Hire the Best Product Photographer in Melbourne

Product photography is a strategic project that includes not only clothing but also cosmetics, jewelry, food, beverages, advertising, books, and several types of commercial products. 

Mark Denman says, “Photographers don’t take pictures, they create images.”

A dynamic visual impact holds on product photography that instantly grabs users in the same way that bees are attracted to their beehive. They create images of your product that tempt visitors to visit your website and persuade them to purchase your goods.

The more expansion you consider, the more challenges you should expect to encounter. But, hiring a product photographer in Melbourne is the most challenging issue.

There is no need to be confused about what you should be looking for or whether there are any websites that may assist you in boosting your company. We are here to help find the expertise of photographers and suggest some of the experts in Melbourne. 

Without much further ado, let’s walk you through it. 

What to Know Before Hiring a Product Photographer in Melbourne? 

Melbourne is one of the business hubs besides Sydney. Its graffiti laneways, delicious coffee, ethnic richness, bayside surroundings, and the fastest seasonal change in a day make the place more fascinating to the world. After the effect of Covid, this city turns its traditional businesses into online platforms as the world does. So the demand for product photography is at its peak here.

A product photographer can assist you in standing out among the ocean of online businesses throughout the world. The growth of online businesses has increased, and the need for product photographers in the market has exceeded in Melbourne.

Whether working as a freelancer or being recruited by a business owner for a task or project, they must satisfy the owner’s wishes to the maximum potential and, on occasion, create a model of service pricing and choices.

As a company owner, you must be alert to the many criteria that a photographer must meet.

Here are some criteria following as-

Assess the profile 

Holding a camera does not necessitate the same level of knowledge as they have. Thus, you have to go deeper into it, and you will undoubtedly find the best results. You may look at their online profile and see how consistent they are with their service.

Of course, you should remember when hiring someone whether your brand and the photographer’s skills match or not. Examine their image editing skills and monitor the perception of visual quality that persuades the audience.

Inquire about the photographer’s experience 

When it comes to product photography, it is critical to select a photographer that possesses the necessary abilities and expertise. This is why, before choosing a photographer, you should enquire about their experience and passion.

Experience is required, but being passionate about their job is also an important aspect of the hiring process. Often, a person has strong talents but is not passionate about their work. So, their expertise does not extend beyond the top.

This ensures that you are employing someone with the appropriate expertise to capture your items in the best possible way. Also, inquire about the photographer’s fees and how they intend to charge for their services. 

Assessment-based performance 

Assessment is always the most effective hiring strategy. In that situation, as a business owner, you should be able to examine how they interact with the environment and how much information they know about the latest trends.

How capable are they of photographing from various perspectives and generating appealing photos to help sell this product? You’ve to find out all the raised questions answered from their assessment-based performance.

How resourceful and business-savvy 

A product launch or photoshoot needs the ideal combination of talent, creativity, and expertise. And when you select the top product photographers in Melbourne, you can be confident that all these features will be included. 

Experts are up to date on the latest trends and practices. They should be creative and resourceful enough to come up with new ideas on the fly and can handle any situation with grace. You must seek out folks who are skilled and business-savvy and who can take you to the pinnacle of success. 

Knowledge about photography and copyright.

Every work conforms to a set of rules, and we must stick to it in that way; you should be aware of the copyright and photography restrictions as the owner of that firm. It’s absolutely important to make sure that your product photographers acknowledge photography and copyright norms so that they can create high-quality photographs without violating anyone’s rights. 

12 Best Product Photographer for Hire Near Melbourne 

Seeking for photographers to capture your products in the most professional possible manner?

Look no further than our amazing list of Melbourne product photographers!

These photographic agencies have many years of business expertise and are dedicated to developing their art. They understand how to photograph your products in all their brilliance and make them appealing at their finest. So, if you want high-quality photography that will make your products shine out. 

1. Melbourne Photography

Melbourne Photography

Melbourne Photography is a well-known photography firm in Melbourne, or more accurately, Australia.  Their post-production services, such as retouching images, deep etching, and designing a ghost mannequin, resulted in high-quality product shots for your firm. They deliver print catalogs and a web presence with high-resolution files that promote your items and generate sales for sure. When you check at the service it provides, you will notice things such as license-free photographs, a web gallery, quick response, and many more.

 A huge reputation has earned a broad list of contented consumers like the University of Melbourne, LinkedIn, Isuzu, Puma, the Australian Government, the treasury, and so on. Several services are offered, including product photography.

Reason to Hire:

  • Full studio service at a reasonable rate
  • Works with International and National brands
  •  Help to build a brand

Pricing: According to the full studio service basis, their pricing is comparable to fair. If you want to know the actual pricing details, go to their website and fill out their question form, and you’ll get all the information you need.

2. Rachel Michelle

Rachel Michelle

Rachel Michelle is Melbourne’s most well-known photography firm. They photographed so precisely that they captured your glimpse without shifting from it. When you look at their websites and see some remarkable quality in their images, you can see that they are masters at capturing numerous perspectives and generating more sales by enticing from well-depicted pictures.

Most images have a vibrant look and generate a great ambiance. Their brilliant and dazzling, dark and somber, flat-lay unique effects enhanced the attraction of any type of image to customers. If you have any questions, you may discuss creative directions, style, and budgets and how to create an atmosphere with an exciting shot list.

Their service is primarily to the internet world, such as Instagram, Facebook, and numerous other social sites.

 Reason to Hire:

  • Diverse experience
  • The  most trusted clients from mostly National Brand
  • Provide High-quality images 
  • The service pricing rate is mostly affordable

Pricing: If you want to discover more about their cost rates per image or hour, contact them. Visit their website and make contact with them for more info. 

3. Bret Gunsberg Visuals

Bret Gunsberg

Bret Gunsberg is a fascinating photographic firm in Melbourne. They have worked most with Ecommece and Amazon products.  

Their graphical images breathe new life into your products. Several product photography packages included a unique effect, well-edited and color-balanced photographs, and sharpening. They offered the appropriate location as well as the studio. Their competent post-production workforce can complete projects quickly and on time.

Their crew possess valuable customers such as Bambody Club, Makeup Artist Helen, Cheetah team wear, SCOTT IMRIE, H.B. Global Commerce,  including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and many other e-commerce sites and so much more.

Reason to Hire:

  • Continues to work with some of the most well-known brands, 
  • Offer high-impact images at a reasonable cost.

Pricing: Go to the linked website and write an email to learn more about their prices so you can reach a decision.

4. Altered Images Photography

Altered Images Photography

Lan van der Wolde began making waves in the photographic world in 1996 and has since become the most accredited professional photographer. He received the most prestigious photographic awards, including the AIPP Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year and the AIPP Victorian Illustrative Photographer of the Year.

After establishing his agency, they became the most well-known photographic enterprise in Melbourne.

They pictured some of Melbourne’s most prestigious businesses. They were primarily interested in the finer details of photos. Their commercial images are extremely enticing, and a careful glance at the photos reveals some unique qualities in close-up positions. They even design a billboard to showcase your product at a high level. However, just glance at their mouth-watering food photos and you’ll be tempted to eat whatever the picture portrays. 

Reason to Hire:

  • Consistent in their work to achieve the highest level
  • Constantly upgrade their equipment and software to get better results.
  • Offer all of the benefits at a reasonable price
  • Eye-catchy service and capturing every detail so precisely  
  • Expert at building a brand through photography

Pricing: They made available corporate headshots, commercial photography for businesses, and food photography as part of their packages. So you can give them a call to find out more about their rates and set up a date for their master photography. 

5. Blue Tree Studios

Blue Tree Studios

They (Blue Tree Studios) have the most desirable customers who are extremely pleased with their services.  Flat lay shots, white and vibrant backgrounds, Invisible ghost mannequin photography, and many other photographic facilities captivate you. Their inventive techniques of presenting photos in either detailed or 360-degree product photography create exceptional visualization impacts in the brains of customers. 

Some trustable clients like Armstrong flooring, Catsi, Victoria carpets, Fields Australia & New Zealand, the Australia Academy of Modeling, NETWORK, Priceline, and HOGWARTH, as well as their evident hard work, contributed to their success.

Reason to Hire:

  • Provide studio services at a reasonable prices
  • In-house studio service 
  • rent the needed equipment
  • high-impact images with web and print files

Pricing : If you hire their studios in midweek, you have to pay $750+GST(Full day) or $450+GST(Half day), but on weekends $900+ GST (Full day) or  $ 600+GST(Half day). Get to know more about pricing; you can go to their website.

6. Productphotos.net.au

Product Photos

Product Photos.net.au is an industry leader in product photography. They collaborate with a trusted Liquid Photography family. Over two decades, they worked in this industry. They shoot professional and high-quality product photography. There are some attractive angled photographs and then tweak the color and shadow aspects to bring them to life. High-end graphics and special effects may sometimes create an atmosphere and make your products seem great. They provide you with these one-of-a-kind photography concepts for websites, brochures, catalogs, and large format printing.

They also served their services to E-commerce stores, Amazon, and many National brands in Melbourne.

Reason to Hire:

  • Full studio and In-house services with Post productions.
  •  Offered such reasonable prices
  • Use of cutting-edge photographic technologies.

Pricing: They have prepared a questionnaire form that you can fill out to find out more about their available packages and pricing rates. 

7. Nicole Herrike

Nicole Herrick

Nicole Herrick, a well-known photographer, built his name around product photography. Hence he founded his agency, I must say, that you will never be regretful if you use their services.

As a photography agency holder,  Not only do they capture images, but they also retouch, add reflections, and manipulate the images, which sets him apart from other Melbourne photographers. They are very outstanding at gathering altered photos. Their clean white backdrop images readily encourage customers to grab the product.

Nicole’s most well-known collaborations are Mia Fratino, MUK haircare, Lauren Marris, The Game, and Designer Kidz.

Reason to Hire

  • Help to build a brand
  • Promotes your brand through the connection with celebs’
  •  Services that offer such a reasonable price.

Pricing: All prices are customized and dependent on the type of product, the number of angles required per product, and the overall quantity of items. Mass quantities are billed at a discounted product rate. 

So, if you want further details about exact pricing, send them an email.

8. Gareth Sobey

Gareth Sobey

Gareth Sobey has collaborated with a wide range of agencies, brands, and publications. He works with Melbourne’s most well-known stylist and art director, Melinda King. 

Their vibrant use of color and organized compositions of brand themes distinguishes them from other well-known photographers. Their photos have been edited and designed to include close-up details. A dynamic impression on his edited, vividly etched image attracts your consumers.

Their playful insights and structured compositions have resulted in alliances with Monocle Magazine, ACMI, The Prince Hotel, McCain Australia, Fonterra Dairy, and others.

Reason to Hire: 

  • Their studio services are justified to work
  • Offer High-end quality and deeply etched picture 
  • Reasonable services 

Pricing: Pricing parameters are worked out in sync with image editing. You can email their crew if you’re planning a campaign or have questions regarding their commission rate. 

9. POZr Photography

POZr Photography

Not only e-commerce photoshoots, but POZr Photography also excels in printing purposes and social media photoshoots as well. It is capable of delivering your message by creating an atmosphere in the image. Their shadowing effects and flat lay photos effortlessly capture the market.  Perhaps the quality of their image may easily compete with the most well-known photographic websites.

Reason to Hire:

  • Reasonable charges.
  • Provide all high-resolution images, sometimes price depending on product size, texture, and special features. 
  • Promoting their sales by impressing the most prominent clients.

Pricing: They charge $30+GST per product, with the price fluctuations depending on the size, texture, and particular characteristics of the product. To learn more, visit their website.

10. Melissa Hobbs Business Photography

Melissa Hobbs Business Photography

Melissa Hobbs has been a commercial photographer since 2008 and works with various photographic genres that established her fame to the entire Melbourne and as well as Australia. She mostly photographed in fashion weeks and  Australian and Hollywood actors like  Rachel Zoe, Michelle Bridges, Kate Hudson, and many more.

 She and her crew members are expert at applying lighting effects to products. Their flat lays shots and visual effects may readily control the market to seize by any brand.

Having a wealth of expertise in either product launch or product marketing by them worldwide or national customers makes her agency distinctive and up to the mark in this industry.

They covered many events like Miss universe Australia, Melbourne spring fashion week, and a lot more on the list. 

Reason to Hire:

  • Expert at apparel photography. 
  • Charges are affordable to meet.

Pricing: You will undoubtedly find a query form, an email address, and a phone number on their website. So you can quickly contact her and inquire about the event or corporate photography pricing. Check out their website for more details.

11. Liquid Photography

 Liquid Photography

Liquid Photography has served as the most prominent brand from 1999 till now.  It is a myriad of corporate and product photography services. They also arrange business photoshoots in client-desired locations. They’re primarily concerned with commercial, advertising, and marketing requirements. Special effects such as shadowing bring the product to life. They also offer post-production services like retouching, product clipping, and deep etching on images. Occasionally, their design can create a  high range of marketing campaigns.

Reason to Hire:

  • Help to earn a huge reputation 
  • A large queue of business personnel’s trust
  • Offered their service at a minimum price 

Pricing: This Studio has a query form; if you want to learn more about their packages and pricing specifics, go to their website and look around.

12. See 360 degree

See 360 degree

See 360 degree is the most well-known product photography company. They are a specialist firm in Melbourne that has earned the highest reputation through their work. Images in professional grade are crisp and sharp. They supply corrected blemish photographs, deeply etched backdrop erasure, and other features that make the products appealing to customers.

 Adidas, Hawks, SXT Scooters, Traveller Apparel, Cabling, and others are among their many elated clients.

Reason to Hire:

  • Charged at an affordable price.
  • Fully equipped studio
  • Engage with most international clients 

Pricing: They charge $15+GST for each image for retouching, repairing flaws, deep etching, or background removal in both high resolutions (for print) and low (for web).

If there are up to four items in a group, the cost is $25+GST; for additional items, the cost is $7+GST per image.

Fashion photography starts at $25+GST, while bottle shots start at $25+GST. 

 To know more, visit their website.

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How Much Does a Product Photographer Charge in Melbourne?

Whether you want to engage a product photographer in Melbourne, you will need to budget properly.  

Product photography is a costly industry, with prices ranging from $300 to $5,000 per shot, depending on the amount of detail and technicality. In addition to the photographer’s fee, you must consider the cost of equipment, software, and post-production services

If your products need to be shot as flat lay, fill-out, mannequins or ghost mannequin effect (for clothing products), 360-degree, promo images, then your cost has to exceed according to their demand like as per image,  per hour, or even per day. 

Estimation of Product Photography Average Cost in Melbourne (per hour)

 Product Photography style


Freelance photographers


Amazon Product Photography




Lifestyle Photography





Why should I hire a product photographer?

 A product photographer can produce a clear image of your products, leading your company to the next level. 

How do I hire a Product Photographer near Melbourne?

Finding a top-match photographer near  Melbourne is quite tricky. Assess his/her profile first, then schedule an interview, and then ask all of the questions that will make him/her a perfect match.

What questions to ask before hiring a product photographer?

We may ask different questions before hiring a product photographer, such as

  • What kind of equipment do you have? 
  •  How many photographs should we expect? 
  • Can you tell me about your history and qualifications?
  •  Can I view your portfolio? 
  • How would you describe your photographic style?
  • What is included in your fee?

What types of product photography can I get?

 Single shots, group shots, lifestyle shots, package shots, detailed shots, flat lay shots, fill-out shots, and many more types of product photography are provided.

Do Photographers provide retouching and photoshop editing?

They just took the photographs, but the post-production crew retouched and edited them in Photoshop, or they outsourced the retouching and editing.

Final Views

There is no argument that product photography is paramount to the success of any business. You will be able to generate excellent content by selecting the top product photographer in Melbourne, which will help you gain more consumers and build your brand. So, should you need someone to assist you in taking your products to the next level, reach out to one of the specialists listed above!

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