T-Shirt Photography Ideas For Your Next Fashion Photoshoot ( With Pro Tips)

When photographing t-shirts for your eCommerce store, you certainly want to get them perfect. If you can’t get the best outcomes, your potential customer will leave your store.

Well, you don’t need to worry. 

Here, we’ve gathered some t-shirt photography ideas as well as some fantastic tips that will keep customers coming back to your website.

Without much further ado, Let’s move in.

10 T-Shirt Photography Ideas For Your Fashion Photoshoot 

This section contains some incredible t-shirt photography ideas that can make or break your fashion photoshoot.

Couple’s T-shirt photoshoot 

Couple's T-shirt photoshoot 

A couple’s t-shirt photoshoot is more fun than another type of shooting style. You must work with models to capture photographs of their movement during the photographic session. Focus on having fun and allowing the flattering sections to be present in your photos. So that audience might be connected with your capturing a couple t-shirt photos. You can take those photos in your home studio or outside.

Matching Family T-Shirt Photoshoot 

The matching family t-shirt photo shoot produces more elegant and captivating memories in pictures. Choose the complementary colors of t-shirts that might go well with all of your family members. 

Of course, coordinating t-shirts spread retro vibes among all family members. Before clicking the photos, be careful that kids won’t make weird faces. Sometimes the pictures will be weirder and cute, but it’s not guaranteed.

T-shirt flat-lay photography 

T-shirt flat-lay photography 

Flat-lay photography can be the most intriguing idea. Because you can adjust the angle and the lighting, you can focus on the informativeness of the product and create a WOW effect with it. 

To expose the details and not draw your customer’s attention away, you can use uniformly colored backgrounds. Usually, light colors and other props frequently extend beyond the frame, so the viewers see a partial artistic vision. So you must decide how to interplay between the background and the product. Either with the central composition or by using the rule of thirds in your t-shirt flat-lay photography.

Hanging T-shirt Photography 

Hanging T-shirt Photography

Hanging product photography follows the path of the least cost and best image. You just need a bit of preparation and some quick shooting tips. 

Prepare your clothes and avoid the crease precisely; get hooked to attach your studio wall and hang it in a nice order, even divided into categories. To capture it more accurately, leave some empty space. This is because a little prep can go a long way in photography.  

Photograph a T-shirt on a model 

Photograph a T-shirt on a model 

Photographing t-shirts with the model ensures it’s a casual outfit and creates a natural makeup look. We’re sure you never want to go away, so keep it the show’s star. So you need to ensure the t-shirts haven’t any creases, dirty spots, hanging threads, or lint anywhere. Keep directing the models and shooting the front and the back of her/him to showcase every small detail of the items.

Mannequin Photoshoot 

Most t-shirt photoshoots don’t require a model; they can use mannequins. Just put your t-shirts on it, bring them in front of the camera, and click at any desired angle.

That’s simple, isn’t it?

Well, yes, there you’ll save your daily budget, which can be spent on models, and the plus point is that you can take it into accurate detail.

 So, you could even experiment with some photo-editing magic to give it a ghost mannequin effect and even add some 3D moving components to hold customers’ attention thoroughly. They never leave without buying something from you.

Green screen T-shirt photoshoot 

Green screen T-shirt photoshoot 

The green screen allows you to edit your backdrop according to the customers’ demands. For instance, if you’re shooting a kid’s t-shirt, you can switch the background to some popular cartoon characters, and if you’re shooting a woman’s t-shirt, you can include some girly elements.

Make sure you have your ideas ready before using the green screen so that you can utilize it properly. Otherwise, neither your photographing t-shirts nor your editing will go well.

Casual Nature Photoshoot 

Casual Nature Photoshoot 

 Try to create natural vibes when shooting your t-shirt photos outside of your studio. Keep the photography session’s theme and subject matter simple and natural. Think about the setting; the image may have a more natural feel if it is surrounded by greenery. Therefore, the result must be extraordinary.

Elevating the simple white T-shirt 

Elevating the simple white T-shirt

While simple t-shirts can wear different styles, this intrigues the audience. Because nobody wants to appear in clothing shots that are the same as they always are. You can add a necklace, knot the tee, add a scarf and a brooch, tuck it in, and add a belt. This type of styling with white t-shirts can elevate your t-shirt’s product shots.

Tie Die Fashion Photoshoot 

The tie-dye t-shirt photoshoot reveals mesmerizing, vibrant, and psychedelic designs in detail. You can shoot it on the model or even try something creative to create an intricate environment for a shoot. Ensure your shooting locations are somewhat in sync with the tie-dying processing elements or products.

12 T-Shirt Product Photography Tips By Experts

Before implementing ideas, consider a few professional tips that can make sure your photos stand out.

Choose the Right Camera 

The camera is one of the most important equipment in your product photography. The harshest misconception is that you must purchase the most expensive camera to take clothing photos

Instead of the best camera in the town, you just need proper setup and skill that can elevate your photography of t-shirts. Even you can use it just as a smartphone, but with great camera features.

Tweak your Camera Settings(flatlay/ Mannequine/ Hanger/ Lighting diiference)

In general, you do the photoshoot with your camera. So, you must consider your camera settings perfect while shooting t-shirt photos. 

When choosing the camera setting mode, it is always in manual mode instead of auto mode. That can help you to control every aspect of the settings. If you are muddled up between shooting in jpeg or raw file format, you must go with raw because it helps you bring back highlights and reduce shadows easier than jpeg.

 For clothing photography, shoot at a high f/stop between f/8 and f/11 for perfect focusing. Put your ISO between 400-800 depending on the clothing photography lighting set up and shutter speed around 1/125.

Use a Tripod (Flatlay)

Once you use a tripod, you can see the difference in your t-shirt photo quality. It brings consistency to your clothing photography.

Besides this, it can assist you in capturing photos in low-light situations and long exposures. Because of their stability, these can give sharper images of your products.

Set up your Photography Lights (45-degree)

Photographing t-shirts requires different angles with different lighting setups. Natural light from the window is always the best light. But it’s not consistent, so the professional studio lighting setup is a must.  

Make sure you’ve got 2 strobe lights, a transmitter to turn the lights off while pressing the shutter button, and two white umbrellas to bounce the light back. That lighting equipment can help you create mesmerizing t-shirt photographs.

Choose the right backdrop 

Choose a plain white fabric or paper backdrop required to make sure the photos have a clean and even background. Keep your background simple so the products perfectly show up its uniqueness.

Use Stiff Brush and Lint Roller 

A stiff brush is used for removing dust and giving a smooth finish. While brushing, keep it short and quick strokes; otherwise, it breaks the fiber. On the other side, the lint roller can deal with lint and fuzz.

Avoid Digital Zoom 

While the mannequin or model center of the frame, you can take a closer shot by adjusting the tripod or optical zoom. Our advice is to avoid digital zoom, which degrades the quality of your product photos by cropping the picture while you’re shooting.

Popular Composition Setups for Apparel 

Unique and imaginative composition is necessary for clothing images. The more it looks unique; the higher audience will purchase it. If so, consider using props like pearl necklaces, scarves, books, dried flowers, bracelets, glasses, or sports shoes, which are the most frequently used props in t-shirt compositions. That can add to the atmosphere and raise the emotional level of your image.

Show Variety and Variation(shots group, design)

While taking group t-shirt photos or displaying design details, it’s important to share variations. The more you show the variations of your product, the better you’ll capture the audience. The many colors in one image influence customers’ perceptions of which shade works best for them. 

Showcase the Details 

Not to miss any single detail of the products that may be necessary for customers. Let the audience know about the fabrics, tags, and buttons to showcase what they look like. Thus, you must take close-up photos of t-shirts.

If customers purchase online, they want to observe the products thoroughly. The more you clear up the confusion among your consumers, the more you’re able to sell the products online.

Edit Your t-shirt Photos 

After clicking the t-shirt photographs, it’s time to start the post-production process. It’s very essential, even if you’ve depth-knowledge about clothing photography.  

You can capture a thousand photographs at a time, but the final furnishing brings perfection to your photography. You are more likely to do clipping path, image cropping, photo retouching, background removal, color correction, ghost mannequin effects, drop shadows, and so on.


What is the best way to photograph T-shirts?

The best way to take photos is with a high f/stop so that the t-shirts are perfectly focused. Because you can hold a larger audience by capturing more details.

Is selling t-shirts profitable?

Definitely, because its popularity is constantly growing, and the market is expected to grow by 9.6% from 2020-2025.

What is T-shirt printing called?

T-shirt printing is an easy and affordable way to add custom designs or logos to t-shirts. There are 5 different t-shirt printing methods: screen printing, DTG printing, heat press printing, dye sublimation printing, and vinyl cutting printing.

How do you customize t-shirts?

Simple, You’ll need artwork or pictures, a heat press machine, or the location where t-shirts are customized. However, there you need some printing charges.

How do I sell my t-shirt art?

Create a portfolio of your t-shirt designs and show it to local or small businesses looking for designs. These businesses are more likely to buy and sell your artwork or hire you as a designer.

Final Thought

Remember, your goal should be to take clothing photographs as best as possible. The better product images, the more you’ll get the sales opportunity. Even you’re ready to walk the runway with fashion photographers if you learn all the ideas and tips properly of t-shirt shots. Keep experimenting with the concepts so that no one can predict what you may discover. Good Luck!

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