using the photo editing software. 

Tip 2: Choose location to shoot 

Location/ place is a significant factor to consider for a furniture photoshoot. You can shoot in your own studio or rent a furniture photography studio. Consider these 2 factors for choosing a place for this photography- 

  1. The place is spacious. 

Photos of the sofa, table, bench, or armchair won’t come out good if they are shot in cramped places. For taking professional-grade photoshoots, you need to make sure the place is spacious enough so that there is a moderate distance between the camera and the furniture and its surroundings. 

Pro-tip: Choose a place that is easy to find, the furniture can be moved easily, and you can take shots from every angle. 

  1. There is ample lighting. 

There are 2 types of lighting sources- 

i. Natural lighting 

Sunlight is the greatest source of natural light; you can take full advantage of it as long as the weather doesn’t change. However, make sure to shoot when the sun rays produce soft light, such as in the morning or afternoon. This way, you will get some really amazing photos. 

Pro-tip: Avoid taking shots when the sunlight is rough [such as at noon]. 

ii. Artificial lighting 

There are some times when the sunlight isn’t available, like raining, at night, etc. Hence, the solution has led us to use artificial lighting. For the lighting setup for furniture photography, use continuous and strobe lights. 

Pro-tip: To balance the light evenly and avoid cast shadow, use modifiers, bounce cards or reflectors. 

Tip 3: Have the perfect gear for the photo shoot 

Before shooting, do a cross-check of your equipment. If you are new, here are some suggestions for you. 

  • Camera 

You might want to choose the best camera for the furniture photoshoot. Hence, do research and ask for suggestions from furniture product photographers regarding what cameras they are using. This will help you curtail your choice list. 

Pro-tip: Don’t aim for the high-budgeted lens at the beginning. Better start trying with pre-owned ones or an affordable one. 

  • Lens

The camera lens is a sensitive issue. They say a good lens with a normal camera produces much better results than some expensive cameras. Do the same research as you do for the camera to pick the best lens for furniture photography. 

Pro-tip: Prime lens and Wide angle lens are the best for furniture product photography. 

  • Background

For ecommerce, such as Amazon product images, you’ll need a white background; for other purposes, you can use still or colorful backgrounds. Or you can shoot outdoors for lifestyle shots. 

Here the solution can be using different backdrops that are available on the market. The best backdrops for furniture photography are paper, fabric, printed backdrop, vinyl, etc. 

Pro-tip: To avoid the frequent cost, choose the backdrop material that lasts long. 

  • Tripod

This might seem optional, but no, it’s not. If you are shooting furniture handheld, you’ll get tremors causing the camera to shake, resulting in blurry photos. You don’t have unlimited time to take shots for the whole day. The picture-perfect capture can be done steadily in one go, only if you are using a tripod. 

Tip 4: Experiment with the camera settings

The fun time begins now. Furniture is a large product. So, check which settings function well to shoot a better view. 

  • Exposure triangle

The exposure triangle won’t be much different from any other products [except jewelry photography]. 

  • Aperture – It is called a camera’s pupil. A high aperture allows more focus on the subject, making the images sharp. For furniture shots, start from a small aperture. 
  • ISO – It allows you to shoot in low-light situations and fast. For creative furniture photography, starting from low ISO is better to be on the safe side. Otherwise, noise may appear on the images. 
  • Shutter Speed – For moving objects, a faster shutter speed works to freeze the subject and avoid motion blur. However, that won’t be the case for furniture. As it is a still product, you can shoot from a low shutter speed. 
So, what is the best camera setting for furniture product photography? The ideal camera settings for taking furniture photos are aperture f/16, ISO 100, and shutter speed 1/125. 
  • Focusing Mode 

Every photographer prefers manual focus as they get flexibility in focusing on the subject’s best view. You can choose autofocus as well. The autofocus functions nowadays are fast and accurate. As furniture is a still product, you will get good photography by using AF mode. 

  • White Balance 

White balance or color temperature mismatch will create blue or yellow color in the image. There are 2 ways to solve it- 

  1. You can choose a preset to avoid such a situation. With preset, you can shoot in any weather and lighting. 
  2. Use kelvin number (manual color temperature). 

Tip 5: Make the furniture star of the show

The purpose of your photoshoot is to display the furniture in full view; therefore, refrain from using any extra props, decoration, and over-styling. 

Let’s say you are shooting for a shop that sells old furniture. Take a shot of the furniture as it is, and highlight the best features. Don’t hide if it has any damages or imperfection; it is expected. This way, the customers will know the problem and then decide. 

Tip 6: Decide angle and take multiple shots (360) 

As online shoppers can’t check the product firsthand, images are the only option they rely on. So, take shots of different angles- front shot, back shot, angle shots, 360-degree shots. Make sure those shots feature the product perfectly. So that potential customers don’t get confused. 

Tip 7: Edit your furniture photos 

Raw images may contain distractions or flaws, or some may be caused due to the camera- those images can’t be used like that. You need the furniture product photos edited. It will help make your image lively through color correction, background changing, removing objects, and a lot. 

If DIY isn’t your solution, then there are professional photo editing services. Nowadays, these services offer high-quality services from expert photoshop editors within budget. 

Your Options for Hiring a Professional Furniture Photographer

If you are looking to hire a professional furniture photographer to take shots, you can just check this out. 

Here we have listed down the easiest platforms that have professionals or provide professional furniture photoshoots. 

Thumbtack: This is a resourceful online platform that connects you with a wide range of service professionals. You can check personal details, reviews, and rates and compare those to find your best suit free of cost. 

Once you have signed up, type the service you need and enter your area code. Thumbtack will show a list of skilled professionals in that particular area. 

Upwork: Finding talented professionals is easier with freelancing sites. At Upwork, you can check any professional, their skill, portfolio, and pricing and then go for hiring. 

This is a time and cost-saving method as you don’t have to either look or ask around for whom to hire. The only challenge is being aware of fraud; many people claim themselves to be professional. 

Photography Studio: You can check out the following websites. They have been offering furniture product photography services for quite some time. 

  • Prodoto 

William Lack, a former press Photographer, is the founder of Prodoto Photographic Studio. This commercial product studio is quite spacious. 

This is an all-in-one place for product photography. It ensures clients feel comfortable with their services and the experience. Their clients include Superdry, Craghoppers, Mamas & Papas, Morrisons, and more. 

  • Kore Studios 

Philippe Roy and John Foster are the founders of Kore Studios. This is a Shanghai-based boutique studio that produces creative images and videos by incorporating the latest technology.  

Their services cover still images, video, production, and photography post-production. So far, they have collaborated with Pandora, Syoss, Ellemen, Matrix, and more. 

Get Furniture Photo Editing Services from Professionals 

Furniture Photo Editing Services from Professionals 

If you are looking for this service, then welcome to Clipping Path Studio (CPS)

Here at CPS, we offer a wide range of pro-grade photo editing solutions for commercial photographers, art directors, studio owners, ecommerce sellers, online store owners, and more. 

We are different from traditional photo editing companies because of our- 

  • Years of experience 

 We have been serving in this industry for more than 10 years. By this time, we have collaborated with clients from various countries. That’s why we are capable of working on any type of editing.  

  • Team of skilled photo editors 

Our team members are well trained in photoshop. By handing us your project, you get access to them. They pay precise attention to your requirements and follow that accordingly. 

  • Collaboration of productivity

CPS is just not a brand, it’s your partner in growth. By collaborating with us, you get ample time saved- focus on the productive work while we handle the complications of post-production. 

  • Professionally edited high-quality images 

Our unmatched working procedure is surely suitable for your work style. We offer fast, high-quality services at a competitive rate. No compromise in quality. Every project goes through a 3-step quality control process to ensure it’s up to the mark.  

We are confident to provide you with the best experience you will ever have. Just give us a knock

Common Questions Regarding Furniture Photoshoot

What is the best camera for furniture product photography?

Singling out the best camera for furniture among the countless is difficult. So, here are a few of them: Sony a6400, Fujifilm X-S10, Nikon D850, Canon Rebel SL3, and Panasonic Lumix FZ80K. 

What is the best lens for taking furniture shots?

You can use a 50mm prime lens for such photography. However, you can use wide angle lens as well (for products like bed or sofa)

What is the best photography background for furniture products?

Paper, fabric, or board are commonly the best option for using as the background of furniture photoshoots. 

Where can I find furniture product photography props?

You can look into ecommerce sites or local markets to find relevant props that go well with the furniture you will be shooting. But need to remember, you don’t always have to buy and use. Sometimes, you can use anything that is available around you. 

How do you photograph white furniture? 

White furniture complies well with any background. Just make sure there’s not many distracting objects or dust. As long as it is clear and every feature is obvious, you are good to go for taking a photograph. 

Final Thoughts 

So, that’s all in this content. By now, you probably have understood what you need to do and how you should take shots of your furniture. 

Hope the above-mentioned tips help you get the best output in ecommerce. 

If you have anything you want to tell or share with us, feel free to reach us. 

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